martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Viceroy's latest single "Sunny Daze"‏

Austen Afridi is a young electronic music producer from California.
Everything started when he was making dubstep remixes under the alias DJ Philistine which were all blogged and became hits on Then he decided to extend his creation to a new musical genre : the famous french/funky/disco house, keeping in mind the same objective : This music has to make people dance.

Now thanks to Shiny Disco Club Records his new release "Sunny Daze" is around the corner for all your new disco needs!

Hey Today! new video and free remix!

Hey Today!‘s long awaited new single "Minor" will be out on Kitsuné on June 6th 2011 and will contain huge remixes by Black Strobe, Para One, Abstraxion and a special Hey Today video edit.

Hamburg based duo Hey Today! are currently two of the most hotly tipped electro producers around. Already garnering critical acclaim from their original works, including releases on Kitsuné, Turbo Recordings, Bang Gang et al, Raik Krause and Robert Nickel are also gifted remixers and are in demand having remixed Tiga, Digitalism, Armand Van Helden, Punks Jump Up, Boys Noize, Busy P, Zombie Nation and many others.

‘Minor’ showcases Hey Today!’s complex, deeply energetic sound – Often drawing on various 80s electro-tinged influences and the remix package presents some of the most prolific producers around at the moment - Black Strobe, Para One, Abstraxion and TWR72 for a Beatport exclusive.

Catch them live at London’s XOYO on May 28.

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

New EP from I´m not a Band ! ! !

A melody that sticks in your head, a funkyish bass and beat that make you dance, a synthline that makes you feel free and violins to make you dream in the sun. This is what we do and this is what you need.

This EP is an anthem for music, an ode to making music, listening to music, living and giving music and it is about the perfect sound. It's their artist name and the arrangements of the instruments that reveal that this combo is something special and likes to break with conventions. Stephan Jung, founder and musical brain behind the band soon learned his affinity to the violin and classical music. His residence in musical and cultural strongholds such as London and Berlin influenced him to found this project of danceable and electronic clubsound. Since 2010 Kassandra Papak perfects the unique concept with her outstanding vocals and a second violin. After concerts all over Germany, Poland, Swizerland and Great Britain and their first album „Electrolin” their Label AdP records will release the EP “What We Do” on June 24th 11 including the hit-single and four remixes by Rampue, White-Noise, DeltaScuti and T*ts&Cl*ts.

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

Justice release their own Civilization video !

Justice clearly don't need a sports brand to make a point.

The electro kingpins behind the latest adidas campaign had the benefit of exposure but also meant that very few people got to see or hear their first new track in years as it was originally intended.

Enter the official 'Civilisation' video, directed by Edouard Salier who has previously worked with Air and Massive Attack. As testament to the duo's gargantuan sound, the video comes complete with a one-minute, scenic romp around some abandoned ancient wasteland before a herd of buffalo go AWOL and have some kind of existential war against what appears to be a statue of Jesus and his mates. You'll notice that the whole scene gets flipped around a lot, which means they're actually running on the sky while the ground falls on them. No, it makes no sense to us either. Which is precisely why it's AWESOME.

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011


After a couple months of teasing us with clips, screen-tests and storyboards, legendary video interlopers Megaforce have finished their video treatment for our next single, The Greeks. Filmed in a sleepy French suburb in god-knows-where, and starring a group of the coolest kids in the cul-de-sac, The Greeks’ video reflects the song — it’s about everything, and kinda nothing, and being young, or something.

Part Rumblefish, part Die Hard, part Akira, we wanted to work together to create something both visually appealing and aesthetically relevant to the band. We like kids, we like gangs, we really like daydreaming and imagination; the video straddles the line between nostalgia and the visual death-porn of our generation – the action film. Don’t get carried away by politics – this is a straight-up kid brawl the way it played out in your head when you were stealing your mums mascara to be like Arnie in Predator. It isn’t a shocking rebuke to our drama queen, populist news culture either – just naive, blissful shoot-yr-mate until he’s definitely dead war-games – the way you wish it still could be.

When we asked MEGAFORCE how they came up with the concept, they simply answered : “we’ve been wanting to make such a video since the age of 6 !”

You can also download the original plus the Moonlight Matters Remix. both winners!


Don’t miss IS TROPICAL album launch parties :


release party – Point Ephémère, Paris

buy your tickets here


release party, w/ Yuksek, Jupiter, Icona Pop … – XOYO, London

buy your tickets here


jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

New Munk, Mis Labios !

The new MUNK single is a Barrio-Beach House Hit with vocals by Joyce Muniz from Brasil. Dirty and Funky with a Salsa Piano Riff that sounds like Spanish Harlem 1977. Taken from the "The Bird and the Beat" album that since its release this year has been creating huge waves, including a 4 page story in London's DJ magazine that described it as "already one of the best abums of the year".

Check the BLACK VAN remix and for some hot dancefloor action and let the JOYCE MUNIZ remix set your summer parties on fire.

