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Nothing to do one thing with the other but I post both together. down here the flyer for next party on friday 7th. under it the really cool video clip from Kap10kurt ´s Dangerseekers, directed by The Holograms. Enjoy!

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Meet The Fire and Reason ! ! !

"Superstar DJ/Producer/Enigma The Toxic Avenger remixes electro-rock indie upstarts The Fire and Reason."
A chance meeting on myspace leads to an insane collaboration. Not even finished with the final mixes off their new record, NYC's The Fire and Reason shot over tracks to Paris's The Toxic Avenger so he could rework, annihilate, and remix their forth coming single "NME" The result is an almost exhausting workout of electro-beats, distorted bass, and chopped up vocals, yelling for the listener to "Shut up and Dance, Dance."
Check it out for your self!

Great great track! almost 4 minutes of pure techno from the Toxic Avenger and sexi singer from The Fire and Reason- Below, the fact

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I Rec.

Heres some new records released or going to be released i honestly dont know sometimes, I reccomend. I ll add some more to this same post cause im a little tired right now, but keep checkin. Thou most of them are the loud, rocky type ill try to add some different styles 2.

STA - In Living Colour

Marine Parade

CAT: Mapa042


rel. date 18 feb 2008

01. In Living Colour
02. Sex
03. In Living Colour (Dim mix)

Another all around excellent record from Marine Parade (Freeland). Tehcno all over with "sex" making a good transition between the two cuts.I chose Dim cause I love everything dim remixes and also I like it a little louder but the original mix is amazing too. Theres something a little dark in every arrange and sounds, but the vocals are the other way. sound like beach music but in a garage full of cigar smoke. Lovin it

REVLOVER - Can't Stand

Relish Germany (oh yeah!)

CAT: rr032


rel. date 28 jan 2008

01. Can't Stand 06:22
02. Can't Stand (Dirty 30 Remix) 06:18
03. Can't Stand (Zzz Remix) 06:45

All the tracks are just great on this one, i sort of expected that from relish anyways. u r into justice, dim, distortion on almost every bit of the track, then u are there. the zzz mix is just the bomb, and the add of some clean but really loud piano lines makes it the choice, anyways as i said before the whole record rocks really hard. a must



SKINT (source is a cdm promo)
can also be found in digital dll

rel. date 17 Feb

01 God Is Green (Original) 03:32
02 God Is Green (Phil Kierans Remix) 06:54
03 God Is Green (Burgalr Toms Remix) 05:28
04 God Is Green ( Kev Gormans Remix) 06:50

Great label backin up a great artist, already posted here last year Alloy mental is back with his latest release "god is green". More loud than ever, mixing acid lines, distortion everywhere (I love) and some old school vocals . My choice would be the original and for playing live i would choose the Burgalr Toms remix that starts really low and begins slowly flowing into some techno mayhem. the vocals wait a long time to kick in which is something i thank usually. The other two mixes are not bad at all but i wouldnt use it for the floor or my home or car...just my taste..here check 4 urself.


New Oscar G to be Released on April !

You all must have heard Murk by now and also Oscar G´s solo records. So be happy cause april is bringin home his new one signing with classic label Nervous Records. Heres the info and one of the tracks, "Anxious" from the upcoming 9 tracks. A real deep track i must say i was expecting a little more power but well. I trust the man, i know theres 8 more tracks waiting ;)

from the press release:

On April 22, legendary NYC underground house label Nervous Records will release Oscar G’s first-ever original artist CD, INNOV8.

As one-half of landmark Miami-based Murk (along with partner Ralph Falcon), Oscar G. is known as one of the most versatile talents in all of dance music. Over the years, he’s produced some of dance music’s all-time biggest hits while also fashioning a style all his own as a DJ. With DJing and producing holding an equal level of importance in defining Oscar’s talent, he created an artist CD that perfectly reflects both sides of the story. INNOV8 is an album of all original material that Oscar G personally wrote, but also arranged, mixed and programmed as a DJ set. It’s a spectacular mix of original song segments, loops, samples, edits, effects and mixed grooves created from the eight original songs featured on the album.

