martes, 30 de octubre de 2007

Back & Spine

from Piccadilly Records

"Back And Spine" is the first single to be taken from Danish producer Kasper Bjorn's debut solo album "In Gumbo". The sales notes say that he's a man on a mission to make music not only for the dancefloor, but also for the living room and while riding a bicycle (DON'T listen to music whilst riding a bicycle, it's dangerous - health & safety ed.). Anyway, "Back & Spine" is a guitars and synths electrock'n'roll affair with vocals by Arni Runar Hlodversson and Loa Hlin Hjalmtysdottir. Tomboy strips the track down and adds more of an electroid sound. On the flip "Igo Ugo" is a deep piece of tech-house, and "Liquid Propagnosia" (featuring Liquid Liquid's Dennis Young tapping merrily on his marimbas) moves in a post-punk disco-house style.

BJORKE, Kasper - Back & Spine
Plant Us - SEED018 12´´
electrohouse - electroclash

Back & Spine (featuring FM Belfast - Tom Boy remix)
Back & Spine (featruing FM Belfast - original extended version)
Igo Ugo (album version)
Liquid Propagnosia (featuring Jaconfetti & Dennis Young - album version)

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

YUKSEK, it comes!

It comes will be released under Uncivilized World Records by the end of the month including the following tracks:
It Comes

you ll be able to buy it in the label´s page soon, so sit tight its a great record!!

sábado, 27 de octubre de 2007

Meet Mr. Brown

Philtre Recs for 3 stuff:
Mr Brown @ Melkweg (Amsterdam)
Soon out the "We Dance for Money" EP, featuring rmxs from Lovely Chords, Charlie Fanclub, Midnight Art & NT89
soon out on Philtre Recs the "Nightbreed" EP by Charlie Fanclub

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2007


or call him RAC

from stereosubversion

You haven't heard of the Remix Artist Collective (RAC), or at least you haven't heard of them yet. Next time you're in a bar and you hear a song that you think you recognize but has diving synth or a driving pulse behind it, you'll go ask the DJ who it is, and, after acting way too cool, he'll tell you it's the RAC. He'll say their remixes are cutting edge and don't follow the nameless path of club mixes or the kitschy mash-up scene. Ask him if he was creating music this catchy and well-done in college, like lead-man André Allen Anjos is now, and before he can make something up, just smile, sip that drink, and walk away enjoying the electricity of a song you've heard 1,000 times like you've never heard it before.

SSv Staff Writer Jack Hanlon recently caught up with André Allen Anjos about the Collective's story, what music he was into, and how the hell he had a bandmate in the Netherlands whom he had never met.


Remixartistcollective Myspace

The remix company UK

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007


Alloy Mental - Alloy Mental (original mix)
personally I pick this one over the boyz noize mix

In Flagranti - Affective Placebo Effect

D´boldiss - freak huh

and this is a request from me...
ive found it in low quality, searched in beatport and in record stores and nothin about them....
heres the low quality version
Karoshi Bros - Love the World

jueves, 11 de octubre de 2007

Simian Mobile Disco Live Setup

thx to Revision3

u can download the video in mp4 format here
Simian Myspace

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jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007

Whow! Malente

„Whow“ what a title for a record! Make sure to shout this out aloud! It will tell you much more about the nature of this album than words could... And what we have here in our hands truly is a premiere for the label, because for the very first time Unique Records releases a producer´s album as a an entire artist feature with a total of 31 (!) tracks, containing a state-of-the-art electro DJ set and remixalbum / remixes collection on an awesome double cd – a musical tribute and hommage to the artist, producer, DJ – a true allrounder - Malente and his tremendously huge and fascinating creative output! „Whow“ is, in the entirety, an enthralling block rocking party soundtrack that fires up each floor for 150 minutes with the perfect fuel provided, mixed and remixed by Malente!

CD1 In The Mix features six unreleased tracks and other rare and yet undiscovered versions of quality electro tunes, the remixes CD2 contains 5 previously unreleased interpretations / remixes of essential present & future club smashers all exclusively produced for the „Whow“ album. 4 of those, namely Turntablerocker’s „No Melody“, Moonbootica´s „We 1, 2 Rock“, Mason’s „When Farmers Attack“ and Jabwai feat. Paige with „Sweet Like Shuga“ will be released as a seperate 12inch Vinyl Abum Sampler (UNIQ134-1) so watch out for that bastard! Everything else about Malente is now to follow:

Malente: a guy who has step by step and gradually become a leading figure amongst the younger generation of DJs without undergoing big hypes or buzzes. Since more than 8 years malente releases tracks for a club audience and beyond and plays an active role in the underground (dance) scene. In that sense malente has created his own personal brand and identity - as a brave man throughout and with an even better dj credibility within the club and underground world. If you want to describe Malente´s stilistic and musical development in one phrase then it can be no other than this one: originally having started with breaks he´s now arrived in the straighter electro world and has created his very unique trademark as a dj and producer – and this honestly is not one of those stupid promotional slogans but an established and proven fact! After having released several 12´´s on Moonbootique (Moonbootica´s label), Luscious Sounds (the label of german techno artist Azzido da Bass) and UK´s Splank! records plus a total of four albums and innumerabel 12´´s on his home label Unique Malente has not just come up with his fifth album just like that but has created somethig very special fo all of us to share:


For as long as he has been producing music, Malente has been DJing and traveling around the globe. He has played on festivals like Shambalah (Canada), Good Vibrations & Field Day (Australia), Sziget (Hungary), Nature One, Loveparade, Melt! (Gemany) and rocked clubs like the legendary Cocoon (Frankurt), Watergate (Berlin), Neidklub (Hamburg), Antenna (San Francisco), BedSupperClub (Bangkok), Chinese Laudry (Sydney), Nitsa (Barcelona), Sugarfactory (Amsterdam), Hi-Fi (Calgary), Rock City (Novosibirsk) with his tough Electro Sets.

