sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008


The Bang Gang Deejays are renown for laying down club rub after club rub to the point where everyone simultaneously experiences a dance climax and the rafters rattle with the heaving bodily mass of a thousand people loosing their minds. The Bang Gang Deejays are Ajax, Gus Da Hoodrat, Jamie Doom, DJ Damage, Nolan Nolan and Dangerous Dan, whether you’ve heard of them as a collective or individually you’ll know they can throw one helluva party.

"Last year we gave you Light Sound Dance, otherwise known as LSD – the double disc compilation to out-dance all other compilations. This year we’ve got a new fruity frappe of jams selected and mixed together by The Bang Gang themselves, it goes by the name of D is for Disco, E is for Dancing. It'll drop worldwide in late October/early November but more information on this mix will trickle in by the week, so stay wide-eyed and focused on modularpeople.com for news.