domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

New EP from I´m not a Band ! ! !

A melody that sticks in your head, a funkyish bass and beat that make you dance, a synthline that makes you feel free and violins to make you dream in the sun. This is what we do and this is what you need.

This EP is an anthem for music, an ode to making music, listening to music, living and giving music and it is about the perfect sound. It's their artist name and the arrangements of the instruments that reveal that this combo is something special and likes to break with conventions. Stephan Jung, founder and musical brain behind the band soon learned his affinity to the violin and classical music. His residence in musical and cultural strongholds such as London and Berlin influenced him to found this project of danceable and electronic clubsound. Since 2010 Kassandra Papak perfects the unique concept with her outstanding vocals and a second violin. After concerts all over Germany, Poland, Swizerland and Great Britain and their first album „Electrolin” their Label AdP records will release the EP “What We Do” on June 24th 11 including the hit-single and four remixes by Rampue, White-Noise, DeltaScuti and T*ts&Cl*ts.

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