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Not a mix based on new stuff but new stuff there is. Mostly Rock tunes and some ecleptic sounds. Trompada is from argentina and thats all the info he/she is willing to give (?)
Anyways enjoy this mini mix and leave your comments.

01 - prototypes - exister
02 - The Faint - I dissapear
03 - You & the Atom Bomb - Mudwig Bahnhoff
04 - the Gossip - Eyes Open
05 - Ultravox - Satday Night In the City Of the Dead
06 - Belle & Sebastian - Mr. Richard
07 - Sitar Beat - Hum Tumble Chate Hain (edit)
08 - Blend - Scream For I
09 - Babe Ruth - The Mexican
10 - Louis XIV - Illegal Tender
11 - Fireball - Stax
12 - Servotron - Embryo Electro
13 - Jaqueline Taieb - 7 Heures du Matin
14 - Infadels - Can´t Get Enough
15 - Shitdisco - ok
16 - Forward Russia - Eighteen (Napoleon IIIrd mix)


lunes, 28 de enero de 2008


The 2nd Future Disco Sound mixtape is ready and Nico de Vries has delivered to us to enjoy it.
with big support from London and France, from Kap10Kurt (I love em) and Futurecop, the tracklist is enough to catch every music junkie attention . It got mine for sure and I must say its a great mixtape. And I do mean it.

Here is the Playlist of “FUTURE DISCO SOUND MIXTAPE VOL.2”:

  1. Pilot Priest – Thing This
  2. Harrison Schaaf – Clean like my Conscience
  3. Alex Gopher – Aurora (Cajuan Remix)
  4. Kritical Noise – Shady Operation (Relentless Remix)
  5. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We are Rockstars (Pornographics Remix)
  6. The Replikants – User Official (Delete Remix)
  7. Run DMC – My Adidas (Pilot Priest Remix)
  8. Chromeo – Needy Girl (Data Remix)
  9. Sebastien Tellier – Sexual Sportswear (Donovan Remix)
  10. Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria (Sir Billy vs. The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
  11. Data – Aerius Light (Kitsune DJ Edit)
  12. Cryptonites – New Born
  13. Choreo – High Five
  14. Dinamic Analogic Band – Skyes
  15. Muscles – Lauren from Globe (Damage Edit)
  16. Menowah – Safemode
  17. Digiki – Kraftpunk (Donovan Remix)
  18. Ocelot – Lo Sforzo (Cryptonites Remix)
  19. Xinobi – Soda
  20. Freestyle – Don`t stop the Music (Pirate Robot Midget Remix)
  21. We are Terrorists – Rojoins Nous
  22. Apparat – Arcadia Shitkatapult (Boys Noize Reprise Mix)
  23. Nuits Sonores – Breakbot

Size 66MB MP3 File, Time 01h12

MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.zshare.net/audio/6121710dbfef5c/


Meet Sidechains ! !

Straight from Barcelona Alex Ferrer was kind enough to handle his new productions (4!!!) so u can taste em this summer. He has been involved in the production for music for commercials but about 3 months ago he started this new Sidechains project with influences like Daft Punk , Chromeo and all the French House scene style
One of his new tracks will be edited under the sub label Pistol Digital (EMI) and will be available soon in iTunes. Keep looking :)

sábado, 26 de enero de 2008

Some news from Spitzer

U met them last year in the blog when they shared with us Avida Dollars and now they are back with a fresh mix of Kylie Minogue´s "In my Arms". I dont like Kylie at all but after some hearing I must say this remix is good enough to make an approach :)
Some heavy and broken synths here, also reminds me to the style Paper Faces (Jaques Lu Cont) used to add to their mixes. must hear!
They ll be releasing this mix soon with the original track and they have been asked to remix two tracks for Sally Shapiro so expect them soon here.

