jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

Almost a Mullet but not Quite mixtape by Darling Farah

A new mixtape for this week featuring Darling Farah on his second delivery for Almost a Mullet but not Quite. check it , love it!

“This mix Is really a showcase of all the styles of music I am really diving into. Styles of music that are influencing some of my music, like Detroit house, Acid, French touch, maximal, etc. I kind of wanted to steer away from too many tracks that people have probably heard enough of in the blogosphere as well as a lot of distortion. Because personally I think it’s starting to loose its touch aside from a handful of singles. The Wasted Youth intermission was inspired by a guitar solo a friend of mine put together for his band. I wanted to use that for the intermission but he didn’t want me to. Fair enough. So instead you guys get a sense of what I’m not listening to when I take a break from Benga’s 26 basslines. Plus I think it’s an interesting and unique addition to the mix.

The intro is styled after some Miami Bass intro (which is an edit of my latest track “Hair down”) mixed with some classic filter funk vocals that I think we can all appreciate. Only reason I used this sample was because I had the tune in my head for about a week. From there I break in with screeching rave synths from Das Glow an Institubes nerd. Cover some Wiley, a kind of minimal fidget hybrid by Mowgli, then some straight up bubblin’ bassline cooked up by none other than Party Shank. Enough to have any Crookers fan going nuts. All of a sudden were back in the 90’s. Forget nu-rave. Its all about piano stabs and energy. Aside from the banging Mr.Miyagi remix of Fancey Footwork (which might I add is one of those distortion disco tracks that hasn’t lost its touch) you’re going to have a good 5 songs that capture that oldschool feel. Yes Nightcrawlers is here. But with a bit of a twist. After that, Baltimore from France served up by Surkin and Bobmo who combine to form “High Powered Boys”! A force to be reckoned with. Indo Silver Club my all time favourite Daft Punk song is there sounding fresh as ever. Then we take it down slightly with Nacho Lover’s famous The Big Kazoo edit. Followed is the intermission. I’ll let you decide on that one. From here I think I just decided to recap on everything that went on before the intro. For those that weren’t paying attention it involved fidget, filter house, acid, electro,the odd tune here and there, and finally the last song before the intro. Which is what I think is going to keep me in that summer mode all the time. I guess being in the UAE I’m going to feel like that anyway with all the heat, but um…

About that last track, Hair Down. Its my take on rave, Detroit House, Chicago house, and I guess some kind of tech. It should be up for grabs on this space. Download it, pass it around, play it out (its in 320 for all you bitrate nerds).”
-Darling Farah

Darling Farah Biography
Darling Farah, 16, started his music making affair not too long ago.
 Growing up on Hip-Hop
, he soon moved on to IDM, and later nu-rave. Around this point he also started making his own music.
Then he progressed onto full-on electro (think Ed Banger), 
and after that he began listening to all kinds of stuff and a lot of it creeps into his songs.
Darling Farah is really just some kid from Detroit who obsesses over things and is actually a huge nerd. Who also happens to DJ and produce.

Darling Farah’s Miami stardust intro
The Micronauts - High Rise (Das Glow remix)
Wiley - Wearing my rolex (Zombie Disco Squad remix)
Bass Kleph - Helium (Mowgli’s less is more remix)
Late of the Pier - The Bears are coming (Partyshank remix)
Problem House - Hit ya with the funky dope rhythm
Goon and Kyote - Wellness is Wild (Dikilulous Zulu mix)
Malente & Dex - Hyperactive (Bobmo remix)
Chromeo - Fancey Footwork (Mr.Miyagi remix)
NightCrawlers - Push the feeling on (Jaz-z remix)
DJ Tameil - Gypsy Theme
MSTRKRFT - Bounce(High Powered Boys remix)
Daft Punk - Indo Silver Club
Style of Eye - The Big Kazoo (Nacho Lovers “limb by limb” edit)
Wasted Youth - intermission
Foamo - Rockerman (Lee Mortimer remix)
Colin Hobbs - Coming Up (Riva Starr remix)
Roel H - Dancing Bears (Phil Kieran)
Zeus - Zeus
Johnny Coco - Feel it (Andrew Ross Edit)
Darling Farah’s Miami Outro

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Anónimo dijo...

This is Darling Farah just thanking you so much for putting up my mix.Truly appreciate it.Although in the opening sentence you said:

"A new mixtape for this week featuring Darling Sarah"

Just wanted to point out that its Darling FARAH not Sarah.If you could correct that error I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks so much

Darling Farah

keem dijo...

I suck