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Freak-A-Zoid Robotz

Oh yeah I love 8bit stuff. and i have fucking issues playing video games like im a 10 year old japanese guy. Im loving the video which u can enjoy with 3d glasses apparently (not that nerd though) or just with your boring eyes. also chk on the Them Jeans remix! God bless them.

press below

It’s time…to put your quarters up and check out the hottest video on the planet: Bobby Evans’ smash hit Delicious Vinyl single "Freak-A-Zoid Robotz", directed by Marcus Herring. Enter an arcade game world where a Tron state of mind and fly moves preside, where metallic Sorayama-inspired robots do choreographed dances and fight 8-bit battles to the death.

Director Marcus Herring: “The visual look of the video was inspired by the beauty of low resolution pixel art in classic arcade games. I was intrigued by the idea that a face can still look beautiful even when it is scaled down to a resolution of 12 pixels tall.” As Delicious Vinyl Curator Rick Ross, who produced the video, says: "We really aimed to break that proverbial fourth wall in the gaming universe — the fine line between man, woman and machine."

The video's concept was based on an original arcade game specially designed for the 12-inch artwork for Bobby Evan's "Freak-A Zoid Robotz." Herring expanded upon that arcade game concept, fleshing it out with a video full of players/gamers including L.A. Rap duo The Keyishe, Team G, performance artist Yasmine Kittles, dancer/choreographer Amanda Furches, dancer Erin Beneze, Anthony Julio (creator of the golden robot mask seen in the video) and the world famous KXLU DJ, Bianca Bracho.

"Freak-A-Zoid Robotz" is the lead track and theme song from Delicious Vinyl's critically lauded RMXXOLOGY album. The song itself is inspired by a truly obscure cut from deep in the Delicious Vinyl catalog: an electro-bass number called "The Fine Line Between Hyper And Stupid" that appeared on the b-side of Tone-Loc's 1990 single "I Got It Going On". With "Freak-A-Zoid Robots", Bobby Evans (half of L.A. hip-hop duo Brother Reade) has taken it back to the real pioneers of Miami Bass, with whip-it-good drums, ass-clapping bass, and synapse-snapping synthesizers...all perfect for robot booty shaking.

To increase the freak factor a full-on 3-D version of the video is set to drop in the coming weeks. If you have 3-D glasses (maybe dust off the pair you got at Disneyland from Michael Jackson's EO attraction?) you'll be able to put them to freaky use. We’ll be in touch again soon about that the 3-D version of the video. In the meantime, enjoy this great music video and a space disco remix of "Freak-A-Zoid Robotz" by L.A. talent Them Jeans (Dim Mak). It's time!

Bobby Evans - Freak-A-Zoid Robotz

Them Jeans Remix

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Breakdown Bootlegs !

Breakdown has made a name for itself since its inception in late 2007. Having gained wide support from both top artists and radio, Breakdown has become a well respected and sought after group all over the world. The brothers have new productions coming out of the studio on the regular, so keep your eyes and ears tuned to this page for new bits, bootlegs, performances and the lot!

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See more videos at Pedestrian.tv

New Late of the Pier Mixtape !

Late of the Pier have unleashed a new summer mixtape for London night Dance On Glass.

The night, which has featured acts such as Herve, The Foals, Breakbot, Nightmoves, Friendly Fires and The Cazals has rounded up some of their friends and guests to recorded a series of mixes released each month.

This month LOTP have spread some cosmic jam on the quintessential summer mixtape with an eclectic compilation showcasing their collection of folky psychodelia, jungle boogie and a few disco chuggers.

Although the mixing is minimal, (basically song after song with some filter and loop effects thrown in for good mesure.) This should put you back on heat if you happen to be freezing up south of the equator this winter.

You can download the mix here and the track listing is available below!

