lunes, 30 de abril de 2007


Not the latest, freshest track of the year, in fact its 2006 but this one is still working everytime.
Based on the original from the album "Kings of the Wild Frontier" by Adam and the ants, Hyper, and in this particular case DJ SING bring the track back to the new century with some electro lines and a really good drum arrangement. The best part is that the original track is all over the remix respecting almost all the vocals and guitars. Love the 2 of them .

Adam & The Ants - Ant Music

Label: Tinted
Cat No: TINT 114
Format: 12"
Released: 16 October, 2006

Side 1
1. - "Ant Music" (DJ Sing mix)
2. - "Ant Music" (Chris Fraser mix)
Side 2
1. - "Ant Music" (Hyper club mix)
2. - "Ant Music" (Dirktecnic mix)

martes, 17 de abril de 2007

The Machine Empire

The Emperor Machine was born on last day of the last century spawned from a desirous and dirty relationship between an EMS VCS3 and a Roland System 100. The lust child that was not yet the Emperor Machine was abandoned at birth and spent a solitary existence in the backwaters of a County Town, white noise and synthesizers its only source of company until a static storm called Dyer caused a power surge that ripped apart the confines of its imprisonment and unleashed it through the drainage ducts of the music sewer until it grew and mutated into a beast like entity dribbling with energy. Like the proverbial duckling that it never was the beast ground down any resistance to its vile and apparent nature and thrived on the underbelly of the industry that could not speak its name. The Emperor Machine forced its first offering through DC Recordings and named it Aimee Tallulah is Hypnotised. It then embarked on a series called Vertical Tones and Horizontal Noise. The series, volumes I to VI, (parts V and VI currently incubating safely in an abscess of the machine soon to be released), then mutated into an album of its own with special precious offerings for those dedicated, to be released later in the year 2006. The Emperor Machine is once again smearing itself over the studio soon to unleash again in the peak of the year that will be 2007... M.D.


01 !!! - Must be The Moon (radio edit) 03:49
02 !!! - Must be The Moon (Radio clean edit) 03:48
03 !!! - Must be The Moon (emperor machine mix) 07:49
04 !!! - Must be The Moon (Hot Chip Remix) 06:51
05 !!! - Must be The Moon (Original mix) 05:58

Armand Van Helden - NYC BEAT

Southern Fried
01 - nyc beat (radio edit)
02 - nyc beat (original)
03 - nyc beat (mstrkrft mix)
04 - nyc beat (emperor machine mix)
05 - nyc beat (detroit mix)
06 - nyc beat (prince language mix)

jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

Shitdisco - OK

SHITDISCO are a New Rave band from Glasgow,
Scotland. They were formed in 2003 while studying at
the Glasgow School of Art. They describe themselves
as "disco-house/punk" although they have been
closely tied to the New Rave movement alongside
bands such as Klaxons. Their first single "Disco
Blood/I Know Kung Fu" was released in December 2005
and sold out quickly. They are signed to record
label Fierce Panda. Shitdisco released their new
single "Reactor Party" in October 2006 and charted
at number 73 in the UK charts[[1]] with the help of
their large underground following.

Until they were evicted in summer 2006, the band
held free parties in a large delapidated house on
Glasgow's West Princes Street, known locally as
'61.' They have attracted a reputation for
organising and playing free parties and raves in
peculiar places; including squats, streets,
abandoned railway tunnels and club toilets.

The group have been compared to Talking Heads and
The Rapture, but admit influences ranging from
Elvis, Donna Summer and Arthur Russell, The Prodigy
to Gang of Four and The Clash.

In cumming!
It will be on sale 4 sure on Fierce Panda soon...

