viernes, 18 de junio de 2010

On the Lighter side: Meet Sambassadeur !

"I can try" is next single from Sambassadeur's recent, third album "European" and will be released on July 7. It's sunny melancholia at it's finest with breezy vocals, mellow horns and strings floating glittery drum beats. Exquisite pop to accompany wake summer mornings if you ask me! Hopefully you'll like it too.

Sambassadeur - I can Try
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Sambassadeur started as a DIY version of ABBA in the year 2003. They were one of the bands that lead an explosive Swedish pop movement of home recording artists who surprised our country by not only achieving overnight indie fame (thanks to the MP3 spreading kids!) but also reached the sales charts. Since that their sound has continued to grow with their recording budget. On ”European” they’ve finally accomplished to make the grand, classic and orchestrated album they’ve always wanted to. Coming up soon: A video of Sambassadeur's "I can try" by Philip Ekström of The Mary Onettes.

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