lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Kidda´s new remixed tracks + vid !

Skint Records are kindly giving away 3 tracks at full quality from the album. The remixers are Heavy Feet, TLGB and Jack Beats. these are part of the new "Go Up To Get Down," a remix album of his amazing album "Going Up," released in 2008.
His latest music video for Midfield General has been selected to be shown at 28 cinemas around the UK in 2010, as part of the British Animation Awards.
Also Kidda is workin on his new album to be released... today! so keep track of him on his space.


Under The Sun (Herve's Ain't No Sunshine Mix)
Feel To Good (Jack Beats Remix)
Strong Together (Heavy Feet Remix)
Smile (Detboi Luvs Me Mix)
Doo Whot (Jaymo & Andy George Moda Mix)
Hey Y'All (Kidda Remix)***
Everything Bad Is Good For You (TLGB Remix)***
Doo Whot (Parker Remix)
V.I.P (Beathoven Remix)
Feel Too Good (Blackgrass Remix)
Smile Sunday (Kidda edit)
Under The Sun (Brighton Beach Boys Remix)

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