jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Im not a band album coming on jan

Im not a band are releasing their album "Electrolin" on january 14th on ADP records. check out the teaser video and expect more goodies soon. a few posts below u can check out the "Crazy" EP already released is a pre drop.

They are electronic and they are from Berlin. It’s their artist name „I’m not a Band“ that reveals that this combo is something special and likes to break conventions. Stephan J. founder and musical brain behind the band soon learned is affinity to the violin and classical music. His residence in musical and cultural strongholds London and Berlin influenced him to found this project of danceable and electronic clubsound underlining the essential and mood directing elements: the violins and the vocals.

This combination is what creates the blend of sometimes gloomy and dramatic, yet playful and frisky and all through thrilling sound of „I’m not a Band“. In a manner that is typical for electronic music most of their songs lead into explosive outbursts and catchy verses, yet never losing the reference to sophisticated music.

Since 2010 Kassandra P. perfects the unique concept with her outstanding vocals and a second violin. After shows allover Germany, Poland, Switzerland and even Great Britain „I’m not a Band“ ups the ante with their first full lenght album "Electrolin" and a professional video to „Crazy“