Claudine Longet - Small Talk
Bobby McFerrin - Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Hot Chip - The Warning
Bhundu Boy’s – My Foolish Heart
Herman’s Hermits - London Look
Babe Ruth - The Mexican
Col Elliot & The Lunatics - Cosmic Bust
The Beatles - Lady Madonna (love version)
Funkadelic - Sexy ways
Love - Bummer In The Summer
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Anum Aglar
Caribou - Eli
Syd Barrett – See Emily Play
David Axelrod - Song Of Innocence
Roots - Son Of A Son Of A Shiek
Zongamin - J.Shiver Theme
The Left Banke - I’ve Got Something On My Mind
Cut Copy - Saturdays (reprise)
Kraftwerk - Neon Lights
Connan Mockasin – Megumi The Milkyway Above

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One Million Bolts of Techno Thx to Bang Gang

1. Para One - Passion
2. Hey Today! - Kicktro
3. Samantha Fu - Theme to Discotheque
4. Mr Oizo - Error Jeun (Arvenee and Misk Remix)
5. Lowbrows - Dream In The Desert (Hystereo Revision)
6. Autodidakt - Shit Your Rack (Proxy Remix)
7. Dance Area - AA24/7
8. Kevin Saunderson - Bassline
9. Roberta Flack - Steve Silk Hurley Remix (dubbed by Us)
10. Shadow Dancer - Landline
11. Doom & Hoodrat - Join In (A Version)
12. Mr Oizo - Hun
13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Erol Alkan Rework
14. Alex Gopher - Bingo
15. Solo - Congaloid
16. Jessie Rose - Touch My Horn
17. Teenagers - Scarlet Johannsen (Rory Phillips Dub)
18. Zombie Nation - Worth It
19. Sonny J - Enfant (Riton Remix)
20. Phonique - Where's The Party At?
21. DJ Tonka - Freeze
22. Circle Children - Zulu
23. Modeselektor - Suckerpin (Feadz Remix)
24. Plaid - Kiddie Castle (Para One Remix)
25. Tiga - Shoes (A Bang Gang Hot Shoe Re Shuffle)
26. Woolfy - Oh Missy (In Flagranti Xenon Remix)
27. Shazam - Luckier (Hey Today! Remix)
28. His Majesty Andre - NRG 555
29. Douster - For Weirdos (Das Glow's Doustin Hoffman Remix)
30. Feadz - Flashin
31. Noze - You Have to Dance (Mathias Kaden's Mouthacapellapolka Remix)
32. Daniel Haaksmen - Kid Conga
33. Juan Maclean - One Day (Surkin Remix)
34. Smith n Hack - Rodeo
35. Hey Today! - If I Was Wonderman (Van She Tech Remix)
36. Beni - Maximus (Black Version)
37. Masters at Work - Sensational Beats
38. Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Spruce Lee Remix)
39. Metronomy - Radio Ladio (Radioclit Swedish Remix)
40. The Mole - Gracias
41. Rodion - Franziskanner
42. Les Petit Pilous - Joile Fille
43. CLP - Hoemcourt (CLP's Double Dutch Remix)
44. Mike Mind - Acid Machine
45. Van She - Sex City (Vemixed)
46. Boys Noize - Gezahit
47. David Rubato - Institubes Express 999 (Bobmo Remix)
48. Creative Use - Are You Jeff Vader?
49. Higamos Hogamos - Major Blitzkrieg (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
50. Knightlife - Crusader
51. Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Shazam Dub)
52. Williams Fairy Brass Band - Cubik

One of my favourite labels delivering a new bangin mixtape by Doom & Hoodrat, the tracklist speaks by itself also chk! the bang gang minimix for the annie mac show on bbc featuring 82 songs in five minuteS!!! dont expect me writing the tracklist though

Misshapes and Icanteachyouhowtodoit @ Desanimaux !



. THE TWELVES (BR) http://myspace.com/thetwelves . TERRY WALSHE (UK) vs TINI (LaResisfuckedup!)
. R. VANDAL & S. KILLA (LaResisfuckedup!)
. RAINING TV (LaResisfuckedup!)

