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Kissy Sell Out interview and Brand new 12` "HER"

from Time Out London

Interview: Kissy Sell Out

Interview: Kissy Sell Out
Tommy Bisdee AKA Kissy Sell Out

Kissy Sell Out is the alter ego of hot new DJ-producer Tommy Bisdee. His debut single, ‘Her’ gets an unlimited-edition release on Monday, and he plays the Time Out Lovebox Weekender on July 21

He likes the potential to pervert dance music’s 4/4 hegemony…
‘It’s like the rules are already in place. The 4/4 beat is quite strict, so you can mix it up a bit. Whereas some people would perhaps not look quite so much outside the box, I think that because dance music is so black and white you can really make something that’s quite special, because people just aren’t expecting it.’

He’s remixed everyone from Mark Ronson to Bloc Party…
‘I never really wanted to pigeonhole myself. When I do remixes, I tend to write things in movements, which is based on the fact that I don’t really want to have any repetition in my tracks. I never really repeat anything, which I think is really important. If everybody else did that as well, dance music would be the most fantastic genre ever. But by working in movements I can cover so many different influences within a tune, and it just makes it more like a journey. A bit like walking through a forest is what I always think of. The scenery is similar, but the wildlife can be different.’

He’s got strange influences for a dance producer...

‘I like grunge bands such as Sonic Youth. And also a lot of goth bands, like Swans and Incarnate. It’s just because it’s different. A lot of gothic music from the ’80s, it’s full of expression, you know what I mean? That’s why indie music doesn’t really interest me much, because all indie tunes are two-and-half minutes long, and it’s basically, verse-chorus-verse-chorus. Whereas you pick up a really scary piece of doom metal and you know the writers are just doing what they want and expressing themselves, and I find that very inspiring.’

He’d also like to change the dynamics of the dancefloor...

‘I used to go to see lots of bands in Essex, and you used to get loads of moshing at the front. I used to love that! Not so much punching people in the face, but just pushing people around, it was the most incredible release of frustration and stuff. I just thought it was really, really cool. Then when I heard records like Felix Da Housecat’s “Devin Dazzle” and saw the Mylo album had done so well, I spotted this… almost a gap in the market. People seem to be broadening their tastes so much and being more open-minded about music in general, and I wanted to recreate this moshing feeling, this feeling of wanting to go crazy.’

His first white label, ‘Her’, attracted a lot of praise among other musos – one-time wunderkind Mylo and James Ford of Simian are particularly supportive…
‘They were great, they got completely behind me. I was this completely unknown name, an art student at the time that I did that. I was in Essex and someone pulled out a phone and someone said “Yeah, check this out, man. This is a little video I took at Bugged Out”, it was really hazy and I couldn’t really tell what was happening, it was just a load of noise really. And I said, what exactly is this and they told me it was Simian playing ‘Her’. I’d only got it into Rough Trade a week-and-a-half before. It’s really crazy how it built up like that. I’ve even cracked the speed-garage crowd as well. At one point I started getting lots of MySpace friend requests from south London speed-garage DJs, which I thought was wicked, man.’

He’s rarely seen without his airhorn, a common feature of his DJ sets, you’ll be glad to hear…
‘It’s good you mention this. It’s just me communicating with the crowd. The way I look at it is that when you DJ, you’re an entertainer. You’ve got this incredible opportunity to communicate something to a lot of people. I don’t want to sound like Jesus or anything, but that is what you’re doing. So why on earth would you then not even think about the way you dress and just stand there and look at the bloody floor the whole time? I really don’t get it. I used to put my arms in the air and shout, but no one could hear me, so I use the air horn. I always make sure I use it just before the heaviest bassline drops in my tune. It’s a kind of signal, like, right, this is it. And it works. I think it’s cool. Some people think it’s a bit of a joke but it’s meant to be a serious thing.’

Eddy Lawrence, Wed Jul 11 2007

Kissy Sell Out: Her

Type: Single
Release date: 23/07/2007

Side 1

"Her" (original 12" vinyl)

"Her" (Touche remix)
Side 2

"Her" (Metal On Metal instrumental)

"Her" (Trey Crasseux dub)

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New Simian Mobile Disco EP to be released on september

from Pitchfork
If you've peeked over in Forkcast very recently, you've noticed an MP3 for a Simian Mobile Disco song titled "3 Pin Din". It's one of three previously unreleased tracks on the duo's forthcoming self-titled EP, which was released digitally this week and will appear in stores on July 24 via Interscope.

