martes, 8 de junio de 2010

Hector & Nate June Mixtape‏

They're upcoming and they're coming pretty damn fast. This summer they release their first EP (called Jeunes Hommes) on MSMD recs, but don't call Hector & Nate nobodies, cause they've been making quite a name for themselves! In the past they shared the decks with Mustard Pimp, Mixhell, Les Petits Pilous, Strip Steve, The Subs and many more godfathers of the electro genre. They may well be from Kortrijk (Belgium), this duo is rather exeptional in the hard scene Kortrijk is known for. Don't expect to see violent mosh-pits while they're playing their set. Expect a crowd that's dancing like its life depends on it. With their unique mix of house, tech house and techno, they promise to make each and every pair of legs move like they never moved before! Like Teki Latex once said, dance music is music you're supposed to dance to, that's these guys' philosophy. Standing still is not even an option, shake those damn hips till you drop.

MSMD - Coming out the first of July!

The EP contains 3 original tracks & on remix duty we have Le Petit Belge & Vhyce.
It has support from Yolanda Be Cool, Riot Kid, Voltron, Ed & Kim and many more...