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Van She - Strangers

Big thx to Modular ! ! !

Oh Yessss Its Flufftronix ! ! !

Having shared stage with artists such as Girl Talk, Steve Aoki, Flosstradamus, toxic avenger and many more u can say Flufftronix made the scene. Straight from Bloomington Indiana Michael, Dj and Producer is also running a booking/promotion company called Rad Summer and just made a 5 day event called Rad 5 which had performances from Totally Michael, Flosstradamus, Dj Pumpkin Patch and hymself.
He was kindly enough to share with us 2 of his latest tracks that are going to be released soon. If u liked the movie Jaws u should really take a listen to Shark Attack but I would reccomend both tracks .

We ll be expecting more news from him soon. Check!

lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

Agenda Compass Mayo

This Friday

Lado A
DJs. Fabián Dellamónica Vs. Rama
Show. Rosario Bléfari (02 hs)

Lado B
DJs. Market, Keem & Javd
Show. Monotax (01 hs)

+ Photoshooting: Tini
+ Tienda de Discos
+ Happy Hour hasta las 02 hs.
+ Transmisión en vivo por unaRadio

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sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

Marcelona did it Again !

Check out their "weekenders" at their blog
Marcelona Soundsystem
last weekender

Groove Armada - Are friends Electric (Gary Numan Cover)
Chaz Jankel - Glad to know you (Todd Terje Remix)
Zongamin - Tunnel Music
Munk - Live Fast Die Old (The Juan Maclean Remix)
The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)

viernes, 25 de abril de 2008

MUNK´s amazing new album "CLOUDBUSTER"

from Inertia Music
Recent visitors to our shores for the V Festival, Munk (Mathias Modica) are due to drop their new album ‘Cloudbuster’ on his genre defying and ultra cool label Gomma – home to WhoMadeWho and Headman amongst others.

Described as “The German DFA” by NME, ‘Cloudbuster’ follows on from 2005’s ‘Appertivo’ (I-D Magazine “a superb futuristic mix of space disco and psychedelic soul") - a highlight of which was the disco anthem “Kick Out The Chairs” that featured James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem on vocals.

This time around the boys hook up with Italian actress Asia Argento (known from Sofia Coppola’s ‘Marie Antoinette – “The Queen of this year’s Cannes Film Festival” Herald Tribune), Busy P (founder of Ed Banger records and manager of Justice), and Matty Safer of The Rapture.

‘Cloudbuster’ is not a retro disco album. Its futuristic astral Funk from the year 2099 mixed up with 70ies psychedelic vibes, 80ies Italodisco and 90ies electronica. The album starts with some dirty disco hymns and ends in a superslow krauty cinematic sound orgy.

“Live Fast Die Old” is the first single to be lifted from the album and comes out in 2 weeks on lovely collectors edition vinyl featuring remixes from Busy P, Headman, WhoMadeWho, and The Juan Maclean. Check out the original mix here (, and also a 10 minute mega mix of the album.

Don’t just take it from us, let Mathias tell you, Munk are like “Gnarls Barkley fuckin with ESG and Mr. Oizo in a Prefuse 73."
Don’t miss this Cloudburst!

from me

Remember the first time u heard the full album from whomadewho or Headman? I remember that feeling on both records that there was not a single track there used to fill space or time. Every single track was great in its own way and all both records from tip to toes was simply delightfull. and Oh . There were from Gomma too.
If u like listening to music apart from dancing it and bangin your head this is a must. U can play it everywhere and everytime u´ll enjoy it. from The first track with Asia Argento to the last and more eclectic tracks everything here is in the right place.

01 - Live fast die old!
02 - Down in l.a.
03 - Interludus #1
04 - You never see me back down
05 - The Rat Race
06 - Under kontrol
07 - No milk
08 - Bohemian mud strut
09 - Monopteros
10 - Interludus #2
11 - Il gatto
12 - Psychomagic
13 - Interludus #3
14 - The knight of heliopolis

Record will be released under Gomma at the first week in May.

Muttonheads remixes Around the World !