Some info about them below:

« Hidden behind "Spitzer" are two Rock brought-up brothers. Two
brothers who got breast-fed in their earlier years by Axl Rose and
Jimmy Page. After 7 years of faithful and loyal services towards the
Indie music scene, they decided to abandon their mediator and
drumsticks for a new passion. They found themselves utterly seduced by
the synthetic environment and the animal beats of Techno. Musicians,
and now producers, their music became a hit amongst bloggers on the
net. The blogosphere was amazed by the twilight dark ambiance and the
frenetic robotic sound of some of their tracks available on the Web.
Understandably backed up by the whole electro Lyon community, booked
by the Festival des Nuits sonores, they were also called by Kylie
Minogue to create a crazy remix, that is still very secret. Track
after track, Spitzer creates a new map without boundaries nor rules,
frenetic and grandiose techno music set in between Nathan Fake's
grandiloquence and the rhythmic scathing of Trentmoller. Sought by
many labels, Spitzer is already cooking some new remixes and is
working to finalise their first EP, "Roller Coaster". The two brothers
will also start an Australian tour beginning April 2008. The two
Spitzer brothers will road trip from one club to another and get the
dance floor groovin'."

Meet Kjetil Grande !

Straight from Norway, Grande just released his new ep "Uppers, Downers, Screamers & Howlers" and was kind enough to share some of the tracks with us. Expect also the release of his new album really soon.

from his space

aahh... you might think im tryin´ to be funny... but I´m really serious this time! My name is Kjetil Grande and I am a Norwegian guitarplayer & "singer". I was 15 when I first picked up my moms Bjarton guitar and her Lillebjørn Nilsens Guitarbook, and skipped the first pages of the book, cause I didn´t want to learn no chords. I tell ya, there wasn´t too many cool licks in Lillebjørn Nilsens Guitarbook, but as soon as I stopped doin´ my homework I figured out how to play.

Since then I´ve played with Norwegian blues/r&b band "Good Time Charlie", a bunch of old American bluesmen, a bunch of garage bands, and a bunch of norwegian rock/pop artists.....

These days I´m releasing my debut album, and I´m proud to announce that "Uppers, Downers, Screamers & Howlers", is out now!


viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

Todd Nickolas remixes HEARTSREVOLUTION

One of my favourite tracks of last year by far, the first remix i know of and I must say im impressed. This new mix is more "playable" in djiing terms and respects the great vocals from the original. I will play it 100% sure this summer (here).

Heres some additional info from Todd Nickolas from his space. theres also more remixes and tracks to listen and download.

Todd's career in music and sound production began at the age of 15, with an analog synthesizer, a drum machine and a four-track cassette recorder. Armed with a self-taught knowledge of how to play and program the equipment, tapes of unique electronic body music began to pile up. In 1990 Todd and long-time friend and musical collaborator Dom Paterson did their first studio session as ADSR. They realized quickly that they could just as easily achieve the quality of studio recordings themselves, without having to worry about rushing through expensive studio time. The pair began to purchase more analog keyboards, digital samplers, drum machines, effects processors and mixers. Out of this mess of wires, circuits and patch cords Floorshaker Productions was born in Ottawa, Canada. The next four years saw the release of two albums, numerous 12 inch singles and placement on several German compilation CDs alongside the likes of Moby, The Prodigy, Alec Empire and CJ Bolland. Critical praise drew comparisons of ADSR to luminaries such as Orbital and Leftfield. During this time Todd also maintained an extensive nightclub, rave and radio DJing schedule, making regular trips to Europe to unearth the developing sounds of techno, trance, trip hop and drum and bass not readily available back in Canada, and expose them to a hungry audience. In addition, he completed a degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa. Needing a change of scenery, Todd moved to San Francisco in 1995. Following a busy stint of live performances of new solo material, he took the position of head music buyer with Pulse Soniq Distribution. For the next 3 years the demands of work and DJing temporarily put production on the backburner. However, it was during this time that a notable placement alongside Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie and John McEntire of Tortoise was acquired as Todd was featured on Moonshake's (Creation Records, Too Pure, C/Z Records) collection of remixes from their "Dirty and Divine" album. 1998 and a return to Ottawa, Canada saw the founding of Phonics Distribution by Todd and childhood friend Linus Booth (aka DJ Booth / Jokers of the Scene). It was not just through Phonics that a portal to the worlds of nu-jazz, minimal techno and IDM (intelligent dance music) was opened to a large North American client base. Shanghai Beats was also formed as a weekly experience of sound, food, drink and conversation guided by the Phonics resident DJs, receiving widespread press acclaim from opening night. The immensely popular evening drew capacity crowds each and every week. This period also saw the musical reunion of Todd and ADSR partner Dom, as Todd remixed the track Backslide for the Soma Sonic "Future" album on Sonic Images USA/Subsonic Recordings. A move back to the West Coast occurred in 2001 as Todd accepted a position with comedian Tom Green's Los Angeles based Internet division, TomGreen.com. Primarily handling the daily audio and video editing of content for the site, he was commissioned to produce original music and sound designs for the official website of Tom's film "Freddy Got Fingered", as well as for other websites, web design education facilities and television pitches. Todd has also completed work for Quicksilver Software, projects with The Aura Group, and Suzuki Automobiles. Original music production, DJing, sound design, consulting and remixing continues under the names Civil Discobedience, Onaisa, ADSR and his own name, Todd Nickolas.

