sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Chemical Brothers Bootleg !

Next up on Westway is this killer bit of breakbeat bizness from hot new Australian duo Sangers & Ra.
Straight outta Brisbane, the guys are residents at Queensland’s biggest beats night Breaks & Enter and have
rapidly risen to become one of Australia’s most exciting new DJ/production outfits.
Also part of the Adicts promotion team, the guys only started producing a couple of years ago, but have
made waves with official remixes of tracks like Dogtown Clash’s ‘Hole In My Head’ and re-fixes of club
smashes such as ‘Plump Yer Butt’ by the Plump DJs and ‘Swoon’ by the Chemical Brothers. ‘Nasty’ is their
first full release, and Westway are delighted to have the guys on board.
Sangers & Ra have called on celebrated MC SirReal, famed for his work with The Freestylers, for ‘Nasty’.
A sidewinding floor-filler with disco synths and bassy electronic wobble, SirReal’s vocal rides the groove as it

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