jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

TVTV : New Editors Clip ! chk

Pias recordings is proud to present you our last animation video clip of the editors. We thought about you because of we appreciate your work and your blog. Feel free to publish the link on your website and to give us feedbacks.

This new video clip has been directed by the Lennox brothers. They already worked with Ghinzu, Kid cudi and Crookers…

I join you a video description by the Lennox brothers and the link on dailymotion:

"Ultimately the video paints a truthful picture of the lies which affect our current state of existence in a (so called) free world. From the moment we're born we are controlled, manipulated, and led astray from what really matters in life - freedom. We are orchestrated from high above; even our leaders are merely puppets/clowns with their strings being pulled by powerful groups out of sight. Conspiracy theories, Illuminati, The New World Order; the free world is no longer free, our decisions no longer our own. An Orwellian future which has come to be realised within our own lifetime - A case of the corrupt blind leading the free minds."




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