lunes, 8 de junio de 2009


Enjoy this new mixtape by the great Donovan specially arranged for your Summer fun! (not mine im freezing my balls off). Filled with his remixes youll get all the "Donovan" experience u need plus the remix of YO! by Dinamics that will be featured in his next CD/EP coming soon on Citizen. U can also grab the last track on the mixtape from his space ;;;

Sexual sportswear - Sebastien Tellier [Donovan mix]
Rondo Parisiano - Something à la mode [Donovan -undercover- mix]
Lala song - Bob Sinclar feat Sugarhill Gang [Donovan -Dominator- mix]
Yo ! - Donovan [Dinamics -Scratched- Remix]
Breakin' - Donovan feat. G.rizo [Charlie Fanclub mix]
She's a man - In the club [Donovan mix]
Un cheval d'orgueil - Arnaud Rebotini [Donovan -Techno Shit- mix]
Turn you on - In the club [Donovan mix]
Kilometer - Sebastien Tellier [Donovan -All stars- mix]
USB DICK - Teenage bad girl [Donovan -Suck me- mix]