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The motivation behind Radiohead offering customers the choice to pay whatever they wanted for 'In Rainbows' (which included an option to pay zero) is not entirely clear: was the band already rich enough to just give it away? Was it all part of a brilliant (and ultimately successful) marketing strategy to get attention for the record? Was is a strategic move taking advantage their predominantly white middle-class audience, knowing they would potentially pay even more than the standard retail price of CDs due to the middle-class guilt phenomenon (post-modern condition where the sufferer experiences a collective embarrassment of riches resulting in attempt to compensate)?... Or maybe they just like giving out free shit as much as everyone else likes getting it.

Amidst an ongoing flurry of rumours about a new Radiohead album, the band are giving fans something to tide them over until the rumours come to fruition: "Radiohead - Live in Praha", a DVD that is now available as a free download. The fan-made DVD was filmed during a performance in Prague last August, where over fifty attendees were given cameras to tape the footage UPDATE: with footage put together from videos people made with their own cameras. More than 60 people contributed sharing their videos.

Download from this website for free.



Phantom street artist Banksy is widely regarded as one of this decade’s most prolific painters, artists and political activists. In other words, he loves to fuck with the big guys and generally piss-off authority figures when getting his messages out to the public. Banksy has expanded his audience exponentially as of late, with his anti-war, anti-capitalist and anti-establishment manifestos and an art world lampooning "documentary" called Exit Through The Gift Shop.

His latest work is no exception. The new short film, Pier Pressure, shows what can be best described as a reconditioned dolphin ride with crude oil and a tuna net. No doubt an obvious jab at the recent BP oil spill, Banksy’s film not only features his refashioned coin-operated dolphin, mounted atop a holy grail of BP, but to any ironist’s delight; two young kidlets riding in merriment and posing for Mum’s holiday snapshot – the obvious distortion of the ride unbeknownst to all. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.


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