lunes, 14 de julio de 2008

Van She - Changes + Mixtape !

To follow up on the alternate smash of a first single Strangers, the next official release will be the swingin’ future vintage that is Changes. With its sexy bass lines and infectious guitar laden melodies, the boy’s deliver another sure classic just the way we expect it.
Changes is a snapshot of candid late night tales of what the Van She boys get up to while on tour and is a perfect soundtrack to the reminiscing of nights gone by, beautifully put together by Kasia Werstak. The track is full of typical Van She fervor, laying out indications of the past & respectful nod-of-the-head to the future with the band’s next youth-anthem, which will come accompanied by some very special remixes.

Also, the boys have just released their very own mixtape full of tracks that have influenced the album in some way up for download HERE!