lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

The Fire and Reason strikes back with a New EP

The Fire and Reason return with their BRAND NEW EP "Shut Up, Dance!"

5 Blistering NEW Tracks, plus THE TOXIC AVENGER REMIX of their song NME. Produced by Jimmy MOD, from the band Elefant during winter of '08. The new single "SUGAR KOMA" is sure to get everyone dancing and singing along "Ooh your candy's right for my appetite tonight", a lusty track about eyeing that special someone at the club and whispering in their ear "it's dangerous what we can do yeah..."

The Fire and Reason (TFaR) are offering their NEW EP for FREE on their official website, all you have to do is click on the banner to be sent to a link where to download it! (Or you can go directly there

1 - NME
2 - Sugar Koma
3 - Her Evil
4 - It Starts With One
5 - 11 Minutes
6 - NME V2 TXC 2

The Fire and Reason will be celebrating the release of their new EP with alot of HIGH Profile shows in NYC:
THURS. 4/3 at R-BAR 218 Bowery (btw Prince and Spring St.) with Action Action
SAT. 412 at FONTANA'S 105 Eldridge St (btw Broome and Grand) for the NACOTEQUE PARTY (featured in URB'S HOT 100 issue)
SAT. 4/26 at THE SULLIVAN ROOM 218 Sullivan St(btw Bleecker and W3rd) With SWITCH (M.I.A. & SANTOGOLD Producer)
FRI. May 16th at CRASH MANSION 199 Bowery at SPRING St.

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2008

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008

New Excuse me DJ mix !!!

Excuse Me the infamous Italian clubnight announces the much awaited new DJ mix to download for advance feedback and blog posts.
As usual you will get a monster and unpredictable tracklist, you will find Muscles along with The Shoes, AC/DC and Junkie XL, Congorock (produced by the Bloody Beetroots) and Headman, ...

Moby - Alice (Drop The Lime Heavy Bass Remix)
Congorock - Exodus
The Shoes - Knock Out
Danger - 11H30 (Data Remix)
Junkie XL - More (Dim Pop'em All Dub Rework)
Steve Aoki & Junkie XL - 1967 Awww Shit
Peaches Vs AC DC - Tnt The Pain Away (Divide & Kreate)
The Count And Sinden - Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)
Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam rmx)
The Glimmers - Esta Si Esta No (Asi Me Gusta A Mi)
Headman - Catch Me If You Can (Bag Raiders Remix)

sign off track, guess what...


Excuse Me?
The Italian clubnight Excuse Me is a tangle where electro, disco punk and remixes they all clash with a leading 4/4 beat. We've also had International DJs and friends such as Chris Chinchilla (Art Brut), Dennis Da Silva (DJ on Ladytron and Marc Almond tours), Chris Gentry (Menswear, Vatican DC) and Jeff Automatic (Club NME London, Transmission London/Madrid/Munich).
Excuse Me has been launched in 2006 by Gian Maria Girardi who, under the Martini Bros persona, is resident DJ as well.

A selection of venues where Excuse Me has been so far, in Italy: Shindy (Bassano del Grappa VI), Cassero (Bologna), Arteria (Bologna), sPAZIO211 (Turin), ZO (Catania), Terrazza Mare (Jesolo Beach, Venice), Nitepark/Rivolta (Venice), La Gabbia (Padua), Festival dell’Unità (Modena) and Nano Records Festival (Vicenza).
International: 333 (London, UK), Barfly (London, UK), 93 Feet East (London, UK), The Cellar (Oxford, UK), El Bandido Doblemente Armado (Madrid, SP) and Nasti (Madrid, SP).

As of 2008 Excuse Me is sponsored by Swear (shoes, London), YourEyesLie (Tshirt,London) and Misstake (Design,Milan)

My Review. As u readers must notice in my last post just before this one , i was looking everywhere for the owner of this mix cause i really loved it. Straight to the most bangin electro tracks, new and some classics this is a must.

martes, 25 de marzo de 2008


I received today a dj mix called excuseme-promo-042008.mp3. accidentaly I lost the mail with the info and I liked it a lot and want to post it here. So if the owner of the mix reads this please send the info again. If u are a blogger and received the same mix let me know his/her mail. I would really appreciate it.

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Last Friday Dellamonica & Keem @ Compass

Im not wes Andersson and my cel phone sucks big time so enjoy as far as you can this mini take from the party!



Crookram Downtempo Mix

After this wild Holy week holidays a little rest is needed and what can cure a hangover more than a mellow downtempo mix. Lots of classic titles in the tracklist and some more chill out tracks makes this mix a really good companion after so many parties this weekend. Enjoy !

Röyksopp - Triumphant

Air - Modular Mix
Freeworm - Steeps
Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
Dr Octagon - Blue Flowers (Instrumental)
Kovacs - Jazz Zene
Kid Loco - She Wolf Daydreaming
DJ Shadow - Transmission 2
Goldfrapp - Utopia (New Ears mix)
Shawn Lee - Happiness
Mr Flash - Dirty Bossa Nova
Röyksopp - Epie
The Herbaliser - Moon Sequence
Mr Scruff - So Long
Yonderboi - Pabadam
Manitoba - People Eating Fruit
Two Lone Swordsmen - Hope We Never Surface
Portishead - Undenied
Blue States - The Trainer Shuffle
Zero 7 - Home
Röyksopp - She’s So
DJ Food - The Sky At Night
Chris Joss - Waves Of Love
Fragile State - The Facts And The Dreams
Mr Flash - Swallow Tango


Hey wake up les amis ! It's le printemps, STEREOHEROES is releasing an over cute mixtape for NLLR. Kick ass maximal electro to bassline techno with a ghetto flavour. You'll like it, it's French and as good as our local cheese !

