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Francisco Castorina a.k.a. CISCO suffers -since he was a little kid- from a sever addiction to music. This addiction, trough the years, drove him to the research for styles and sounds oriented to the dancefloor. This addiction led him, since many years now, to be a restless DJ and a furious party promoter.

In the year 2007 - under the nickname of DJ Frann- he gets his first residence at the indie and electro party INROCKS CLUB (promoted by Les Inrockuptinles magazine) at Cocoliche, famous underground club in Buenos Aires. He played with big names like Juan Maclean (Dfa/NYC), Alex Gopher (FR/Kitsuné), Vitaminas for you (Canadá), Dr Trincado, and more. After that experience -and already with his actual name, CISCO- he started to play in the best parties and clubs in Buenos Aires and all around Argentina.

In april 2008 begins his own party project, Undertones, where the big opening night brought Hercules and Love affaire (Dfa/NYC) to the turntables. The party grew up very rapidly, becoming one of the most important (if not the most important) party of the independent electronic scene in Argentina. Trough the years, Undertones had the best argentinian and international DJs and producers, like Erol Alkan, Bombo, Teki Latex or Golden Bug, just to name a few ones.

Thanks to the success of the party, he decides to expand the project a bit more creation his own record label, Undertones Gang Records and an DJs/Producers/Visual Artists gang-agency. Nowadays, CISCO is the resident DJ of the Undertones parties and the CO of UGR and the agency.

Cisco is the nickname of an array of musical personalities that always manifest at the service of the dance floor and in the creation of sonic environments designed in a deliberate and arbitrary fashion. Rhythms and styles like nu disco, new funk, re-edits, house, indie-dance, deep house, jacking, Chicago or techno delineate his musical eclectisism and his aesthetic freedom. Each of his set presents itself as a new possible chronicle without genre atavisms. DJ CISCO is, above all, a de-generate.

Residences: Inrocks Club (Cocoliche/2007), Undertones (Cocoliche y Niceto Club 2008/11), Bombo Club c/ Leandro Fresco (Shampoo, Roxy/2008), “Fiestas electro de los viernes” (Voodoo Motel/2009), Delta Disco (Fetish/2010), Zombie Disco, Dengue Dancing (2010/11), Invsn (Niceto Club/2010/11), Super Sábados (Shamrock Basement 2010/11).

Played at: Undertones, Crobar (Mstrpln), Niceto Club (Compass, Club 69, Invsn, Embassy), Bugged Out (Studio Samsung), Pachá Club, Kika, Rumi, Shamrock Basement, Cocoliche, Hotel Faena, Festival Buen día, Festival Earth Day, Código Pais, Festival Ciudad Emergente del GACBA, Inspiration Fest, Voodoo Motel, Dengue Dancing (Gong Club), Undertones Córdoba, among others.

Played with: Erol Alkan (UK), Alex Gopher (FR), The Juan Maclean (US), Bobmo (FR), Vicarious Bliss (Ed Bangers), Mr.Flash (Ed Bangers), Hercules and Love affaire (US), Golden Bug (FR), N.A.S.A (US/BR), The Twelves (BR), Teki Latex (FR), Ben Mono (DE), Spoek Mathambo (SA), Zuker, Rama, Silver City (2020 Soundsystem), among others..

DJ CISCO Floppers mix by Undertones Gang Records


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