Juan Ignacio Zevallos

@ MANDARINE (Terraza Cubierta) - Punta Carrasco

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Your Face on Kitsuné

Try your chances – draw your self portrait and send it to lucky@kitsune.fr The winner will get all Kitsuné Music for a year, and your face on every MAISON release for ever.

Participate from June 1st to August 31st 2009 (FULL INFO)

Also chk Pedestrian Tv´s interview to
Gildas and Masaya heads of the label and clothing line here

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True Pseudo "Freaking Me Out, Part 2"

True Pseudo's “Freaking Me Out” is now back with new remixes and a new extended version! We already brought you mixes by Nadastrom and ULTRNX (and if you haven’t listened, go do it already HERE) and now we are proud to bring you additional mixes from Designer Drugs and Pilotpriest! Blog darling Designer Drugs turns the song on its head with a synth heavy descending bassline that can only be described as a total monster while Pilotpriest brings the song in an entirely different direction, pairing the intense vocals with airy pads and moody bass guitar that lends an intense emotional side.



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Enjoy this new mixtape by the great Donovan specially arranged for your Summer fun! (not mine im freezing my balls off). Filled with his remixes youll get all the "Donovan" experience u need plus the remix of YO! by Dinamics that will be featured in his next CD/EP coming soon on Citizen. U can also grab the last track on the mixtape from his space ;;;

Sexual sportswear - Sebastien Tellier [Donovan mix]
Rondo Parisiano - Something à la mode [Donovan -undercover- mix]
Lala song - Bob Sinclar feat Sugarhill Gang [Donovan -Dominator- mix]
Yo ! - Donovan [Dinamics -Scratched- Remix]
Breakin' - Donovan feat. G.rizo [Charlie Fanclub mix]
She's a man - In the club [Donovan mix]
Un cheval d'orgueil - Arnaud Rebotini [Donovan -Techno Shit- mix]
Turn you on - In the club [Donovan mix]
Kilometer - Sebastien Tellier [Donovan -All stars- mix]
USB DICK - Teenage bad girl [Donovan -Suck me- mix]

Clash The Disko Kids & Ming 'Lo remix "Walking On A Dream"

Clash the disko kids just finished and are sharing with us their latest remix for Walking on a dream by Empire of the Sun. In their words they are trying something different for this one , not the noisy electro remixes the already delivered but a must hear though.

Empire of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
(Clash The Disko Kids & Ming 'Lo-Fi Dreamy' Remix)


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ok u probably seen this but this is my humble tribute to "this guy" just for giving a fuck about all the stiff os checkin on him.
recorded at sasquatch music festival this year what probably looks like the odd guy makin crazy moves finishes being the heart and soul of the party (I guess santigold must signed him a shirt or something after that).

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Apocalypso Deluxe Tour Edition out now

The Presets' Apocalypso has been lauded world-wide for its relentlessly innovative, irrepressibly dashing approach to modern, electronic pop music. Winner of just about every award you care to mention, Apocalypso is the Trojan horse that keeps on keeping on, and in honour of The Presets’ final tour of 2009, Modular will now release a Deluxe Tour Edition of their 2nd record.

The deluxe tour edition of Apocalypso comes wrapped in a lush 20-page colour story book. As well as the standard issue Apocalypso album it's joined by a second disc, which collects 10 of the finest most sought after remixes of the Apocalypso lifespan by the likes of Tom Middleton, Kevin Saunderson, Bang Gang and DJ Hell, amongst others.

The Presets - Apocalypso - (Collectors Edition)

ModShop | iTunes

In other news, the finale hoorah in the Apocalypso journey comes in the opening track from the album (and live show highlight), Kicking And Screaming.

Wednesday June 3rd
WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong (All - Ages)
Supported by Architecture In Helsinki and Van She

Saturday June 6th
Gold Coast Convention Centre, QLD (All - Ages)
Supported by Architecture In Helsinki and Van She