viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Tone Loc´s WILD THING! remixed by MOGUAI

In April of 1989 something happened. Something big. Was it Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth lighting up the lives of mallgoers across America? Or Madonna's Like A Prayer popularizing the plastic crucifix? Not if your definition of "big" includes doing the "Wild Thing" and sippin' some "Funky Cold Medina". Then the Billboard #1 album in question is Loc-ed After Dark by Tone Loc.

Loc-ed After Dark was a milestone in hip hop. With its immortal hit singles "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina" it catapulted authentic rap to the top of the pop charts. Deep-pocket album tracks like the outrageously pungent "Cheeba Cheeba" and the speaker-sweating "Cutting Rhythms" prompted Loc'ed After Dark to capture the flag of an east coast-centric genre and plant it firmly in Tone Loc's hometown. As Tone declaims on the title track: "Every time you hear my song your hands clap/ the chosen one putting L.A. on the map!"

The cheeba-chomping, gravel-gulleted, Rayban-rocking Los Angeles rapper soon appeared on the cover of Newsweek, performed privately by exclusive invitation for the Princess of Monaco, and had his "hasta la vista, baby" catchphrase jacked by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2.

Loc-ed After Dark endures as the proving ground of some of hip hop history's most notable names, including Delicious Vinyl founders/producers Matt Dike & Michael Ross, engineer Mario Caldato Jr., and production duo The Dust Brothers. (Look up their substantial subsequent credits on-line now, chum.)

This digital-only deluxe release features six bonus tracks: "On Fire (OG 12" version)", "Cheeba Cheeba (OG 12" version)", "I Got It Goin' On (Remix)", "The Homies (On Tilt Mix)", "Wild Beat" and "Funky Beats". That's called value-for-money, homies!

The 20th Anniversary Deluxe Digital Edition of Loc-ed After Dark is the inaugural release in Delicious Vinyl's DV20 campaign. Throughout 2009, Delicious Vinyl will re-release classic LPs from the label's legendary catalog in bonus-packed digital download format. Stay tuned for DV20 versions of Young MC's Stone Cold Rhymin', Def Jef's Soul Food, Masta Ace Incorporated's SlaughtaHouse, The Brand New Heavies' Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1, and more.

The 20th anniversary deluxe digital edition of Loc-ed After Dark is released January 27, 2009 on Delicious Vinyl.

Tone Loc - “Wild Thing (Moguai Remix)

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