viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Introducing MYNX – They’re so LA

MYNX is a dynamic combination of punchy lyrics, infectious hooks and fierce vocals that make for a sound that calls up imagery of an Electro rebirth of Sonny & Cher or The B-52s-meets-Goldfrapp. MYNX is an expression of extreme rage, extreme glamour, extreme fun. MYNX is pop, it's rock, it's disco, it's electro. MYNX is dangerous, sexy, and contagious.

Ara and Holly, the duo behind MYNX, are exactly the eccentric, energetic, and sharp-witted characters you would expect to be behind a project like MYNX. Just a few years ago, the fashionable duo burst onto the scene with the satirical, “I’m So L.A.” The song achieved an instant cult-like following with fans posting their own home-made videos of the song on YouTube and endearing fans literally all over the world. These “fan video’s are available for viewing here

“MYNX is more than a band. It’s a religion. We plan on evangelizing the world with our hot gospel. I'm not even joking. I'm sure we could also budget some time for some good old MYNX shenanigans. Climbing the Eiffel Tower in matching unitards, setting zoo animals free and what not,” Ara says.

Leading MYNX’s first official release – Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind EP - is the single, “Kissie Show,” accompanied by a bonus offering of the song that started it all, “I’m So L.A.” “Kissie Show” is the glitzy new wave dancefloor stormer with dirty, dirty synths and campy sexual lyrics that display the band’s dry sense of humor about everything - especially sex. The title track is for the dancefloor to bedroom interlude, with enticing breathy vocal and a poignant display of emotion that shows a softer and, dare we say, more vulnerable side to the seemingly impenetrable duo. Though raw in emotion, the song is elegantly crafted much in the style of Garbage.

Rounding out the EP is a song that allows fans to experience the playful side of MYNX with the song, “Wolfgang Bang.” At once quirky and deliciously creepy, “Wolfgang Bang” is laced with jagged rhythms and a propulsive guitar line that reminds you what’s to love about 80’s dance rock in the first place.

Too coarse to be classy but too intelligent to be trashy, MYNX slinks around in that smoky area in between - which is exactly where they like to be.

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