jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009


  1. Radio Slyde
  2. Block Parties - Slyde
  3. Somethin' Bigger - Amanda Blank (slyde re-edit)
  4. Discofukka - Slyde
  5. Lummox - Dave Spoon (plump djs edit)
  6. Newsflash - Diplo
  7. Time to MGMT - Slybeats
  8. Yin Yourself High - Slyde Boot
  9. Pocket Rocket - Deekline & Tim Healey
  10. Tweaker - Slyde acapella
  11. Simian Vs Bart B More - Slyde Boot
  12. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Slyde acapella
  13. Took The Night - Chelly
  14. Crazy In Love - Drumattic Twins (peo de pitte remix)
  15. Tweaker - Slyde acapella
  16. Good Vibrations - Stanton Warriors Boot
  17. Block Parties - Slyde

Slyde (aka Robin 12Tree and Jason Laidback) have been gracing the breaks scene with their unique style of layered beats since 2002.
Their last four singles released under Finger Lickin’ have sold over 15,000 records. Stemming from a wealth of influences spanning hip hop, rave, funk, big beat and electrifyingly bouncy break beats, Slyde presented a whole new mash up, multi-level sound with their widely acclaimed debut album 'Everyone's Entitled To Our Opinion' (Finger Lickin’)
A little know fact is that Jason was none other than Kylie Minogue’s scratch DJ on her ‘Fever’ tour and a well known fact is that Slyde know how to deliver the funk to the masses and this next release is no exception!

Every Slyde single has reached the top five of DJ Magazine’s Beats Chart, receiving extensive radio play on renowned stations such as Kiss FM, X FM and Radio 1 etc. After a chance introduction to Keith Flint of The Prodigy, he immediately recognized their talent, the trio collaborated onClever Brains Fryin’..

COMING ON 5th OCT. cant wait