“Whow´s” In The Mix CD1 demonstrates why Malente is such a sought-after jockey. Containing rare, unreleased and exclusively produced tracks and remixes of artists like Eyerer & Chopstick feat. Zdar, Rinocerose, Yuksek, Claude Von Stroke, The Subs, Speaker Junk, The Aston Shuffle, Teenage Bad Girl, Boy 8-Bit, Acid Jacks, Philipe De Boyar, Touché, Jaimie Fanatic, Mascotte, Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter the CD is just a perfect example of Malente’s energetic and positive DJ-sets!

Ever since releasing his own tracks, Malente has been remixing other artists music and repertoire, including Bob Sinclar (2001), Coburn (2007), Louie Austen (2005), DJ Friction (2004), Bleach Eatin Pimps (2007), Phonat (2007) and Shout Out Out Out Out (2006). The Remixes CD2 on “Whow” not only features his best remixes between 2001 and 2007, Malente also produced five exclusive tracks for that collection! Just too bad that other great works and remixes for artists such as Freddy Fresh, Der Plan, Groove Rebels couldn´t be featured no more...

CD1 In The Mix / Tracklist

1. The Longcut „You Got The Love“ * (Accapella) / (Shadow Dancer Remix), 2. Acid Jacks „Disco Shoes“ (The Subs Remix) / (Accapella), 3. Markus Lange & Daniel Dexter „We Were Wild“ * , 4. Eyerer & Chopstick „Haunting“ (Christopher Just Remix) vs. Eyerer & Chopstick feat. Zdar „Make My Day“ (Accapella), 5. James Harcourt „Galia Melon“ (The Aston Shuffle Remix), 6. Bassnectar „Yo“ (Speaker Junk´s Jackin Brazilian Rave Remix), 7. Malente pres. ManroX – „sP€ND uR cA$H“, 8. Full Mental Slackers „Auto Riot“ (Boy 8-Bit Remix), 9. Mascotte „Victorian Noir“*, 10. Fil OK „Wink Wink“ (Touché Remix), 11. Claude Von Stroke „The Whistler“ (The Aston Shuffle Remix), 12. Moston & Malente „Fucked Up *, 13. Digital Breaks Foundation „Come Closer“ (Boy 8-Bit Remix), 14. Zero Cash „Ride The Pig“, 15. Rinôçérôse „Cubicle“ (Audiotrucs Dub) *, 16. Philipe De Boyar „Soulfreaka“ (Malente Re-Edit) *, 17. Teenage Bad Girl „Hands Of A Stranger“ (Yuksek Remix), 18. DJ Dan „Chop Shop“ (Macca Remix), 19. Mic Perry „Have A Nice Day“ (Jaimie Fanatic Bad Boy Remix)

CD2-Tracklist / Remixes

1. Turntablerocker „No Melody“ (Malente Remix) *, 2. Jabwai feat. Paige „Sweet Like Shuga“ (Malente Remix) *, 3. Bleach Eatin Pimps „C.U. Next Tuesday“ (Malente Remix), 4. Moonbootica „We 1, 2 Rock“ (Malente Remix) *, 5. DJ Friction „Soulsonic“ (Malente's No Funk Remix), 6. Louie Austen „Heaven“ (Malente Club Mix), 7. Shout Out Out Out Out „Self athing Rulz“ (Malente Remix), 8. Mason „When Farmers Attack“ (Malente Remix) *, 9. Phonat „The Quake“ (Malente Remix), 10. al „e Funky Beat“ (Malente Remix) *, 11. Coburn „Razorblade“ (Malente Dub), 12. Bob Sinclar „Ich Rocke“ (Malente x)

*previously unreleased / exclusively remixed from
malente for the WHOW 2CD

check here a mini5mns teaser with most of the tracks featured in the 2cd

soon to be released:

Malente – Whow (2CD) (DJ-Mix & best Malente RMXs) (Unique)

Malente – Whow (12”) incl. Malente Remixes of Moonbootica, Mason & Turntablerocker (Unique)

The Potbelleez – Don’t Hold Back (Malente’s Murder Dub) (Viscious Australia)

Parov Stelar – Love (Malente Remix) (Etage Noir)

Nhan Solo & Daniel Dexter - Bounce is Back (Malente Remix) (We Are Playtime)

World Domination – Fuck Machine (Malente Remix) (Luscious Sounds)

Also check on

Malente pres. Manrox
This Manrox (12”)
(Luscious Sounds)

"This Manrox" (edit)
"Spend Ur Cash"
"This Manrox" (Audiotrucks remix)


unreleasead mix thx to malente :

this manrox (the toxic avenger yeah yeah remix)

More info