martes, 22 de enero de 2008

RAC minimix 2

from ANDRÉ

Hello! I decided to have some fun with this mix. 13 songs in 15 min… I’m gonna piss off people for remixing radiohead and the beatles, but it’s worth it. Check out the flight of the conchords edit at the end as well.

01 - 5,6,7,8’s - Barracuda
02 - Capsule - Flash Back
03 - Boyz Noize - Lava Lava (RAC Edit)
04 - Tepr - Minuit Jacuzzi (Feat. Grand Marnier) (datA Remix)
05 - Futurecop - Transformers
06 - Kylie Minogue - Heart Beat Rock (RAC Edit)
07 - Radiohead - Planet Telex (RAC Edit)
08 - Cornelius - Fit Song (The Books Remix)
09 - The Teenagers - Starlett Johansson
10 - Chromeo - Waiting 4 U
11 - Coconut Records - Nighttiming (RAC Mix) (snippet)
12 - The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money (RAC Edit)
13 - Flight of The Conchords - Not Crying (RAC Edit) vs LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous Drum Beat


Also check out some singles handed by him on a later post

Robbers on High Street - Across your Knee (RAC mix)

You say Party We say Die - Monster (RAC mix)

Femme Generation - Orlando Bloom (RAC Mix)



lunes, 21 de enero de 2008

SirBilly strikes back remixin the Stone Roses

After the share of sirbilly´s mix with the Bloody Beetroots of Flesh from Split Second I kept wonderin when I was gonna hear again from him. To my ears pleasure I was surpised this morning to see a new one in my mail box and its about The Stone Roses!!
Killer mix , must say.. really groovy version of "I am the Resurrection" reminds me a little of whomadewho or Headman. U judge. A must

The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection (SirBilly HiPhunka Re-Edit)

Myspace.com/sirbillyexperience (for dj set)
Myspace.com/sirbillyextended (for remix, re-edit, productions)

Gen 25 - 80es Party @ Unwound (Padova)
Feb 01 - The Electric Carnival @ Vinile (Rosà)

domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

The Cobra Snake @ Compass

This past friday Mark Hunter (Cobra snake) payed a visit to the re opening of Compass for 2008. Music was taken care by the residents Djs Pareja and Fabian Dellamonica. It was a great night. Rock everywhere. too bad i was really hammered by the time I realized that some M***fucker stole my cel from my friends car. shittt happens (a lot lately)...

More picks here!

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jueves, 17 de enero de 2008

The Teenagers - Reality Check

From Insound

Consisting of three lovely French 20-somethings, lead singer Quentin Delafon, guitarist / synth man Dorian Dumont and bassist Michael Szpiner, The Teenagers are a band that could have only come from Paris. Their sound is built around a backbone of golden pop melodies, with a penchant for leftfield visioning - all enveloped in a sardonic wit and lingering Sofia Coppola soft focus. While the trio left their teenage years a few years ago, adolescence is a concept that cuts to the core of the group. They're in love with the idea of the dreamy teen, inspired by sunset walks through the park, clogging up shopping malls for no good reason, holding hands, and stolen kisses in the cinema.

from Yellowstereo

The Teenagers love to have a good time. For those who didn’t know, these guys have been busy recording their debut LP from Merok Records in the UK, and Beggars/XL in the US. The title of their debut is called “Reality Check”, and it is due out for digital download on January 15th, a mere four days from now. The hard copy isn’t set to be out until March 18th in the US (March 17th in the UK).

