domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

on the lighter side : Pallers "The Kiss"

"As Pallers evolve new terrain is covered. Their first release, the E.P. "Humdrum", took the listeners to a somewhat moody place. A spacious melancholy full of shimmering sparks that kept the mood up enough to end the whole song in a frantic, almost euphoric mood. On the second release they are still a bit moody but the music tells a story of beauty and warmth. Strings linger like lovers breathe in eachothers ears, naive pianolike tones bounce around like toddlers in the grass while a plastic conga takes a hell of a beating. The main inspiration for the song is said to be a DJ-set by Tobi Neumann but we think there is so much more to mention. But we won´t, we´ll let you have your own way with this tender treatment signed Pallers."

At first it wasnt even a kiss. It started more like a freight-train crashing into this old strip-club turned into a more "decent" club in Ibiza. The crash was orchestrated by this German gentleman called Tobi and in a way he taught us to kiss this way. He had the passion and the surprising sense of "spicing things up" when needed. With a crash and a bang that made almost no sound or a gentle stroke full of impact. As days flew past, the art of kissing took us many different places. We kissed the sun and it kissed us right back. We kissed the cooling ocean and seasons later our faces got kissed by snow as it fell and we still hadn´t showed anyone what we had learned. But this is no time to be shy and withdrawn; it´s time for us to give you what we got. Best/Pallers

Pallers - "The Kiss"

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