lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Gung-Ho! introduces Enzo Canale

Enzo Canale is another international gem discovered by Gung Ho! and is producing tunes to fit the UK & international dance scene alike. He started his music career in Rome going down a altogether different path. Enzo was heavily into Britpop in the 90’s playing music in a band who idolised Oasis, Blur and Supergrass. But it all changed in when he caught onto the Daft Punk phenomenon that was sweeping through Europe in the 90’s. Since then Mr Canale hasn’t looked back and has been producing electronica and DJing in his home country of Italy! Following a busy New Years schedule Gung Ho! is proud to introduce Enzo Canale to the UK with this awesome EP. Alameda is a throbbing house track that could easily be used to both lift up a crowd in the early set or keep the feet stomping well into the morning! Concorde is a straight up banger! It clearly shows Enzo love for a party with a break down and drop that will tear up any dancefloor!

Cortney Tidwell - Watusii (Daphni mix)
Legowelt - Driving Through an Amiga Forest
Pan-Pot - Confronted Beyer & Dahlback mix)
Lucy - Downstairs
Voltaeric - I Sleep In Neverland (Marc Marzenit mix)
Enzo Canale - Voices
Burn the Negative - Tonight (10RAPID mix)
Kris Menace - Idiosyncrasy
Voltaeric - Sinu (Original mix)
Andre Winter - Trauma
Enzo Canale - Roentgen 1
Voltaeric - Sandman
Radio Slave - RJ (Original mix)
Applescal - In The Mirror
Enzo Canale - Gems and Ivory
Silver City - Pendulo (Pete Herbert edit)
Enzo Canale - Alameda
Roke Dj & David Del Olmo - Anxiety (Dubman F mix)
Enzo Canale - Concorde

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