martes, 10 de abril de 2012


Brooklyn-based SKATERS, by way of Los Angeles, have been taking their newfound home by storm packing venues from the Lower East Side to deep Bushwick, Brooklyn and dropping their debutSCHEMERS EP online for free. It's with great pleasure they bring fans their debut video for the EP's title track. Kelsey Bennett, Rémy Bennett, and Monroe Robertson shot and directed the video aiming to create a visual aesthetic comparable to that of a 1980's acid trip.

In order to accomplish this feel, Kelsey Bennett also SKATERS photographer and art director, recruited friend and artist B. Thom Stevenson. Stevenson, who also does visuals for Marc Jacobs, created animation and paintings in motion used as backdrops to set the scene for a teenage boy's cerebral stream of fragmented memories and fantasy. With Oedipal undertones the boy turns his mother into the 50 foot woman and the innocent objects of his affection violent.


SKATERS emerged onto the Lower Manhattan scene in the beginning of 2012, playing their brand of eclectic and dynamic punk music to consistently packed venues and parties. Their Debut EP, Schemers, is inspired by NYC music and art from all decades. The band consists of Michael Ian Cummings, Josh Hubbard and Noah Rubin, but also includes artists Kelsey Bennett and Brian Stevenson as permanent contributing members of the team. They expect to release another EP, more videos, and published art by fall, 2012.

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