sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009

Bang Gang 12 Inches Compilation

Australia's finest dimensioneering-dance label, 
BangGang 12inches has teamed up with Modular to release their
very own label compilation this October. Aptly named,
"The BangGang 12inches Compilation", the release swims across
two shiny discs, one mixed and one unmixed, featuring
Bang Gang 12's finest releases from the last four years with
additional unreleased and exclusive material. The
track-listing proves that beyond the parties that Bang Gang
are infamous for, their true talent lies in uncovering some
of the most innovative dance music talent that Australia has
to offer.

In 2005, Doom & Hoodrat from The Bang Gang Deejays created
BangGang 12inches, in an effort to shine a light on a
boutique selection of Australian artists' present at the
forefront of the dance music scene, breaking new ground and
sending crowds into frenzies night after night.
KIM (The Presets), Muscles and Nicky Van She are amongst the
many artists who have launched their careers after releasing
on Bang Gang 12's. After four years of operation, 20 releases
and uncovering a plethora of talent, Bang Gang 12's has
established itself internationally as the frontrunner for
releasing the finest in Australian dance music.

Today, Bang Gang 12's roster consists of the most progressive
dance music artists from across Australia and around the
globe, with; KIM, The Deathset, Soft Tigers, Lost Valentinos,
Bag Raiders, ZZZ, Shazam, Hey Today!, GLOVES, Golden Bug,
Cassian, The Lowbrows and Like Woah! consistently delivering
the goods, simultaneously setting speakers and hearts on fire
with their own brand of feel-good dance music.

In support of Bang Gang 12's compilation, they are sharing with us
two unreleased / exclusive tracks only featured in the comp.