lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2008


What has been happening in the clubs these last few years? Answer: the urban middle class white kids have discovered disco, using the internet.

The term blog house first appeared in 2006 as the increasing popularity of music blogs met the pop disco phenomenon Justice. As 2007 rolled by, sites like Missingtoof, Valerie, 20 Jazz Funk Greates, Discobelle, Panda Tones, Disco Dust, Floukids, and Big Stereo began to dominate the way DJs, music journalists, and regular fans hear and obtain new music.

At the same time, the music blog universe (blogville) was blessed with a new white hot center. Effectively becoming as a sever-less Napster for a new era of promotion and/or thievery, the music blog aggregator site The Hype Machine, which files music from blogs into a searchable format. Hype Machine holds a large responsibility for the success of these websites.

Separating the music style of blog house, and the means of producing, marketing, and consuming the blog house is tenuous at best. The amalgamation of underground—and increasingly above ground dance culture that came to a head in 2007—obscures the origins of the term, while creating a complex web of culture rooted in a 1980s music revival, cheaper production techniques (increasingly software and computer based), ease of disturbing recordings online, stable cocaine prices, and of course, the young, energized music blog community.

The phenomenal scale of these new developments in youth culture may ultimately be attributed to an influx of Echo Boomers (children of Baby Boomers) into colleges, art schools, and urban centers across the world. (read more)