The EP's other unreleased tracks are "Simple" and "State of Things", and they are joined by Attack Decay Sustain Release track "Tits & Acid". ADSR, as previously reported, makes its way to U.S. shores on September 18.

Jameses Ford and Shaw have months and months of tour dates to accompany these releases. Their next show is in Philadelphia on July 6, and they. just. do. not. stop. until December 8 back in England. For the last leg of their tour in the UK, they will support Klaxons.

Artist: Simian Mobile Disco
Title : US EP
September 2007
4 tracks

1) Tits and Acid
2) Simple
3) 3 Pin Dim
4) State of Things


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From Pitchfork

Ah, the information age. In 2004, Dublin-based musician Richie Egan (aka Jape) was finishing a solo album titled The Monkeys at the Zoo Have More Fun Than Me. At the time, that may have been true. The record was released on the small Irish indie label Trust Me I'm a Thief and "Floating", its centerpiece-- a coolly detached piece of Malkmusy pop embroidered with low frequency electronica-- got a bit of MySpace-generated buzz. Two years later, the Raconteurs shocked him by mixing the tune into their live set during a European tour, beefing up a willowy guitar line with some fuzz and crackle and morphing the song into a Brendan Benson-styled power-pop anthem. Months after that, they were playing it in their opening slot for Bob Dylan in the United States. The internet may be a drag for record labels, but for some musicians it can still be downright miraculous.

Sonically, there's not much involved here. The tune pretty much just, well, floats. A winding melody, swaddled in a snake-charming guitar riff, sails along the darkening horizon of groans, glitches, and buzzes, with Jape meditating on dance-and-fuck life to a near psychedelic state of apathy. Beneath him, a trudging dance beat slowly expands with the noise until it overwhelms the song entirely. Like Malkmus, Egan plays the slacker card pretty well: Whether it's paranoia or something more romantic, there's always something eating at the edges of his indifference, lending it a kind of charm. What he could use now are some U.S. shows.

Racounters covering "Floating"

Jape - Floating (remixes) by Marine Parade

Artist: JAPE

Title : Floating
Label : Marine Parade
Cat No: MAPA 039
Format: 12"
Released: 25 June, 2007

Side 1
1. - "Floating" (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Side 2
1. - "Floating" (Alex Metric mix)


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Simian Mobile Disco - Live Footage and Tour Dates‎

Simian Mobile Disco have just finished their select dates in the States and are back in Europe for the remainder of the Summer. If you didn’t catch SMD while they were here check this out for a glimpse into the opening of their amazing live “analogue party music” set!

Simian Mobile Disco - 2007 U.S. Tour Dates
Sat 09/15 - The Gramercy Theater New York NY w/ Dave P & JDH
Sun 09/16 - La Sala Rossa Montreal PQ
Mon 09/17 - The Mod Club Toronto ON
Tue 09/18 - Empty Bottle Chicago IL
Thu 09/20 - Neumos Seattle WA Diplo, Switch
Fri 09/21 - Mezzanine San Francisco CA w/ Dave P & JDH
Sat 09/22 - Echoplex Los Angeles CA w/ Boys Noize

