martes, 23 de febrero de 2010


Pilotpriest's "Body Double", the song that was mistaken for Daft Punk, is now available for purchase! When you purchase, you will get two tracks for the price of one- "Joue" AND "Body Double"!



Toronto’s Pilotpriest has made a name for himself with uniquely addictive tracks that have been compared to everyone from Giorgio Moroder to Sebastien Tellier but his newest track “Body Double” had the public taking it one step further. “Body Double” wasn’t just compared to Daft Punk, it was mistaken for Daft Punk.

Originally made for a friend’s art show, Pilotpriest put the track online for download to share with a few friends only to have someone take the song and instead create a YouTube video, claiming it to be Daft Punk production “The Crash” for the upcoming Tron soundtrack. Sparking an avalanche of debate, boards then posted additional speculation, causing blog after blog to post about the song, including Kanye West.

After a few days, the YouTube video garnered close to 30,000 hits and the truth began to be uncovered. “The Crash”, of course, was not a Daft Punk production at all, but “Body Double” by Pilotpriest. By then, the rumor was so widespread that several online publications and blogs raced to write about the mixup, leading to a Song of the Day selection on, and features on,, and even Responding to the immediate demand the song created, Calamity Jane rushed to make the song available to the newly created legions of Pilotpriest fans.

One listen to “Body Double” makes it abundantly clear why fans across blogs and message boards were attracted to it, calling the song “amazing”, “genius” and “epic.” A twelve-minute audio journey, “Body Double” begins with a near four-minute ambient intro that beautifully builds, one layer at a time with touches of echoed vocals and waves of alternating pads. Once the beat kicks in, it’s a grooving, deliberate pace that gives a taste before dropping out again two minutes later.

The brilliance of “Body Double” lies not in what is already there, but what isn’t. The most interesting parts are arguably those without a kick drum and snare, portions where Pilotpriest brings forth the most out of minimal content and makes it sound fuller and more alive than its more traditional counterparts. In “Body Double”, Pilotpriest proves his position as one of dance music’s next rising stars.

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