“I feel like dance music is better represented when it is served by a DJ, so this album is an attempt to showcase my original material while also wearing a DJ hat to put it together for the listener. Each track on this album is there not only because I feel it is strong enough as a song, but also because it serves a purpose in the overall DJ mix that binds the album,” Oscar G says.

Musically, INNOV8 reflects Oscar G’s dark side. It feels like a trip through a steamy jungle where the sweat just pours out and the heat never lets up. While there is definitely a tropical/ tribal vibe to the programming, it’s much different than anything you’ve ever heard from Oscar. Many tracks are minimal in nature and it requires complete attention to take in the experience that INNOV8 will provide to the listener. It’s not just about creating eight house tracks. This is about creating a story through house music filled with the up and down emotions of a DJ set.

The release of INNOV8 strengthens an alliance between two of the most influential names in modern electronic club music, Oscar G and Nervous Records. Launched in 1991 by Michael Weiss, Nervous Records has built its reputation through a willingness to take chances on new sounds and new producers. Nervous was the first American label to sign and release tracks from some of dance music’s most respected names. Oscar G’s 2007 mix CD/DVD release Nervous Nitelife: Space Miami was a huge success for both the label and artist with Nervous Nitelife branded events taking off across the country. Critically, the hard work has not gone unnoticed as DJ Times is set to profile the resurgent Oscar G. on the cover of its March issue.

INNOV8 is released April 22, 2008 on Nervous Records

  1. îTracklisting:
  2. “Angel”
  3. “Pimp”
  4. “Danceflow”
  5. “You”
  6. Miami
  7. “Chunky”
  8. “Lookin”’
  9. “Crunchy Haze”
  10. “Anxious”

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Exclusive mix from Rockin Vandal

Heres Rockin Vandal from the dj duo Disco Agitateurs straight from argentina and with all the love. Had shared with him booths and dancefloors and must say we are on the same page. Check the tracklist and you will see for yourself. Expect more soon :)!


Chromeo – fancy footwork (Surkin Rogue Teens Remix)
LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous! (Soulwax remix)
Melmerio – Domino Dancing
Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler
Holy Hail – Born Of A Star (Shir Khan Remix)
Jacknife Lee – Making Me Money (Switch remix)
KIM – Wet ‘n Wild (Riot In Belgium Remix)
Miss Odd Kidd – Weed Wine & Wankers (SLUTTT bust in ur face remix)
Yelle – A Cause Des Garçons (Sta Remix)
Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (Riot in Belgium remix)
Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko (Boys Noize Vocal Remix)
Gameboy/Gamegirl – Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp (GLOVES Remix)
Tv rock vs Dukes of Winsdor – The others
Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Van She Remix)
Daft Punk – Around The World (Villain’s More Cowbell Dj Edit)
The Go! Team – Ladyflash (SMD Remix)
Operator Please – Just A Song About Ping Pong
Justice – D.A.N.C.E (Mstrkft Remix)

Rockin Vandal - Only For Riot Grrrlz mixtape

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Meet Bryan Cox

From Crux Recordings:

Crux is at it again, now in full swing with 2 origninal slammin' releases a month scheduled for the next year. It celebrates its official launch with "Where You At" - CRUX003. Available late March on Beatport, Itunes and any good online store! Untill then, this is the only way to have a copy, so get it while its hot and the link is still active. Bryan Cox drops the toughness on this hard as nails fidget bomb! Huge basslines grind their way through this epic track, dropping into a massive breakdown almost reminiscent of a 80s rock concert. Booyah!