From Paris, France, Muttonheads have been doing a lot since I can remember. Having Released for labels such as Starlet, Airplay Records and Serial Records Their sound is well known in the disco scene. This time Daft punk´s classic "Around the World" gets their hands on giving it a little techy sound in a straight up two and a half minute rmx. Enjoy!

Meet Transformer di Roboter !

Straight from Berlin, Germany, Alex and Johannes have been Transformer di Roboter since 2002, releasing some EPs on Wmfrec, Planet-Mu, Deco and Metrohead and have been playingin shows all around continental europe since then. This time Justice ´s DVNO, one of the most hyped tracks from last month receives their treatment based on the instrumental version. They First released a bootleg version and when the label heard it they were happy to ask for another mix which is shared for u below. Hope u enjoy it. We ll be waiting for more news from this magic duo :)

viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

A new present from the Modular people

A party throwdown that joins the old with the new, this barnstorming new interpretation of Are You The One? has been masterly brought to “life” by French whiz-kid, Lifelike.
Lifelike has stamped his name resoundingly onto the minds of electronica fans the world-over. His
1 Serious Remix of AYTO gives a respectful nod-of-the-head to the original track, but is a true reappropriation in its delivery. For Presets connoisseurs, this represents the closest thing to a bridge between Beams and their sophomore album,
In a genre-spotting sense, Lifelike has spawned a track that sits somewhere between a raw, industrial, noise aesthetic, and filtered disco 2am party jam.


from Skint
Midfield General
is the DJ/Production alter-ego of Damian Harris and this April sees the release of his second album General Disarray, a mere 8 years after the release of his debut album, Generalisation in 2000.

In 2005, after 11 years running Brighton's infamous Skint Records, Damian realised that he was much happier in the studio then behind a desk and decided to leave his full time role at the company in order to concentrate on making music again. Seeking inspiration, and in a bid to rejuvenate his passion for music, which, by his own admission had been slowly ground down by the music business, Damian moved to Paris... partly because it rhymed, but mainly to finish his ridiculously delayed second album. So, with a laptop full of samples and a mini keyboard he set off on the afternoon London beat Paris in the bid for the 2012 Olympics to spend a year immersed in music-making and fun. The year previously Damian had been over to license a record from Ed Banger Records and he was kindly taken under their wing when he arrived. As part of the cultural exchange program he went out a lot, smoked fags and took looks lots of pictures. He taught them how to swear in English while they taught him how to chop up audio files properly.

The love-in extended to Damian remixing Krazy Baldheads' track Crazy Moth. He also took on the Executive Producer role for Justice’s single D.A.N.C.E. and in return Xavier De Rosnay helped produce Damian’s forthcoming single Disco Sirens, while label head Pedro Winter popped in for brief vocal appearance on the new album’s Self Referencing Intro...
that tells a tale of a young crippled boy over a melancholy soundtrack. Finished back in Brighton, the album is an exciting collage of Damian’s production skills, and a very original and varied set of vocal collaborations. After an early career appearance on Generalisation, Noel Fielding from the Mighty Boosh returns to tell one of his surreal adventures over a dirty funk track. Actor Ralph Brown features on the track Teddy Bear, which revisits the curious truck driving CB radio Country hit by Red SovineDisco Sirens, the first single from the album, features vocals from Vila of the Bumblebeez and production and mix help from Xavier De Rosnay from Justice and David Dewaele from Soulwax. Elsewhere Robots In Disguise, 70’s soul singer Pat Stalworth, and excitable Dutch football commentator Jack Van Gelder also appear. The album manages to contain leftfield pop, hip hop, cinematic epics, house, techno and soul, yet still sound like a cohesive and personal album, taking in Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, New York and Whitstable along the way....

“When I was making the album, it was very tempting to try and make tracks influenced by the new music and current sounds that I find so inspiring. Every time I’d get blown away by a new Justice, Sebastian or Switch track I’d have a go at making something like that. But usually to no great success! And it made me realise that I shouldn’t neglect the characteristics that are.. well, me. Their influences are in there but I would like to think I’ve kept my own identity.”