BUT… if you hurry over to their Myspace page anytime in the next 4 days, you are able to listen to the album in its entirety UNTIL January the 14th. See Below for the link.

Over the last year these guys jumped on the scene with their raunchy and vulgar “Homecoming”, and most recently with “Starlett Johannson”, along with some pretty rocking remixes that have been hopefully rocking a indie-dance floor near you (I know I spin them where I play).

The album is twelve tracks long, half of which I had yet to hear before today (I had heard some of the demos for other tracks that have been floating around and on their myspace page, and hadn’t heard the mastered versions).

Listening to the album all the way through, its obvious to hear the new-wave and 80’s synth pop influence on these guys’ sound. Most tracks on the album have pretty catchy refrains and get stuck in your head. A number of them also make you want to move your feet and Dance Dance Dance Dance.

As an overall album, I feel like it is split into halves (for the most part) with most of the upbeat tracks in the first half. This includes the singles currently released (Homecoming and Starlett Johannson), and the 3rd single titled “Love No” (Out 3/10/08). On the second half of the album, the dancy vibe changes into more of a storytelling mode, something The Teenagers do a pretty good job at (in a humorous way of course, just as a Teenager should do!)

Listen for yourself, and preorder the album RIGHT HERE! Below is the tracklist. Personal favorites for me after the first few run throughs are “Streets of Paris” (totally new to me), and “Feeling Better” (Heard demo prior to album version).

The Teenagers - Reality Check
01. Homecoming
02. Love No
03. Feeling Better
04. Starlett Johannson
05. Streets of Paris
06. Make It Happen
07. Wheel Of Fortune
08. Fuck Nicole
09. French Kiss
10. Sunset Beach
11. III
12. The End of the Road

martes, 15 de enero de 2008


Really hyped right now Mathematikal already remixed track by michael jackson, Harris Robotics, Nine Inch Nails and Cassius and also lots of original tracks from them. This is a bootleg remix from the A-team great tv series btw. used to sing that at school and always thought about remixin it or playing it with some grunge guitar and drums. They were first so enjoy them before i take my guitar and spoil everything.

domingo, 6 de enero de 2008

Meet Plimsouls ! ! !

Just 19 years old, Plimsouls has been featured on many of the leading electro blogs, including Fluokids, Palms Out Sounds, Slutty Fringe and Electric Zoo, and has been tipped by many to have good things coming in 2008 (Pretty Much Amazing went as far as to say he was the 2nd best artist you've never heard of - high praise indeed!).

Ignoring the Ed Banger/Institubes distorted electro noise that is followed by so many, Plimsouls creates a genuinely unique sound that has begun to attract the ear of a number of labels and has been approached to remix some major artists in the new year.

If you like Crookers, Switch, Solid Groove or just like those heavy beats and stabby synths then this is for you. Anyways I dont like any of the above but found something new and fresh about Plimsouls, it your call thou but u should listen to it right now!
Here two tracks for yourlistening pleasure I personally liked a lot 3000. U choose-

Plimsouls - 3000

Plimsouls - You don´t look so good

OMG ! its OH SNAP!!

From Maryland USA my new friend Oh Snap!! is letting us have a listen to his new production "im too fat to be a hipster" featured in his upcoming EP called NEW SNAP!! CITY due out in February. The Vocals are great and the simplicity of the arregements show that sometimes is easiear to keep that way and still make a killer track out of it. Also included for your listeninig pleasure a cover from Colbie Colliat´s "Bubbly".

Later on expect some heavy remixin from keem all hippies and the video clip with "some hilarious concept"...

An new artist to pay attention in the future.

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The Who remixed by RAC !

You must all know RAC (remix artist collective) if you have been reading this blog in the last year and I guess u know the who if u had 2 ears and a brain in the last..mmm 30 years? Allen brought me this new remix of Baba o´Riley as a new years eve present but I was away for that time and this is the time i get to post it. Personally thats my favourite track of the who and i remember trying to mix it myself but I kinda sucked on that project. For our luck allen succeeded where i failed so enjoy this new version with the edge and taste of RAC !!