As the song states with that "real live shit" pumpin' "from front to back" the crowd will definitely be feeling this monster. To solidify this track as a global smash, Crux has brought in 2 of Europe's newest fidget stars. Gaetan from Paris drops a killer remix which is massif and will for sure be blowing up le clubs. As if that wasnt enough to destroy your new born baby's ears, popular blog artists 3 Is A Crowd drop the fidget funk Italiano style! Magnifico! This promo exclusive is the first in a journey to carve out jackin fidget history for Crux records! Get yo' crunk on bitches!




Meet Flairs!

Flairs is the solo projects from the ultimate bass player who played with at least a dozen reputed bands & artists, Anyhow for his new music outfit he got Alavi, Etienne De Crecy, 25 Hours A Day, Cosmo Vitelli, Bogus, Alex Gopher, & Benjamin Theves all involved & It doesn't stop there.. Guess who's directing the video?? Non other than the Mtv award winners behind Justice's 'D.A.N.C.E' & Kanye's 'Good Life', Jonas & Francois who have been working in the past months on a 2500 hand drawn black & white frames of the psychedelic Walt Disney on acid video for his first single 'Better Than Prince'.

Heres the B-side from the upcoming Single that going to be released soon

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Meet Dusty Diamonds !

Straight from the bangin scene from Sweden Dusty Diamond delivers the first single to reach daylight and they happily share with us. The track is Fancy footwork by Chromeo and I must say this is the remix ill be choosing to play. WORD. So if you are into heavy synths, loud hatz and crashes and really loud mixes of pop songs this is a must

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Meet DJ Doc ROK!

DJ Doc Rok's track record for success is undeniable. He's a mix show DJ for DC's number one station WPGC 95.5. His mixtape series Trunk Musik has been distributed to tens of thousands. His production is featured on eight different MTV shows including "Making the Band", "Adventures in Hollyhood", and "Pimp My Ride". Even with all he has done so far American Zeppelin may be DJ Doc Rok's most undeniable accomplishment to date.

Dj Doc Rok - Sexual Healing (bmore house remix)
Enjoy this new mix from the classic track by Marvin Gaye

Also here u can check his website and also download his new compilation mashing up tracks by Led Zep and Hip hop star Jay Z. Check


DJ Doc Rok - I Want to Fuck you Like an Animal

Meet Mach FoX !


From their press release:

Of all the local musicians to emerge since the new millennium, no one has embraced synths, guitars and drum
machines as thoroughly as Mach FoX(Mark Howard). With a forceful emphasis on image, his group is one of the
finest acts to emerge from the Twin Cities electropunk scene - a cluster of musicians whose on-stage talents
are on par with their computer skills.

In the 90's Howard wrote and performed in Manplanet, Grand-80, Puck, Vena cava, Charlie dont surf, Silver FoX,
and other bands in his hometown of Minneapolis, while absorbing the influences of electronic artists from all
over the world. Though mainly a songwriter, guitarist, and singer, he wished to broaden his sound to include
synthesizers, drum machines, and samples. A fan of Prince and Todd Rundgren, and eager to produce his own music,
he wrote and recorded hundreds of songs with a 4-Track recorder and later a digital 8-Track, as he programmed and
experimented with his newly acquired electronic instruments. Guitars, sequencers, samplers, effects, and the
implementation of MIDI all play their part in the recording of a stream of distinct Mach FoX tracks at his home
studio -The FoX Den.

He released Mach FoX - "FuturePast" in 2005, a collection of demos from the previous five years, and began
performing solo as Mach FoX, before adding Adam01 on guitar and TeA on vocals. Like David Bowie and Marc Bolan,
whose glam influences had a direct effect on Mach FoX, Howards' imagery and Live shows became another layer of the
music. In early 06' he had a new album, and bassist D-bot joined the line-up. The bands combination of confident
image and a music which mixed Howard's goth-tinged vocals, stabbing synths, and churning guitars, with sultry
female vocals, funky bass and drum machines, had defined the bands unique style on the 2006 Mach FoX self-titled
release. Later that same year Martin Atkins(PiL/Pigface) and Howard discussed the possibility of reworking several
tracks for release on one of his labels. No deal was struck and in May 2007 The "AXion/FriXion" E.P. was released
on Italian based indie label - The Family Records. Adam01 and TeA had left the band, and it was the addition of
MissK's svelte vocals which helped shape the new sound on the songs he had already been recording on and off in
07' and planning to use for the next release.

