viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2007


Well to finish the year another mix from me. I had it ready like a month ago and i lost all the project and now i recycled it with fresher tracks and a little more power than usual. Im also starting with the 4th release which i think will be ready for january so this is all for 2007 hope u enjoy and share it with your friends . Have Phun!

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2007

New Ravin Cats!

get yours now for your new ravin needs!

AP - 12/15/07
SEOUL, South Korea -

South Korean scientists have cloned cats that glow red when exposed to ultraviolet rays, an achievement that could help develop cures for human genetic diseases, the Science and Technology Ministry said.

Three Turkish Angora cats were born in January and February through cloning with a gene that produces a red fluorescent protein that makes them glow in dark. One died at birth, but the two others survived, the ministry said.

The ministry claimed it was the first time cats with modified genes have been cloned.

Scientists from Gyeongsang National University and Sunchon National University took skin cells from a cat and inserted the fluorescent gene into them before transplanting the genetically modified cells into eggs.

The development means other genes can also be inserted in the course of cloning, paving the way for producing lab cats with genetic diseases, including those of humans, to help develop new treatments, the ministry said.

"Cats have similar genes to those of humans," said veterinary professor Kong Il-keun of Gyeongsang National University. "We can make genetically modified cats that can be used to develop new cures for genetic diseases."

Keitaro Kato, a geneticist at Kinki University in western Japan who has cloned fish, said the research could be significant if it eventually helps treat people with hereditary diseases.

"People with genetic disorders usually have to receive treatment throughout their lives that is very hard on them," Kato said. "If these results can help to make their lives easier, then I think it's a wonderful thing."

South Korea's scientific reputation suffered a heavy blow after much-hailed stem-cell breakthroughs by scientist Hwang Woo-suk were found to be faked in late 2005. He remains on trial on fraud and other charges.

The World Domination - Heat

from their space

There is a thin line between genius and madness, and both were involved when 666Val and Ringo Fire approached musical world domination in 2004. Their chosen weapon was their very own over-wound and utopian take on the classic pop duo concept. The World Domination are a bona fide child of the 21st century, fusing German electronic pop music with the megalomaniacal world of T.Rex, ZZ Top and AC/DC's super rock riffs with a vengeance.

The unique combination of electro beats, vintage synths, rock guitars and their own over-the-top attitude, make The World Domination "Gurus of Electro Glam", while gracing this planet with unheard of sweaty and absolutely clubtastic sounds. They spectacularly reveal the shortcuts between proto punk and disco sleaze, glam rock and techno, high gloss and city dump.

Shortly after their first release and during numerous live shows the band is thrilling concert-goers, DJs and other night-chasers all over the world. Be it Berlin, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Halberstadt, Amsterdam or New York City, wherever they appear, nobody defies the bizarre charm of their Dionysus performance. The World Domination act like Genghis Khan's Mongols used to: They take the capital city with them when they depart!

One of their many fans is none other than British Rave and Acid legend Adam Sky (aka Adamski). Together they produced the ultimate electro glam floor filler, "Galactic Lover" (advance single now available on album, "Heat").

French hipster label, KITSUNÉ, released "Galactic Lover" in fall 2006, on the "Maison Kitsuné Compilation" as well as a 12" maxi single. The track is frequently played on BBC Radio One and German neo pop protagonist NORTHERN LITE invite TWD to support them on their 35 dates "Unisex"-tour 2006-2007. The World Domination are irrevocably on their way to the major league of European electro rock.

Now their debut on 1st decade records, as paradoxically consequential as everything the dynamic duo does, "HEAT", is a collection of aggressive pop tracks that are not above a certain catchiness. "HEAT" - the newest manifesto of Electro Glam. Hitting the spot, yet stylistically excessive. "HEAT" is heading for the future, while riding on the ghost train of pop music, on acid, with high beam headlights glaring.

1st Decade

01. The declaration
02. Jesus Christ I feel alright
03. Heat resistant
04. Galactic lover
05. Fxxk machine 2007
06. Everythings fucked up
07. Unicorn
08. Buy our album now
09. Duplex knockout
10. Ballerina petticoat
11. Contempt
12. My pleasure
13. Dont miss the plane to the land cockaigne

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domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2007

ElectroGrrrls (from cabaretdepandora)

Really good compilation here with the best electro girls in the scene right now. the whole compilation from the blog cabaretdepandora contains the following tracks and u can get the whole shitload there...

Peaches-Set It Off
M.I.A.-Bamboo Banger
Angie Reed-I Don't do dirty work, sucka!
Yelle-Je Veux te Voir
Uffie-Pop the Glock
Dragonette-Take it Like a Man
Cansei de Ser Sexy-One Way or Another (blondie cover)
Crystal Castles-Love and Caring
Kap Bambino-Neutral
Pravda-The A.B.C. of L.O.V.E.
Robots in Disguise-The Sex has Made Me Stupid
Revl9n-Someone Like You
Prototypes-Je Ne Te Connais Pas
Hong Kong Counterfeit-Television Man

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2007


Rodion - Luna Dark (Golden Bug mix)

Check out this 15 minute clip from the upcoming mix
"Keem all Hippies 3"

it will be around soon before the end of the year. sit tight!