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

New Trash Yourself feat. Treasure Fingers !

Enjoy the new Trash Yourself single featuring the great treasure fingers. you can download the instrumental for free and get to hear the whole release including the French Horn Rebelion, Willy Joy and many more

Trash Yourself feat. Treasure Fingers - Down to the Disco by Trash Yourself

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

Kitsune Maison minimix by Jerry Bouthier, in celebration of Kitsune Maison 11

"Because I find this new cd is taking us yet one more step towards maturity. We’re perceived as a club label when really we’ve always been between ‘club’ and ‘indie’, and this new compilation sits right at the crossroad of the two."

explains Kitsuné’s head-honcho Gildas Loaec.

"I find the combination of guitars + electronics is one of the most exciting areas in music today. Kitsuné’s always supported this fusion and believed a good part of the future will come from that. So here’s Kitsuné’s selection of what’s best in the genre at the moment."

1 : Let’s Go All The Way (early version)

A band without a name just signed to Kitsuné. We won’t even tell you if it’s a guy or a girl singing. This is their first ever appearance, they’ve not even put a track on the net yet. They’re currently working hard in the studio with Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand. Yes and they’ve still to come up with a band name. Album in 2012.

2 : ALEXANDER DEXTER JONES Phantastic Phone Call

The son of Mick Jones is a New Yorker who does everything on his own, writes, programs and plays all the instruments, his future’s looking bright. A bit of drama in his voice. Adorning pink nail varnish and wearing leggings, he made a splash when visiting the Kitsuné offices telling us how he awaits hurricanes on Montauk beach hand in hand with his sister.


First French band to sign to Kitsuné for an album out this summer. They’re produced by Zdar who fit them in between Phoenix and The Rapture. Their name’s written on 2011. Highly recommended live.

4 : POLARSETS Sunshine Eyes

Super mega cool band. They record their tracks almost live so that they can translate them effortlessly to the stage. Their reputation is fast growing.

5 : GALLOPS Miami Spider (Ponciau edit)

Already acclaimed by Radio 1 with far out influences (Aphex Twin, Fugazi, Vangelis, Sun-Ra, Steve Reich…). A well focussed track.

6 : COSMONAUT Say What You Want

Oh yes… makes you wanna shake your rump after 3 seconds. They’re Aussies and we suspect their music is designed for people to come down to.

7 : CREEP Days (Azari & III remix)

It is indeed The XX’s Romy on vocals who does a rare guest appearance for this Brooklyn trio. And it’s Casey the singer from
Fischerspooner who directed the video. We’re not just name-dropping here, we’re right in the thick of it.

8 : IS TROPICAL The Greeks

They’re masked, they’re mental, you already know of them, they’re a human molotov
cocktail. Kitsuné is producing and releasing their debut album, which is coming out in the next few weeks, on the 13th of June to be precise. We reckon they’re the new The Cure.


In case you didn’t know Stephen has left Aeroplane and started his own project The Magician. Here he teams up with the ubiquitous Yuksek (real name Pierre, get it ?) for a slice of italo-disco.

10 : THE TOUCH Sermon

These Swedes understand well the nostalgic dimension you sometimes find on the dancefloor, beer tears or wine sad more like, heartbroken and sleepwalking… the kind of stuff that builds lasting memories. The track’s about an oxygen-less civilisation that’s about to collapse. Beautiful !

11 : LOGO x ICONA POP Luvsick

Two Swedish girls and two French guys, a civil partnership signed for this compilation. Because receiving demos just isn’t enough anymore for Gildas, he’s now orchestrating musical marriages. Logo are set to big things and Icona Pop is another proof that it’s kicking off too in Sweden.

12 : BEAT CONNECTION Silver Screen

The indie-dance peak of the compilation, which reminds us of Madchester’s flowery and idyllic atmosphere, extra-wide flares, bowl cuts for boys… The track’s about spring, being lazy, girls, sunday mornings, all that…

13 : NIGHTBOX Pyramid

They’re Canadians produced by Al from MSTRKRFT, which is legendary in its Toronto hometown. ‘Well groovy’ as my dad would say. We can tell they’re going to do rather well on Hype Machine.

14 : GUARDS Resolution Of One

These Americans were already on Kitsuné Maison 10. Their garage rock is typically New York, brutal and energetic. Chairlift, Cults and MGMT are buddies and pop in during recording sessions. Richie, the guy behind it all, tends to put the tracks on line for free. So this is especially for those who don’t have the right bookmarks or the time to download.

15 : FICTION Big Things

The indie-dance peak of the compilation (there are several, just like in Twin Peaks). Gildas likes the Tom Tom Club vibe of the track.
Klaxons love them. A London trio that’s so much cooler than you, it could become depressing.

16. EXOTICA Conte d’Eté (afrofunk version)

These Frenchies were on the recent Kitsuné Parisien compilation. They’re part of the new Paris breed and nicely mix pop and electro. The kind we can never get enough of at Kitsuné.