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Oh Yelle! Last Weekend on Compass!

miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2008

New Mixtape from Excuse Me Djs!

Excuse Me DJ's just returned home from playing Electroblog Festival in Trieste Italy (Carl Craig, Nathan Fake, etc) and want to offer a new DJ mix for your ears, before going public for everyone.

Running time is 40:06 and audio quality is 192k

Featuring the following fella, alphabetically sorted:
Benny Benassi, The Bloody Beetroots, Buy Now, Flosstradamus, Heartsrevolution, JBAG, The Kills, Ladyhawke, Lismore, Madonna, Maral Salmassi, Marc Adamo, Prince, Public Enemy, Sebastian, The Shoes , Sidechains, Simian Mobile Disco, Sparks, Streetlife DJ's, Tim Healey, The Who.

Excuse Me Profile

Excuse Me is the cheeky name of one of the more talented and brave clubnights in italy, and it is giving name to the DJ team too.

Kicked off in Feburary 2006 the clubnight immediately reached large visibility through an appealing and very own vibe, built up on a crossover where electro clashes with indierock, which had an excellent impact on the music industry players at the time.

In the most recent sets, the DJ’s got more unpredictable, still loving the pounding beats they tend to match them with re-edited classic anthems which results in an exciting show.

Excuse Me are proud to remark they have booked friends The Bloody Beetroots in Venice, for what was their first live gig (Spring 2007)

Much interest soon came from abroad , handful of international guest DJs sharing same decks are proof (Adam Freeland, Jeff Automatic, Guns and Bombs, Chris Chinchilla/Art Brut, Danny Da Silva and a bizarre Chris Gentry/Menswear too) and many nice words keep coming in the mailbox from labels such as Kitsuné and or influential DJ and promoter i.e. Bobby M (Ministry of Sound) and many more.


lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2008


  I received some great remixes from La Mode and track of their for your listening pleasure. I must say I loved them , All of them mostly the remix of Magnets from Digitalism is a really hardcore electro track , bangin and breakin a must! The Cazals one is great too (easy when the original is a bomb like magnets as well :) And with the original LA Mode states that they are not only here to remix deliverin a smashing electro house track up to the quality of their mixes! 

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Delorean mixes Mystery Jets !

i must say personally i love the track and Delorean gave it a twist with great style and keepin the good orignal vocals and arrangements , A´ must

from the newsletter,

"Delorean is pleased to announce that we just finished an official remix for the The Mystery Jets. The single, titled "Half in love with Elizabeth", was out in August the 25th, and though the remix won't be released on a physical format, it will be distributed through Your Army and other digital platforms.

The first remix we made was for the The Teenagers, which was released this year as a 7" on XL and Merok Records. Mostly ignored in our country, it was quite well received abroad, featured in several blogs (Hipster Runoff, Discobelle, Discodust, Fluokids, etc.) and in Pitchfork Magazine.
We are now working on new songs to be released next autumn/winter on the french label Foolhouse, linked to the Fluokids blog. Some of these will be included in a couple of mixes we are preparing, one of them also featuring tracks by friends who normally play at our night Desparrame, such as Sidechains and The Requesters from Barcelona."

Radio Babylon with a new twist

Lee Coombs remixed the track for his own DJ sets during the summer festival season and it ended up becoming an absolute smash. Encouraged by stellar feedback from some of the world’s finest DJs (who also happen to be Lee’s friends), we are now offering the track for FREE download to all. That means we want you to take this track and spread it around the world. Post it, blog it, include it in your DJ sets.

Meat Beat Manifesto - “Radio Babylon (Lee Coombs VIP Remix)
no 128 bullshit

Lee Coombs Space

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lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008


What has been happening in the clubs these last few years? Answer: the urban middle class white kids have discovered disco, using the internet.

The term blog house first appeared in 2006 as the increasing popularity of music blogs met the pop disco phenomenon Justice. As 2007 rolled by, sites like Missingtoof, Valerie, 20 Jazz Funk Greates, Discobelle, Panda Tones, Disco Dust, Floukids, and Big Stereo began to dominate the way DJs, music journalists, and regular fans hear and obtain new music.

At the same time, the music blog universe (blogville) was blessed with a new white hot center. Effectively becoming as a sever-less Napster for a new era of promotion and/or thievery, the music blog aggregator site The Hype Machine, which files music from blogs into a searchable format. Hype Machine holds a large responsibility for the success of these websites.

Separating the music style of blog house, and the means of producing, marketing, and consuming the blog house is tenuous at best. The amalgamation of underground—and increasingly above ground dance culture that came to a head in 2007—obscures the origins of the term, while creating a complex web of culture rooted in a 1980s music revival, cheaper production techniques (increasingly software and computer based), ease of disturbing recordings online, stable cocaine prices, and of course, the young, energized music blog community.

The phenomenal scale of these new developments in youth culture may ultimately be attributed to an influx of Echo Boomers (children of Baby Boomers) into colleges, art schools, and urban centers across the world. (read more)


Kitsuné 6 to mellow

The melodic one.

Well that pretty much hits the nail on the head. Smartly bypassing the bangerville heights that their previous 5(!) Maison Compilations had so wonderfully scaled, the Kitsuné folk are taking things down a notch for their next collection and they've done a mighty fine job. There's some beautiful tracks from Appoloosa, Ted & Francis, Pnau as well as exclusive newies from Lo-Fi-Fnk, Beni (from Riot In Belgium), The Shoes and our old mates You Love Her Coz She's Dead.

Yeah, sounds bangin'.

1: LO-FI-FNK Want U
2: LA ROUX Quicksand
3: PNAU With You Forever
5: TED & FRANCIS I Wish I Was A Polar Bear (Arctic Urgency edit)
6: DIGITALISM Taken Away (instrumental)
7: autoKratz Stay The Same (edit)
8: BENI My Love Sees You
9: FISCHERSPOONER Danse en France (d.i.m. remix)
11: STREETLIFE DJs We Love The Disco Sound (radio edit)
12: A-TRAK Say Whoa
13: WE HAVE BAND Hear It In The Cans (DIY version)
14: HEARTSREVOLUTION Ultraviolence
15: GROVESNOR - Drive Your Car (HOT CHIP remix)
16: DAVID E SUGAR Although You May Laugh
17: APPALOOSA The Day We Fell In Love
19: THE SHOES Let's Go