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The album is FINISHED! All we are waiting for is a release date!






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Connan Mockasin has the kind of deliciously off-kilter and gloriously idiosyncratic worldview that rapidly proves addictive. Once you’ve heard it, you can’t help but wish to go back for more. On his rather unusual childhood activities: “when I was really young my mum got me a welder and just let me turn all the discarded pipes and rubbish on our property into a proper junk yard. I got really obsessed with carnival rides and ghost trains that folded up. Mum said a lot of the neighbours were a bit disgusted…”

Welcome, folks, to the delightful, slanted and enchanted world of Connan Mockasin. The New Zealand born, current London resident Mockasin makes beautiful, off-kilter music which subverts as it compels, challenges as it mesmerists, startles as it seduces, even drawing fans as diverse as Johnny Marr and Radiohead to Ed Banger chief and ex Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter into its wide-eyed, childlike exploration into the final frontiers of pop music. It is all too rare, in this current climate of manufactured pop acts, grey over produced 'alternative' guitar music and press-fuelled mania for the next-big-thing, to hear something truly striking and original, but a strong case can most certainly be made for Connan to be a true pop auteur, taking his rightful place in a proud lineage which includes past mavericks such as Joe Meek and Brian Wilson, right through to current cult heroes like Ariel Pink, Sufjan Stevens and John Maus.

Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Rework) Radio Edit [Phantasy] by Erol Alkan

Written from start to finish one hot summer, while camped outside his parent’s church-like house in a tent, his album “Forever Dolphin Love” is an LP which brims with the beauty and solitude of summer evenings, a miasma of psychedelic tangents, jazz interludes and echoing guitars which hum with a distant, haunting resonance. Indeed, it is so unique a first-time listener may have to listen to it again just to take it all in, so powerful is the spell it casts. It exists in its very own, free-floating parallel universe; a world where lush psychedelia morphs unpredictably into Spanish salsa (“Faking Jazz Together”), breathtaking, short interludes (“Grandpa Moff”) nestle alongside languidly unravelling epics (the title track) and above it all, Connan’s feather-light, alien vocals gently hover – not always in English, by the way, but sometimes in their own, made-up language – tantalisingly, beguilingly out of reach.

This record (packaged with a special live recording) is, however, only the beginning for Connan – the next few months will see him unfold his unique charm in myriad ways and working with people as iconoclastic and idiosyncratic as he is, beginning with him scoring the first short film from acclaimed video director Kinga Burza, called “Candy”. In addition, alongside the likes of Villagers and Noah and the Whale, Connan has also been working on new music with the inimitable Charlotte Gainsbourg, with a brand new collaboration set to appear on a “live and unreleased” edition of her album in the summer, and he has also been working with Sam Eastgate of Late of the Pier on an offbeat upcoming project called Soft Hair. Throw in the fact that he has just been confirmed as main support on Warpaint’s UK tour in May, and a path is cleared for the once perennial outsider as one of the most vibrant and engrossing musicians on the map. You’d do well to clutch him to your hearts now.


Forever Dolphin Love:

1. Megumi the Milkyway Above

2. It’s Choade My Dear

3. Faking Jazz Together

4. Quadropuss Island

5. Forever Dolphin Love

6. Muss

7. Egon Hosford

8. Unicorn in Uniform

9. Grampa Moff

10. Please Turn Me Into the Snat


Self Help For Beginners is set for release on 30th May and features guests from Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Andrew Innes (Primal Scream) and Jagz Kooner.

autoKratz announce that their eagerly awaited second album SELF HELP FOR BEGINNERS will be available on CD and digital download from Monday 30thMay 2011.

Having started off by releasing a string of EP’s tailor-made for pummeling dancefloors, the bands 2009 Kitsuné debut Animal shone like a gem at a time saturated with electronic music. Always More and Stay The Same resonated through airwaves and clubs wherever you went.

It’s now two years later, and the stunning Self Help For Beginners will blow you away. It’s an innovative journey through dark electronic pop, hands-in-the-air garage techno and carefully nurtured moments of beauty.

The album sees the band collaborate with some of their heroes including New Order bassist Peter Hook, Primal Scream guitarist Andrew Innes and Primal Scream & Kasabian producer Jagz Kooner.

Of the collaboration Hooky said “I was delighted to be asked by autoKratz and knowing their music I completely understand why. Playing on the track was very easy and the boys made it very enjoyable. I’ve just listened to the track and then gone for a walk and found myself singing it over and over again - It’s great!”

The first glimpse of the new album came in January through the Radio 1 championed ‘Opposite of Love EP’. Self Help for Beginners certainly delivers on that promise and more.

The LP is to be released on the bands new label Bad Life, a new imprint to which they have also signed NT89, TWR72, Sovnger and 10Rapid. The labels first releases are receiving an impressive cross section of support, feted by the likes of Zombie Nation and A-Trak.

In four fast years autoKratz have become sought after remixers, working with the likes of La Roux and Underworld, whilst having developed a reputation for being one of the finest live acts in electronic music. Their never ending world tour continues to take them to all the corners of the globe, with highlights having so far included Glastonbury, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, Makuhari Messe Tokyo, Solidays, Parklife Australia, Dour and Koko in London.

