domingo, 15 de enero de 2012


Undertones Gang Records presents the first collaboration work of the well known Berlin-based BEN MONO (active member of labels like Gomma, Compost, Permanent Vacation or Boys Noize) and IDIOTRONIC, former member of the Argentine techno act KRMPCK. After a couple months of working at distance and after touring and rocking together through Argentina in 2011, they gave birth to this first series of tracks, and this material is so good we are already eager to listen to their following release! H.O.T (Hold On Tight) and 1992 are two solid techno tracks with a “dandy” vibe: Groovy, somewhat dark, but sensual and trippy, with BEN MONO in charge of vocals that contribute in the design of a housy atmosphere.

Two Casanovas conspirating? The girls are already dancing, Ben Mono and Idiotronic are in control!