01. Self Referencing Intro
02. Disco Sirens Feat. Vila
03. 137 Piano
04. Bass Mechanic Feat. M.C. Ade
05. Teddy Bear Feat. Ralph Brown
06. Loving Laughter Feat. Pat Stalworth
07. Love Thy Self Feat. Lucky Jim
08. Dennis And My Sister
09. Seed Distribution Feat. Noel Fielding
10. On The Road Feat. Robots In Disguise
11. Error
12. Self Referencing Outro

Meet Genji Siraisi !

Composer, producer, programmer, performer and founding member of Grammy nominated Groove Collective, drummer Genji Siraisi's 2007 album Censorsh!t: Pt.1 Bad Monkey took a post-modern (and often post-apocalyptic) stance with a mixture of downtempo grooves, glitch-hop, ambient textures and minimal dancefloor tracks, all seamlessly blended into a bold and cinematic journey. His current work is a daring shift from Groove Collective, as he explores various electronics, software and controllers in new ways. Some of Genji's solo music has also recently appeared in a diverse range of projects, from documentaries on street art and Liberia to commercials for American Express, Target and Pepsi.

Siraisi is a New York native and has been an extremely active member of the music scene in NYC, originally getting his start as the house drummer for Giant Step’s now-infamous weekly parties. Since then, besides his work with Groove Collective, he’s produced a gaggle of albums for labels like Warner Bros and Impluse and has collaborated with musicians ranging from Tupac Shakur to Natalie Merchant to Curtis Mayfield.


Features new mixes, remixes and interpretations from Balún, no luck club, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Alex Moulton, and Pushtobreak (Genji Siraisi's alter ego), plus a brand new exclusive track from Genji & bonus four-part live Pushtobreak DJ set.


1. “Ring Free Baby (Balun "Next Summer" Re-Interpretation)”

2. “TransfiguRingFreeWish (Pushtobreak Remash)”

3. “Wishing In Solitude (no luck club Mix)”

4. “Life As A Bird”

5. “Four Letter Scan (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)”

6. “I Used To”

7. “Surviving Freedom (Alex Moulton Mix)”

8. “Surviving Freedom”

Tracks 9-12: bonus four-part exclusive DJ Set recorded under Siraisi’s Pushtobreak moniker

Meet Fear of Music !

When Radiohead came along, everyone said they sounded like REM. It pissed them off. They proved otherwise. When Muse came along, everyone said they sounded like Radiohead. It pissed them off. They proved otherwise. When Fear Of Music came along, everyone said they sounded like Muse. See how this works? And the chain goes back from REM to the birth of rock’n’roll.

Fear Of Music are Jo Rose (vocals/guitar), Ali Esmaail (bass), Mike Ward (guitar) and Rick Morgan (drums). They formed as schoolfriends, took their name from a seminal Talking Heads album, and together, they’re out to give British rock its soul and spirit back, and power up their hometown of Manchester with some rocket-fuel riffs.

With the spirit of The Smashing Pumpkins, the screech of Placebo, the scale of (yes) Muse and the conscience of Manic Street Preachers, but also the grace of Jeff Buckley and the hysteria of Pixies, Fear Of Music mine a virgin sound all of their own.

Check for yourself...

Ropes out of sheets


u can check their tour and their videos in their page here...

FutureFlashs ! FUTURE ROCK VOL.4


  1. Alex Gopher – Belmondo (Just A Band Remix)
  2. Joey Mazzola – Flow (Miles Dyson Remix)
  3. Dro & Lodzy – Not yet now (Dilemn Remix)
  4. The Presets – Kicking & Screaming
  5. Eclier – The Geneticist (Tom Deluxx Remix)
  6. MSTRKRFT – Bounce (Oh Snap! Remix)
  7. Hostage – Roll On (Malente Remix)
  8. Justice – Stress (Auto Remix)
  9. Bumblebeez – Rio (Herve Remix)
  10. Weird Science – Control (Steve Aoki Remix)
  11. Fckn Crew – On a tue le Canard
  12. Rock Paper Scissors – Unknown
  13. Hey Today! – Walk Through (Isi-talism Remix)
  14. Transformer di Roboter – Fasson (Tom Deluxx Remix)
  15. Dolby Anol – Puppies (Blende Remix)
  16. Young MC – Bust a Move (Don Rimini Remix)
  17. Alex Gopher – Bingo
  18. Young MC – Bust a Move (Tommie Sunshine Remix)

miércoles, 9 de abril de 2008


GO REDS ! ! !