Self Help for Beginners puts autoKratz back at the vanguard of British electronic music, and 2011 will without doubt be their most exciting year yet.

And to kick off the campaign autoKratz are giving away massive new banger ‘A-Train’



1. Opposite of Love
2. Becoming the Wraith (Featuring Peter Hook)
3. Fireflies
4. Last Light
5. The Seventh Seal
6. Skin Machine
7. Kick (Featuring Andrew Innes)
8. The Fallen
9. My Own Black Heart
10. R.I.S.E.
11. Their Gun


12. Every Little Scar
13. A-Train

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DATAROCK (Noruega)

Cuando el Rock y la música bailable se topan de frente, a veces da como resultado el surgimiento de bandas tan sobresalientes como DATAROCK, uno de los grupos más reconocidos del New Rave. Autodefinidos modestamente como “el punto más alto en la evolución del pop”, la banda integrada por Rock Steady Freddy y Ket-ill sorprendió a todo el mundo hace algunos años con el lanzamiento de su disco debut DATAROCK. Sus éxitos “Fa Fa Fa” y “Computer Love” impulsaron a la banda a una super gira global de más de cuatro años.

En ese tiempo, la banda se presentó en más de 700 conciertos en 33 países en cuatro continentes, participando de los festivales más importantes como Coachella (CA), SXSW (TX), WMC (MIA), Planeta Terra (BR) y Personal Fest (AR) entre muchos otros. Aliados con el gigante de los videojuegos Electronic Arts, sus canciones aparecen en 22 de los títulos más vendidos de la historia, incluyendo las franquicias FIFA, Need for Speed, Madden NFL y The Sims.

Con dos álbumes editados (Datarock en 2008 y Red en 2009), los noruegos lanzarán en marzo 2011 “Catcher in the Rye”. Llamado “el sencillo más extravagante de la historia”, Catcher… es una canción en el más puro estilo de Datarock donde se pueden reconocer reminiscencias de la canción “Psycho Killer” de los Talking Heads -una de sus mayores influencias junto a Devo y los Happy Mondays. Saldrá a la venta en marzo en formato USB de 4 gigas que incluirá la sí extravagante cantidad de 105 bonus tracks, además de fotos, videos y un concierto integro de la banda.


Carca comenzó su carrera solista en 1993 y al año siguiente lanzó Miss Universo, su primer disco. Como Babasónicos, Los Brujos o Peligrosos Gorriones, Carca surgió de la "movida sónica". Rótulos aparte, hizo stoner antes que Los Natas, transitó el glam antes de Fantasmagoria y fue setentista antes que Pez. Con seis discos solistas en su haber, Carca se encuentra presentando su último disco, Uoiea, un álbum que lo devuelve al grito primal del rock y donde se dejan entrever algunas de sus influencias como Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, Javier Martínez. Producido por Diego Tuñón y Carca, el disco fue masterizado en Escocia por Dennis Blackham (ingeniero de Marc Bolan y T-Rex) y cuenta con la participación de Diego Uma (percusión y coros) y Diego Tuñon (piano y sintetizadores).


Keem es sin dudas un dj de referencia obligada en la nueva escena electrónioca de Buenos Aires. Cultor del sonido electro en sus regiones de contagio con el rock y el house. Sus sesiones son tan versátiles como contundentes, varían entre explosivos sets de electro rock o eclécticos warm ups de indie, italo, house y rock.
En su extensa trayectoria ha tocado en los clubes más importantes de Argentina junto a artistas como Justin Robertson, Erol Alkan, Steve Aoki, The Rapture, Dat Politics, The twelves, We have band, Data, Bobmo, entre otros.

Embassy Mixtape Vol. I by DJ Keem by Producciones Crack

01 - Leno Lovecraft - Planet Sextron
02 - Everything Everything - MY KZ UR BF ( Clock Opera mix)
03 - Datarock - The Pretender (Holy Ghost mix)
04 - Druma Kina - Walking Away (Cosmonaut Gretchko Version)
05 - Wolf Gang - Pieces of You (Disco Bloodbath remix)
06 - Eine Kleine Natch Music - Feuerprobe (Rory Phillips mix)
07 - Ghostland Observatory - Glitter
08 - The Futureheads - Hounds of Love (PHones mix)
09 - Datarock - Not me

EMBASSY es un ciclo mensual de fiestas con shows en vivo de artistas nacionales e internacionales de carácter actual e independiente. La misión del ciclo es la de construir un espacio cultural fresco y moderno que sirva de exposición para bandas, DJs y artistas extranjeros de vanguardia, alentando al mismo tiempo el desarrollo de talentos locales.


Entradas anticipadas: $90

Boletería Niceto Club (Lu. a Vie. de 12 a 18 hs. SOLO EFECTIVO)
Club la Nación 2x1 únicamente por Ticketek (cupo limitado / comunicaremos aquí cuando se activará)

Atención: los precios pueden cambiar hasta la fecha del show

+18 años / DNI en puerta