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SuperBad - Best Speech

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Shopping Spree

Hello all u silent motherfuckers from around the world. I´ve been affected by a record shopping spree and since I like unknown people gettin my music heres the result of my quick hands delivering money to "the man" for his big records...



Cat No: KITSUNE 057

Genre: Electro house/clash

Released: 12 November

Format: 12"


Considering the rate at which songs are infiltrating the internet, it's difficult to distinguish what's real and what's a big hoax. Meet Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya, the artist (or is that artists?) responsible for a couple of hot new songs that are perplexing everyone in the blogosphere. While anyone could be responsible, it appears whoever it is has cool friends in close places, as Bitchee's already whipped up remixes for Bonde Do Role ("Office Boy") and Poney Poney ("Junior"). Even better though are her/their two original tracks: "Fuck Friend" and "Tu Connais le Chanson." Of course, it sounds like your 12-year-old kid sister screwing around with a Casio and GarageBand, but goddammit, this is some catchy and adorable lo-fi shit. I give them till the weekend before someone unmasks these kids.
Cam Lindsay


01 - Fuck Friend" (original mix)
02 - Fuck Friend" (Yuksek & Brodinski remix) !!! !!!
03 - Fuck Friend" (CSS remix)
04 - Fuck Friend" (Mixhell remix)


Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya space

SHITDISCO - I Know Kung Fu

Label: Fierce Panda

Cat No: NING 206T

Genre: Electroclash

Released: 12 November

Format: 12"


So Klaxons went and won the Mercury Prize, pretty much ensuring any energy and excitement surrounding what was called Nu-Rave all but disappeared. After all, once a scene is recognised at that level by bunch of industry types it begins to lose any relevance to those who love finding the next new thing.

Someone appears to have forgotten to tell Shitdisco, because they are still rocking the party just as hard as they did when they were throwing their legendary house parties back in 2003 at their drummer's flat.

Mind you, I Know Kung Fu has absolutely nothing to do with Nu-Rave. Shitdisco might break out the dance beats, and thundering basslines at will but everything you need to know about this band is right there at the start of the song. The rolling tom-toms and the unhinged vocals that introduce I Know Kung Fu and the taut guitar patterns that drive the song show that Shitdisco have more in common with New Wave than Nu-Rave.

On this kind of form Shitdisco would have sweat dripping off the walls even if you were listening to this on your own on headphones in an industrial freezer. Their mix of dance and punk is infectious and shot through with pure energy. This is no shit disco, it's a fucking festival.

Sam Shepard


While it’s probably too damning to call them the nearly men of nu-rave, Glasgow’s Shitdisco have never really made the lasting impression their moniker should demand. Their previous offerings have been toe-tapping electro-rockers for sure, but has one of them stuck in the memory for longer than a five-minute booty shake? Nope.

Same old same old with ‘I Know Kung Fu’ (Matrix reference, is it?), which marries snarled vocals with super-speed beats and happy hand-claps. Of course, it all slows for a wee while to allow an audience the opportunity to catch a breath or two, but the reprisal eruption hits heavier and harder second time around. All good, then, but completely forgettable seconds after the last manic shriek from vocalist Joel.

If they’re happy to continue in the not-quite bracket, then Shitdisco can come away from this release content; if, however, they’re seeking that as-yet-elusive breakthrough, this isn’t it.

Mike Diver


1 - SHITDISCO - I Know Kung Fu

2 - SHITDISCO - I Know Kung Fu (Goose mix) !!!

3 - SHITDISCO - OK (Radioclit remix)

4 - SHITDISCO - Dream Of Infinity (Passions remix)



Label: Island

Cat No: -

Genre: Alternative

Released: 30 October

Format: CDDA


UK CD pressing of the reissue of this single lifted from the British Electro-Disco quintet's debut album Fantastic Playroom. With the distinctive tones of the outspoken and brilliant Tahita Bulmer - married with the perfect blend of syncopated Pop laced with robust choppy guitar riffs, 'Get Lucky' escalates into a rousing hands-in-the-air chorus to create another slice of mesmerizing Indie Disco Pop that they so effortlessly excel in. Features three versions of 'Get Lucky': Main Version, MSTRKRFT Remix and Who Made Who Mix. Island.

from Manchester evening news

FUNNY how live favourites can lose their charm in the studio. Case in point?

Get Lucky - its saucy beat a sure crowd stirrer in concert halls the land over, but likely to force you into nothing more serious than a rhythmic twitch on record.

Tom Vek meets The Rapture, Get Lucky is laced with all the right disco beats and hipster credentials, but Tahita Bulmer's usually cool drawl is draining and the repetitive rhythms uninspired.

Sarah Walters

(note from me. Sarah Walters knows shit , this band is the best in the pop scene)


01 - Get Lucky (Original)
02 - Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT mix)
03 - Get Lucky (Who Made Who Remix) !!!


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I still can´t workaround my remote control


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if u ve been reading this blog for a long time now or the other blogs linked to mine u must know by now who night facilities are and how hard they rock. Heres the last production from them which i personally like over many others. Great Keys here and samples from the great johnny cash. So what u waiting for?