News from my friends !

I´ve been a little away of the blog lately and from internet as well and now its time to update what my closest friends from the blog sent to me this month. Theres a new Sidechains track u will enjoy im sure. Also, Spitzer are going around the globe so u wanna check that if maybe your country, city is in their list and also a Dj Doc Rock remix using Samples of Bon Jovi. WOW!

First of all check the new Sidechains track which has been finished this week

Now the tour Dates from Spitzer and some tracks in case u missed em in last years post.

12 abr 2008 20:00
16 abr 2008 20:00
Music to Observe Electronic Sheep
18 abr 2008 20:00
Pistols & Hearts
19 abr 2008 20:00
Kill the radio
10 may 2008 20:00
Nuits Sonores
16 may 2008 20:00
22 may 2008 20:00
Bar Rouge w/ Agoria & Oxia
24 may 2008 20:00
TBA w/ Agoria & Oxia
20 jun 2008 20:00
Expo Manystuff
29 ago 2008 20:00



And Finally Dj Doc Rok share with us his last remix, u can check the videoclip also down below

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

RAC remixes Radiohead´s NUDE

One of my favourite artists featured in this blog is back again remixin one of the greatest bands, Radiohead. This time is Nude that receives some threathment for good. Enjoy and U can vote RAC´s mix on his site.

FutureFlashs delivers !

Future Disco Vol.4

  1. Damn Arms – The Not So Progressive Punks (1928 Rework)
  2. Cazals – Somebody Somewhere (Moulinex Remix)
  3. Revolte – Ironical Sexism (GRUM Remix)
  4. Hit Me TV – Maybe the Dancefloor (Blokgolf Remix)
  5. Xinobi – Losing Sight
  6. Futurecop! – Thank God its Friday
  7. Revlover – Cant stand Still (ZZZ Remix)
  8. Hail Social – No Paradise (Hot Pink Delorean Remix)
  9. Secret Handshake – Summer of 98 (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
  10. Ooga Booga – Kabukicho
  11. Buy Now – Bodycrash (Burn Remix)
  12. GRUM – Heartbeats (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)
  13. Ben Mono – Hit the Bit (Lorenz Rhode Remix)
  14. Hushpuppies – Bad Taste and Gold on the Doors (Q.G. Remix)
  15. Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows (Rubato Remix)
  16. Estelle feat. Kanye West – American Boy (Danger Remix)
  17. The Presets – This Boys in Love (Lifelike Remix)
  18. Abstracklight – Don’t Stop
  19. When Saints Go Machine – Kidz Vacation (80Kidz Remix)
  20. The Bloody Beetroots – We are from Venice (La Serenissima)
  21. Hearts Revolution – Digital Suicide

Future Rock Vol.3

  1. Alan Braxe – Addicted (Streetlife DJs Remix)
  2. Hardy Hard – Records Back (Electrixx Remix)
  3. The Proxy – Dancing in the Dark
  4. Fischerspooner –Danse en France (D.I.M. Remix)
  5. Streetlife DJs – Yo Jay (The Japanese Popstars Remix)
  6. Kill the Noise – Hey You (Le Castle Vania Remix)
  7. Maral Salmassi – Fire Gem (Fukkk Offf Remix)
  8. Egor Boss – Superfreak (Miles Dyson Remix)
  9. M83 – Graveyard Girl (Yuksek Remix)
  11. Hey Today – Walk Through
  12. Digitalism – Pogo (Hey Today Remix)
  13. Justice – DVNO (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
  14. Dolby Anol – Puppies
  15. Shameboy – Heartcore (D.I.M. Remix)
  16. Cryptic – Pin Me Down (Phones Remix)
  17. SebastiAn – Motor Interzone (Clash the Disco Kids Edit)
  18. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
  19. South Rakkas Crew – Mad Decent (Fake Blood Remix)
  20. AC/DC – Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)