jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011


He's back, Guillaume Atlan. He has been in a place where past and present meet. A place where sounds melt, where ages mix, where decades of culture, influences, symbols get together and BOOM.

Between the Ages is a stream of consciousness of an artist born in the '70s, deeply influenced by the '80s, who makes music in our time – with his inimitable punching- electronic sound.

A place where the grooviest, hottest funk can meet the heaviest drums and they'd be able to get married by the voice of the myth Rick Bailey. A place where the «oh-my-god- Bootsie-is-drugged-up-again» disco bass from Say no more can meet the hypnotic, almost minimal sample from Impact.

A place where the hi-tech beat from Eagle Shadow goes dancing all night long with the Godfather strings from Let me show you.


A place where the fucked-up funky family from Family Business (renegades from the The Player times) can meet Electronic Whispers' glittery space-electro sirens lead by Norma Jean Wright, ex-Chic singer.

A place where a dirty eastern girl called Olga can go clubbing to Keep the Funk alive. Where the hype-electropop vibe of We got that booty meets Working Girl's anti-fashionista, Velvet Underground-esque spirit.

The Supermen Lovers is showing us where he's been. A place where for the first time it's a man who helps technology: where a real, sweaty, live-played instrument (be it a guitar, a bass, a horn or a violin) makes out with nu-discoist electronic stabs. Where «played» meets «electro».

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