With the cooperation and inspiration of MissK(Karen Meyer) and D-bot(David Erickson), Howard recorded, edited,
and manipulated audio tracks, often applying remix techniques to assemble the songs on "Build it down". He also
credits Depeche mode, Matthew Dear, Roxy music, Fad gadget, SchneiderTM, ambient music, and digital recording with
inspiring some of the tracks. The experimental yet dancey approach of "The smile that killed", and "Like clover"
(both featuring Ericksons Bootsy inspired bass lines) is offset by The almost ballad-like "B4 it's over", which
along with opener "The conneXion" and "This city", were written years earlier and awaiting a voice like Meyers'.
The last track on the album - "DTMG" was a collaboration between Mach FoX and French producer Francksom, who had
done an outstanding remix of "Build it down" after being contacted by The Family Records(label that releases music
from both artists). They both expressed interest in doing a song together, so Francksom sent the music track for
"DTMG", Mach contributed the lyrics and sang it along with MissK. Francksom then remixed "DTMG" for the 2008
bonus release -"RemiX and Repeat" which has 12 Mach FoX remixes by artists from Poland, Japan, France, USA, Sweden,
Canada, and the UK.

Released independently in early 2008, Mach FoX - "Build it down" has 9 tracks Mixed and Produced with French
musician/friend Severin24, who helped capture the emotive yet raw feel with an edgey, english style mix on the
tracks "Build it down", "Teena tonite" and the Ray Davies/Kinks penned "Allday and all of the nite", which finds
Mach twisting the song into a stalkers dark confession. Pushed along by a Technicolor array of sequenced drum and
synth tracks "Build it down" still possesses a powerful organic presence with intoxicating sound-scenery.

Their new album "Build it Down" will be available soon this month. Here, some tracks so u can hold still in the meantime. HAve phun!

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Malente on the radio

I ve been playing Malente´s mixes for a while now and last year he shared with us the news about his (now released) 2xcd album.
On the 2nd of January he played a great tracklist on the australian radio JJJ. Now hes been kind again to share with me and all of you. have fun!

Malente 26.11.07- aired 02.01.08 JJJ exclusive DJ MIX
  1. Remi Nicole – Go Mr. Sunshine (Punks Jump Up Remix)
  2. Turntablerocker – No Melody (Malente Remix)
  3. Die Türen – Sei Schlau Bleib Dumm (Malente Remix)
  4. Moston & Malente – F*cked Up (Stupid Fresh Remix)
  5. Destroy Disco - Fly Or Bounce
  6. Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)
  7. Aston Shuffle - For Everyone (Malente Remix)
  8. Chris Lake & Deadmau5 - I Thought Inside Out
  9. Jesse Voorn - Here It Comes (Jaimie Fanatic rmx)
  10. Moonbootica – We 1,2 Rock (Malente Re-Re-Remix)
  11. World Domination – F*ckmachine (Malente Remix)
  12. Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (Stupid Fresh Wizards In Oz Mix)
  13. Daniel Dexter - Push It Dibaba!
  14. Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
  15. Nine Inch Nails - Capital G (Phones 666 RPM Mix)
  16. SiriusMo – All The Girls (Yuksek Remix)

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Mr. Brown and the Dead

Posted before remixin a track by Boys Noize Mr. Brown hits again the blog with 2 brand new tracks from their upcoming Ep "We Dance for Money" on June (KOMPAKT).
Also as a Bonus they remix "Cut the Dust" from Choreo using samples from lots of songs from DIM, SebastiAn, Tellier, some vocals from the Beatles played in backtaping and more.
im loving that particular remix really trashy and those samples all over it are great all the time.