miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

A must! : New Undertones compilation !

UNDERTONES GANG Vol 1: Is the debut album of Undertones Gang Records, Buenos Aires-based brand new electronic music label. UGR is the result of many years of work of UNDERTONES agency on the development of a new argentinian electronic music scene with their acclaimed parties in Buenos Aires and other cities around the country. UNDERTONES GANG RECORDS 001 puts together diverse genres and styles: from
nu disco, filter disco, house, chicago, grime, acid, techno, electro, electro rock or dubstep to more blurry and unclassifiable music. It synthetically expresses every single tendency that inhabit in Undertones as a collective creation and celebration space.

The album includes tracks from local producers from the agency roster as well as unreleased tracks by international great guests, like Munk, Bobmo or the new italian filter disco king, Scuola Furano. Other well known producers are participating with prior released great tracks. The list include: Erol Alkan, Light Year, Bottin's edit to the latest nu disco hit by Golden Bug & Rodion (released only in France so far), Clap Rules' remix of The Supermen Lovers, and last but no least, Headman with a dub version of one his latest tracks.

The local gang for this compilation is integrated by Toomy Disco, KRMPCK, Get Nuts, Beatdekids and Le Microkosmos, some of them anticipating material from their forthcoming albums, to be released in the label.

The digital edition will include two additional tracks from Holly Boom (side project of two members of KRMPCK) and from Brazil, a remix by Database to the english band Empire.

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