sábado, 13 de septiembre de 2008

Delorean mixes Mystery Jets !

i must say personally i love the track and Delorean gave it a twist with great style and keepin the good orignal vocals and arrangements , A´ must

from the newsletter,

"Delorean is pleased to announce that we just finished an official remix for the The Mystery Jets. The single, titled "Half in love with Elizabeth", was out in August the 25th, and though the remix won't be released on a physical format, it will be distributed through Your Army and other digital platforms.

The first remix we made was for the The Teenagers, which was released this year as a 7" on XL and Merok Records. Mostly ignored in our country, it was quite well received abroad, featured in several blogs (Hipster Runoff, Discobelle, Discodust, Fluokids, etc.) and in Pitchfork Magazine.
We are now working on new songs to be released next autumn/winter on the french label Foolhouse, linked to the Fluokids blog. Some of these will be included in a couple of mixes we are preparing, one of them also featuring tracks by friends who normally play at our night Desparrame, such as Sidechains and The Requesters from Barcelona."