jueves, 3 de junio de 2010


Hello bloggers!
This is one of those mixed electronic music, video games and high doses of dementia,
which has the results, genres called discopunk, fidget, noise or music for crazy people.
Will be stopped on the dance floor? Stopped in time? Is the new electronic music.




00- Intro (Dirty Noise…)
01- AC Slater & Drop The Lime – Creepin
02- Will Bailey & Punk Rolla – Kata (Original Mix)
03- Gtronic – Suck My Lollipop
04- Green Velvet Feat. Santiago & Bushido – Turn It Up (Original Mix)
05- The Oddword – Kortelas (VNNR Remix)
06- DJ Antention – Jump (The Oddword Remix)
07- Shinichi Osawa – EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix)
08- Chewy Chocolate Cookies – This Is Massive (Cyberpunkers Remix)
09- Mustard Pimp – Cherry (Taku Takahashi Remix)
10- Refused – New Noise (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
11- Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit)
12- Acid Jacks – Awake Since 78 (Just A Band Remix)
13- Scanners – We Never Close Our Eyes (Designer Drugs Remix)
14- LandMark – Save Rock (Q.G. remix)
15- IllStM Feat. Agag & Natesh – Moctezuma (Original Mix)
16- Disco Villains Feat. Whiskey Pete – Victims (True Pseudo mix)
17- Sound Factory – Understand This Groove (Tommie Sunshine & Barletta Edit)
18- Uppermost – Rox Sox (Original Mix)
19- Herve – Blaze It (Reset Remix)
20- Dolby Anol – Weapons Of Mass Distraction
21- FutureFlashs – Dirty Boots (The Sterehoes Remix)(Dirty Noise Edit)


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