viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Meet Drlkt - Freddie ! ! !

Acquaintances for years, Jad Cooper and Van Scott came together in early 2008 for one studio session. Chemistry was instantaneous and the duo have not stopped working together since.
With a shared love for the same kind of vision, these two NYC-based DJs formed Drlkt Freddie, a production team and live act. Their diverse sound is pulled from many influences with songs that all have the common denominator to move you.
Furiously working in the studio on original material for the debut EP, Drlkt Freddie has offered up a remix to Lauren Flax and Sia's newest single "You've Changed" and Alexander Technique & Princess Superstar's latest "Rock U" and two new singles "Blood" and "Airtight" as a preview of what is to come. Look forward to upcoming remixes for Roxy Cottentail and Semi Precious Weapons.

Enjoy his latest original track and remixes !!!