Simian Mobile Disco - other 2007 Tour Dates
Jul 13 - Dour Festival - LIVE Belgium
Jul 14 - Melt Festival - LIVE Berlin
Jul 15 - Montpellier Montpellier
Jul 19 - Paradiso - LIVE Amsterdam
Jul 20 - Manumission Ibiza
Jul 20 - Manumission Ibiza
Jul 22 - Benicassim Benicassim
Jul 22 - Benicassim - LIVE Benicassim
Jul 28 - Fuji Rock Festival - LIVE Mt Fuji
Jul 28 - Fuji Rock Festival Mt Fuji
Aug 10 - Underage Festival Hackney, London and South East
Aug 11 - Cream @ Amnesia - LIVE Ibiza
Aug 14 - Culture Club Ghent
Aug 15 - Santander Summer Festival - DJ Santander
Aug 17 - Manumission Ibiza
Aug 19 - Lowlands Festival Biddinghuizen, Flevoland
Aug 24 - Razzmatazz Barcelona, Barcelona
Aug 25 - Creamfields Liverpool
Aug 26 - Fusion @ Watersplash Jersey, Channel Islands
Sep 1 - Electric Picnic Festival - LIVE Stradbally, Laois
Sep 7 - Manumission Ibiza
Sep 8 - Bestival Isle of Wight, South
Sep 25 - Thekla - LIVE Bristol
Sep 26 - The Cockpit - LIVE Leeds
Sep 27 - Scala London, London and South East
Sep 28 - Marsatac - LIVE Marsailles
Sep 28 - Ososphere - LIVE Strasbourg
Oct 6 - Wang London
Oct 12 - Wax On Newcastle
Nov 25 - Ambassador - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Dublin
Nov 26 - Apollo - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Manchester
Nov 27 - Corn Exchange - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Edinburgh
Nov 28 - Academy - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Newcastle
Nov 30 - Guildhall - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Southampton
Dec 1 - University - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Leeds
Dec 2 - University - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Cardiff
Dec 4 - Academy - LIVE - supporting Klaxons Birmingham
Dec 5 - Brixton Academy - LIVE - supporting Klaxons London
Dec 8 - Bugged Out @ The Plug Sheffield

Yelle - Video Clip VS Live

I go for live and specially for the mixes from Tepr and Riot In Belgium
Love this girl BTW

YELLE - A Cause Des Garçons - MUSIC VIDEO by Nima Nourizadeh

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Sonar 2007

Los Beasties Boys, el dubstep y el new-rave encabezan una noche ecléctica y explosiva

Beastie Boys, Dizzee Rascal, Richie Hawtin, Cornelius y mucho más… La programación nocturna del viernes 15 remata la segunda y penúltima jornada del festival. La noche dos de Sónar 2007 se presenta repleta de grandes nombres y multitud de proyectos que no puedes dejar escapar.

Beastie Boys volverán a hacer acto de presencia aferrados a sus micrófonos, blandiendo contundentes descargas rítmicas y toneladas de flow en su segundo concierto en Sónar, este dedicado a sus hits de siempre. La rocktrónica psicodélica de Cornelius y la personal lectura del cabaret a cargo de Romantica pondrán el sello oriental a la velada. La del viernes también será la noche de estos dos estilos que tanto están dando que hablar últimamente: dubstep y new-rave. El primero estará representado por Kode 9 & The Spaceape, Oris Jay, Skream y Mary Anne Hobbs, embajadora de BBC Radio 1 en Sónar y padrina de todos los anteriores. Los emisarios del new-rave serán Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, New Young Pony Club y los invitados al monográfico de Ed Banger Records & French Music Export Office: Justice, Dj Mehdi y Uffie feat. Feadz.

Por su parte, Modeselektor Dj-Team pondrán sobre el escenario su revoltosa interpretación de la IDM y Signal (alias de Frank Bretschneider, Carsten Nicolai y Olaf Bender, o lo que es lo mismo, la cúpula de Raster Noton) ofrecerán todo un ejercicio de minimalismo con su show de electrónica en estado puro. La pista de baile temblará con las sesiones de Richie Hawtin, Timo Maas, Ben Mono y el directo de Dizze Rascal. Además, Spacek & Benji B Soundsystem y As One. Todo esto sin olvidar una larga lista de dj’s nacionales en la que figuran Dj2d2, Angel Costa, Undo, Boris Divider y Dubbyman.


SonarClub, 23:45

SonarPark, 04:00

SonarClub, 03:00

SonarPark, 01:00

SonarPark, 03:00

SonarClub, 05:00

SonarPark, 4:45

SonarPub, 00:30

SonarClub, 01:00

SonarClub, 23:00

SonarPub, 05:00

SonarPark, 03:40 05:30

SonarClub, 22:30 23:30

SonarPub, 22:30

SonarPark, 22:30 00:30

SonarPark, 23:30

SonarLab, 22:30



SonarLab, 00:00



SonarPub, 01:15


SonarLab, 03:00

Unsorted Stuff

Fuck You Very Much - Malibu

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Justice for All

I got this promo thx to my dj mate rama who was quick enough to rip it before "ze germans came in". It was hand labeled as "velvet vs Justice" But I dont see any velvet stuff in this Record and there was not any other info about anywhere..just a plain whitey. Bottom line, its a new mix of Waters of nazareth with some electro house orientation. I choose this one over all the other mixes...thats my call anyways , judge by yourself