01. APSCI - "Voice Print Identification"
02. Armand Aan Helden - "The Robots Are Cumming"
03. DJ Godfather - "Bald Healded And Proud Of It"
04. Dizzee Rascal - "Flex (Dave Spoon Mix)"
05. Brian Cox - "Where Your At (Gaetan Remix)"
06. Stereoheroes - "Moon Knight"
07. Oh Snap!! - "Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix)"
08. Crookers - "Knobbers"
09. Stereoheroes - "Washout"
10. Maniacx - "Funny Guys"
11. David Caretta - "Vicious Game (Radio Edit)"
12. DJ Godfather - "From Da Back"
13. DJ Tonio & Al Ferox - "Bionik"
14. Stereoheroes - "Boom Slang"
15. Spice Girls - "Wannabe (The Touch Remix)"
16. Fagget Fairys - "Samo Ti (AC Slater Remix)"
17. C.J Bolland - "Sugar Is Sweeter (Twocker Remix)"
18. She And The Robots - "I Love You And I Hate This (Straaatch Remix)"
19. Moonbootica - "We 1, 2 Rock (Malente Remix)"
20. Straaatch - "We Got"
21. Crookers - "Purple Lens Game (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
22. The Horrorist - "One Night in NYC (Pascal Feos Remix)"
23. Far Too Loud - "Play it Loud"


A Holy Week bunch of free non fancy looking posted tracks

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2008

Meet Ready Fire Aim !

Set your targets on READY FIRE AIM – A new music collaboration between multidimensional artist SAGE RADER and DJ/Producer STAKKA

NEW YORK – rephlektor inkorporated and Expansion Team Records are pleased to announce the May 27 release of Ready Fire Aim’s debut CD This Changes Nothing. A collaboration between singer, poet, author, actor and political commentator Sage Rader and DJ/ producer Shaun Morris (AKA Stakka), Ready Fire Aim have come up with a stealth concept album that conjures shades of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, The Postal Service and even Pink Floyd, but with a twisted, hyper-processed and hypnotic sound that truly sets them apart. And you can dance to it.

From the creepy opening strains of electric violin squeezed and squelched through a phalanx of effects pedals on "End of Over,” to the Reznor-esque clipped beats and crackles of "Lush But Dark,” the album is a raucous journey through electronic beat styles and modes of signal manipulation, often harking back to ‘80s Brit synth pop, but also conjuring the dystopic dreams of a music from the future. Vocally, Sage runs the gamut from gravel-voiced romantic with a dark secret ("Happy Love Song”) to caterwauling champ who could give Perry Farrell a run for his lucre ("I Would for You.”) Lyrically, he tackles topics ranging from relationships long past their prime (on the club-funky anthem "Beautiful Thing”) to backroom jockeying for power (the rocked-out "Laff It Up”).

Sage first got into music through the violin, which he picked up as a child while living in London. Then in high school, he studied violin performance at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of Stephen Clapp, now the Dean of the School of Music at Julliard, before chucking it all to roam the earth. Along the way, he became a poet (he was reviewed by The Guardian as the "Michael Moore Of Poetry”), writer and actor, grabbed a choice role in the film Beyond The Ocean (nominated for the Sundance Grand Jury Prize), publishing an illustrated confessional called Sex Drugs and Sunday School and performing his poetry and political standup in venues around the world.

Shaun "Stakka” Morris grew up in Brighton, England, where he began DJing at an early age. As a fan of everyone from Jean-Michel Jarre to Just-Ice, he developed a wide-ranging palette and eventually got into making beats of his own just as acid house and big beat were giving way to London‘s hardcore rave scene and, eventually, drum ’n bass. He adopted the name Stakka and teamed up with Keir Tyrer to produce a string of progressive dance tracks for the Liftin‘ Spirits label (as Stakka & K. Tee), while also working with Nathan Vinall under a litany of aliases. After moving to New York in 2002, he and DJ DB began collaborating as Ror-Shak and released an album, Deep, in early 2007.

Debut CD This Changes Nothing out May 27 on Expansion Team Records



1. “End Of Over”

2. “Wannabe Your”

3. “Beautiful Thing”

4. “Welcome Home”

5. “So Fine”

6. “As If It Were That Easy”

7. “I Would For You”

8. “Laff It Up”

9. “Happy Love Song”

10. “Shouldn't Oughta”

11. “Better You Than Me”

12. “Lush But Dark”

Heres a Bonus track for u bloggers thx to RFA

Ready Fire Aim - So Fine (Plus Move Remix)

lunes, 17 de marzo de 2008

Jagger Fest con Marcelona Sound System

Una gran fiesta el jueves junto a Marcelona Soundsystem en Puerta1 lleno de jaggermeister por todos lados termine dado vuelta...encima como veran en alguna foto no podia mas con mi conjuntivititititis
No hay muchas fotos pero buen para q se den una ideade lo q fue y de lo q sera el proximo jueves si no me equivoco. Las fotos cortesia de Flavia (CITY RIOT)