martes, 30 de marzo de 2010


Maybe Pablo Calamari does as well. This B-Boy calypsodisco funk wrangler (one half of ravehall knucklebusters Act Yo Age) spins back to his roots in this latest offering, a boogie down filtered groover with an infectious vocal hook and sweet sunset strings! Yes its deep disco house and we love it! Its NYC skyline and a Sydney sunset all in one! Armand would be proud...

Yes we cant speak for the man (Mr Helden that is, we can speak for Pablo, just give us a silly moustache and accent), but he would be equally impressed with the remixes of Think about you.

If the original is all NYC, Chicago and um Sydney then our man Dcups remix is all about LA, the strip and Venice beach. Yes it sounds like its out of Breakdance (Number One not two fool), but its pop funk hooks and punchy chords give credit to his crafting! It just feels good baby! OK we have a man crush on DCUP too!

Now we dont know how Germans like to feel good but maybe its by turnin off the lights and puttin on a little Kill Frenzy. His cut up tech funk antics have brought much interest! His duties here see Mr um er... Kill, slide up the notch and wind out a building creeper of swamp tech and acid dance. Its nice to have Mr Kill to a remix for us!

Its also great to have Nick Thayer on board too! His bouncing french tech funk is a dancefloor destroyer with cool breakdowns into the original. Check the 3.10 slam.

Oh my Armand.... I mean Oh my God...this package! Playmode brings on the tribal and acid pulses and slays it! Its Witchdoktor 2010, will shake your ass to this. Not to mention Saint Pauli dropping a bomb also.....woo hoo....!! Mr Pablo when i think about you, i think another man cush!

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