lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Introducing LOGO - Debut EP "La Vie Moderne" on Kitsune Records + Free Minimix‏



“La Vie Moderne

Kitsuné Records

***Download/Listen to the Free Minimix***

Logo is a what-s-the-point duo. They can’t sing and have nothing to prove. Engaging and impassive, they settle for the sight of modern life: from its fake veneer to its faded wallpaper. They don’t laugh or make fun of this observation. This is why Logo decided to start passive resistance.

Hugues is a student. At university, he is told that with a bit of self-sacrifice, he will be out of reach. But he already knew that. So in order to compensate all this love, at night he reads. More withdrawn from reality, Thomas smiles from time to time and thinks. More in images than in words.

Both a cynical and a playful consumer product, Logo matches perfectly well the market’s requirements since it embodies with dynamism the new design of a world with unchanged values. In the future, only shapes can transform.

So to take part in this global apathy, to make up for this lack of ideals, and to propel their adventure in a contemporary future, they lock themselves up. They settle in a bedroom and plug their material, manipulate small round buttons, press on white or black keys and fiddle with some rhythms with easy to use software. They don’t know each other very well, they met more a less a year ago, but they often play together or compose by email. At 23 years old, they have been through everything, but they haven’t seen anything yet.

They are not interested in fitting in the landscape. Belonging, what’s the point, what for?

They have some past references but let’s say that it’s not intentional. For Logo, conforming to tradition in order to spread one’s good bad taste is a waste of time that electronic music’s immediateness can make up for. Simplicity and logic are Logo’s ephemeral aesthetics’ mammals. The writing is not narrative, the speech does not have a say. Logo does not tell stories.

Things start speeding up when one fine day, Maison Kitsuné’s web navigator comes across The groove is young, the ambition is fun: when the fox sniffs, it raises its nose and its red tail and signs!

And if, as Logo thinks, the entire world is falling apart, “La Vie Moderne” has no reason to be so boring anymore.

The band’s first EP is called La Vie Moderne and features two tracks: “Junocide” and “La Vie Moderne,” both in their original version and in their auto-remix version. The digital version of the EP will also contain remixes by Danton Eeprom, DyE, Gohan and French Fries. It will be released worldwide on August 30th.


1: Junocide

2: Junocide remix

3: La Vie Moderne remix

4: La Vie Moderne

+ Digital release remixes

5: La Vie Moderne DyE remix

6: La Vie Moderne GOHAN “Will- O’-The -Wisp” remix

7: La Vie Moderne DANTON EEPROM remix

8: La Vie Moderne French Fries & Tony Senghore remix feat. PiuPiu

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