RELEASE DATE: Apr-23-2007

Track List:

01. Ok (Album Version) 04:04
02. Ok (Yuksek Remix) 04:44
03. Ok (Paul Hartnoll Remix) 04:30
04. Ok (Luna-C's Hardcore Breaks Mix) 05:25
05. The Emanator 03:07

Sneaky Sound System - UFO

From Australian Music Online
If some rich fucker didn’t decide to throw his cowboys and indians fancy dress party at Sydney’s Fox Studios in the spring of 2001, Sydney four-piece electro-house-funk collective Sneaky Sound System mightn’t be here today. As the story goes... In the midst of a lame entertainment lineup that included bull riding, line dancing and a whip cracking exhibition, MC Double D (Daimon Downey), bored and dressed in bright red chaps with tassels, steals a plastic horse from one of the performers and moonwalks across the dance floor with it between his legs. Another event sabotaged, he then nicks off with Black Angus’ (Angus McDonald) flute and starts playing it. Impressed by his showmanship and dexterity with plastic blow-up toys, Black Angus nicked it back and the two hatched a devious plan. Across town, an old friend of Angus’, Hesse (Damien Hesse), was about to start a regular Sunday night at his bar/restaurant, Joe Diamonds. The idea was simple: both Hesse and Black Angus get behind the decks and let MC Double D do whatever the fuck he wants to do on the mic. Sneaky Sound System was born. READ MORE...

From Waterfront Records
The unstoppable Sneaky Sound System have started 2007 with a bang. A debut album with sales exceeding 50,000 copies, two singles concurrently in the ARIA top 30 ('I Love It' and 'Pictures'), and
a record equalling 13 weeks at #1 in the ARIA Dance charts. Next up for the scene stealing Sydney-
sider’s is single number three... UFO... (out 28th April) an anthemic monster of a tune that has been a clear crowd favourite in their energy packed live sets. Once again it’s the signature Sneaky sound that is part pop, part club, part band, part electronic; but always party.

RELEASE DATE: 28/04/2007
RECORD LABEL: Whack Records
GENRE: Dance / Pop

Track List

01 UFO (Original Extended Club Mix) 6:26
02 UFO (Van She Tech Remix) 4:44
03 UFO (A Capella) 5:02



from Pitchfork
Digitalism Advocate Idealism on World Tour
Rejected album title isms: Analogism, Awesomeism, Rockyourbodyism
Two must be the magic number when it comes to pumping out roof-raising house anthems in Europe. Recent phenoms Justice, the Presets, and Simian Mobile Disco? All pairs. Standard- bearers Daft Punk, of course? Doubles or nothing. Germany's Digitalism? Here's a hint: more than one and less than three.

Like their peers, Digitalism-- a twosome comprised of Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci-- rose to prominence in the mid-twenty-first century on the strength of some high profile remixes and a few key compilation tracks and singles of their own. And like those folks, Digitalism will soon give the world a proper document of their talents, in the form of debut full-length Idealism.

The 15-track album arrives June 5 via Astralwerks in the U.S., and May 21 elsewhere, courtesy of the illustrious Kitsuné imprint, Labels, or Virgin, depending on where you shop for records. It will be proceeded by bouncy first single "Pogo" on May 7. Like any good electronic duo, Digitalism are touring the world for the next 34 months-- including a handful of U.S. dates this week-- and playing a bunch of high-profile summer festivals, such as Coachella, Oxegen, and T in the Park.


01 Pogo
02 Pogo (Mentalism Mix)
03 Pogo (On the Road to Paris Mix)

Idealism Tracklisting:
01. “Magnets”
02. “Zdarlight”
03. “I Want I Want”
04. “Idealistic”
05. “Digitalism In Cairo”
06. “Departure From Cairo”
07. “Pogo”
08. “Moonlight”
09. “Anything New”
10. “The Pulse”
11. “Home Zone”
12. “Apollo-Gize (Final Mix)”
13. “Jupiter Approach”
14. “Jupiter Room”
15. “Echoes”

martes, 3 de abril de 2007

Got Funk?


from Soultrade
HAI KARATE returns with their third installment of their ALLSTARS series. DJ CZECH remixes "STAND BY ME" into a breaks tune. MAT THE ALIEN mashes up "THE WHISPER SONG" and "BACK II LIFE". SMALLTOWN DJS remix "I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL". Also has DJ CZECH "HARD TO HANDLE" & WICKED LESTER "RIGHT TRACK".

A1 Stand By Me (Dj Czech Remix) 6:32
A2 Ying Ll Yang (Mat The Alien Remix) 4:04
B1 I Got Soul (Smalltown Djs Remix) 5:26
B2 Hard To Handle (Dj Czech Remix) 6:09
B3 Right Track (Wicked Lester Remix) 2:51