Upcoming Shows

11/30/2007 08:00 PM - Super Filth @ Catch 22
, London, laptop set

12/17/2007 08:00 PM - Spack Rock 4 @ B2
, Norwich, laptop set

12/28/2007 08:00 PM - Super Filth @ Catch 22
, London, night facilities live

Night Facilities - EP OUT SOON!!!
Be Around

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Meet SirBilly

Involved in music since 1978. Starting as record collector and radio speaker, then formerly knows as Templebeat singer (combo who gained massive airplay during the 90es; reaching German and Swiss charts, playing several european festivals and appeared on RAI + MTV's 120 Minutes). Starts wrote during the 80es for magazines as Music Club and Dynamo, now columnist for magazines as Il Mucchio Selvaggio and Mucchio Extra. Remixer, also in collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots.
It has published also a novel called The Queen Of Eyes.
Vinyljunkie and dj.
Quick, Clean & Efficient Since last millenium.

A release of strictly limited edition cd series taken from sirbilliy´s personal archive collection will be out soon. Rare tunes, obscure grooves, forgotten wave trax, ecc. Stay Tuned! (for dj set) (for remix, re-edit, productions)

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You say Party We Say Chau!


Who is DJ Discrete?

From Canada and with only 19 years old Kyle Yip (dj discrete) have delivered a lots of ravin electro mixes from the best artists like Justice, Sebastian or Holyfuck. Heres his new one, remixin Dj DLG ´s Paramount. Get ready for some hardcore electro and a killing snare. WORD

Now u know him ok?

New remix by Mr Brown, this time for norwegian female duo
Fitts For Fight
and i´m loving it

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Creamfields 2007, Buenos Aires Argentina


15.00 - 17.00 Rama
17.00 - 17.40 Emisor
18.00 - 18.40 Rosal
19.00 - 19.40 Pánico Ramírez
20.00 - 20.40 AxelK Soundsystem
21.00 - 21.45 Zuker XP
22.15 - 23.15 LCD Soundystem ( RADIO EXTRACT HERE)
23.15 - 00.00 James Holroyd
00.00 - 01.30 The Chemical Brothers
02.00 - 05.00 Carl Cox


15.00 - 17.00 Alejo Gonzalez
17.00 - 18.30 DJ Paul
18.30 - 19.30 Mercurio
19.30 - 21.00 Guille Quero + Deep Mariano
21.00 - 23.00 Hernan Cattaneo
23.00 - 00.30 16 Bit Lolitas
00.30 - 02.00 Martin Garcia
02.00 - 04.00 John Digweed
04.00 - 06.00 James Zabiela


15.00 - 16.30 Canu
16.30 - 18.00 Jay West
18.00 - 19.30 Big Fabio
19.30 - 21.00 Facu Carri
21.00 - 23.00 Mark Farina
23.00 - 00.30 Zuker
00.30 - 02.00 Sean Miller
02.00 - 04.00 Dubfire
04.00 - 06.00 Wally Lopez


15.00 - 16.15 Lovely Chords
16.15 - 17.30 Mariano DC
17.30 - 18.45 Marcos Paz
18.45 - 20.00 Oliverio
20.00 - 21.30 Anderson Noise
21.30 - 23.00 Romina Cohn
23.00 - 00.30 Spitfire
00.30 - 02.30 Aril Brikha
02.30 - 04.30 Tiefschwarz
04.30 - 06.00 Christian Smith


15.00 - 16.00 Army Of Dub
16.00 - 16.30 Mammafunk
16.50 - 17.20 Fuccinori
17.40 - 18.10 Bandajamoncrudo
18.30 - 19.30 Nico Cota
19.50 - 20.20 Mujik
20.40 - 21.20 Villa Diamante
21.20 - 22.20 Rama
22.40 - 23.20 Bad Boy Orange Freak Circus
23.30 - 00.30 Capri (DJ Mode)
00.30 - 01.30 Fabian Dellamonica
01.30 - 03.30 2 Many DJs (RADIO EXTRACT HERE)
03.30 - 05.00 James Murphy + Pat Mahoney
05.00 - 06.00 Los Sueños De Anderson




2 Many DJS

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Keem @ Compass 11/09/2007

Meet Spitzer

- We are brothers
- We live in Lyon, France
- We play electronic music
- We use computers and machines
- We know how to play drums and guitar
- We want you to dance while listening to our music
- We are not Djs but producers
- We can do remixes: enquiries
- We listen to any kind of music except christian rock
- We want you to be our friend
- We can play at your club: booking
- We can provide you some of our songs for your blog or your sets: just ask us
- We are currently working on our first 4 tracks EP named "Roller Coaster"
- We are Spitzer

If you love Surkin, Boys Noize, Para One. If you like electro in its heavier sound, breakz, sharp Synths or simply love french guys doing their best heres a pick I really recommend. I been listening to them this weekend and I feel ill be listening a lot from them in the future as well
As part of their 4 track release coming soon called
"Roller Coaster" heres a sample so you can wait for the whole deal.

(no 96k shit)

Listen to more tracks or track the release of the EP in their space

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Carl Cox, Caracas November 3 2007. 4 Death people