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Maybe Pablo Calamari does as well. This B-Boy calypsodisco funk wrangler (one half of ravehall knucklebusters Act Yo Age) spins back to his roots in this latest offering, a boogie down filtered groover with an infectious vocal hook and sweet sunset strings! Yes its deep disco house and we love it! Its NYC skyline and a Sydney sunset all in one! Armand would be proud...

Yes we cant speak for the man (Mr Helden that is, we can speak for Pablo, just give us a silly moustache and accent), but he would be equally impressed with the remixes of Think about you.

If the original is all NYC, Chicago and um Sydney then our man Dcups remix is all about LA, the strip and Venice beach. Yes it sounds like its out of Breakdance (Number One not two fool), but its pop funk hooks and punchy chords give credit to his crafting! It just feels good baby! OK we have a man crush on DCUP too!

Now we dont know how Germans like to feel good but maybe its by turnin off the lights and puttin on a little Kill Frenzy. His cut up tech funk antics have brought much interest! His duties here see Mr um er... Kill, slide up the notch and wind out a building creeper of swamp tech and acid dance. Its nice to have Mr Kill to a remix for us!

Its also great to have Nick Thayer on board too! His bouncing french tech funk is a dancefloor destroyer with cool breakdowns into the original. Check the 3.10 slam.

Oh my Armand.... I mean Oh my God...this package! Playmode brings on the tribal and acid pulses and slays it! Its Witchdoktor 2010, will shake your ass to this. Not to mention Saint Pauli dropping a bomb also.....woo hoo....!! Mr Pablo when i think about you, i think another man cush!

Exclusive - First listen to new single from the Robot Disaster



Have a listen to our new single, it's called Electric Shocks and we think its the best thing we've done so far. Be sure to get opinionated and let us know if you agree (or not) on our Twitter or Facebook pages. We don't want you to get too excited about this just yet as we won't be putting it out until the Autumn; we've got the important matter of our University Final exams to think about in the meantime. Till then, there’ll be some tasty remixes of it out over the Summer though to get you dancing! And our Live @ 93 Feet East EP is being mixed right now for release in May.

Have a listen on our Myspace:


Because we love you all we're givnig away the B-side to Electric Shocks for free right here, its called 'The New Campaign For More Sound' and takes you on a high energy, quick-fire stomp through a semi-fictional landscape of sound waves (and sound monsters) as imagined by our frontman, Gav. The result is a fast-paced electro-punk fizz bomb of a tune that’s been a favourite in our set since the very beginning of the band, driven by floating delay-soaked mathrock guitar licks and some almost tribal, pounding rhythms! Hope you like it.

JAMAICA - produced by Xavier de Rosnay and Daft Punk sound Engineer Peter Franco!‏

A few posts below we introduced you with the new video from Jamaica "I think I like U 2" and im happy to say the track got to our hands a few hours ago for your pleasure so heres some little info about the band , the video and a link where u will have to register to get your hands on it . id say u do it quick. a great track and also an amazing video showing the rise and fall of the band. u will get the picture. ENJOY!


When French born Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet decided to start a band, they spent many hours trying to think of the name that they would forever be remembered by. They were surprised to find that no one had ever used the bold and smarty, JAMAICA.


They took three weeks to write songs that focused not only on sleek melodies, but also on rousing guitar riffs and dry bass grooves. By scattering in piano chords or acoustic guitars as well as resurrecting the guitar solo, JAMAICA created a sound that is a meeting between a grungehead's obsession and a rockers wet dream.


Before they could begin recording the album, JAMAICA had to find someone up to the challenge of producing their songs. Antoine and Flo looked through lists of Grammy Award winners and came up with two candidates: Peter J. Franco and Xavier de Rosnay. Both were available and agreed to work with the band on one condition: that no synthesizers would be involved. Shortly thereafter they settled into Motorbass studio in Paris, France with a minimal and unconventional set up. Within a few months they had completed an album which meets today's thirst for chromed production.


With its upbeat structure and cocky guitar chorus JAMAICA's "I Think I Like U 2" seemed an appropriate starting point for a first video and to present the storyline of the duo. Fortunately Antoine and Flo had a talented young video director among their friends by the name of So-Me. His brilliant idea was to structure the video relaying the band’s history from A to (fabricated) Z. The video follows the musicians from their modest beginnings and the formation of the band through JAMAICA becoming an overwhelming international success to their fall into psychedelic trips and eventually jail.


An instrumental version of "I Think I Like U 2" is featured in the new

Volkswagen ‘Tiguan’ SUV commercial



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Bang gang presents!! Light Year "Night Vision"

LIGHT YEAR"Night Vision"

Here it is. The debut release from sydney living , hardware doting, stinky-crackden-on-the-side-of -the-highway studio dwelling, BAG RAIDERS and CLASSIX remixing, endless artwork arguing, BANGGANG 12S compilation appearing, production duo, LIGHT YEAR.

The tracks..."Night Vision" is a noisy frenzied cut up affair, "His or Hers" is a sample driven loopy Haus Music number, "Sex Education" works around some big BASS acksion, "Troublesome" is loungey synth jam, "Pop Shot" is a shot at pop and "Motor Booty" is a more funky than a midori daiquiri.

Listen to it. Ichat to your friends. Rapidshare it to some blogs. Write about it on facebook. Twitter about how you got it first. Play it. Work it. Enjoy it. Feel it. Love it. Live it.







Siriusmo new mixtape!!!

This is the first DJ-mix from Siriusmo which was aired on Shir Khan's radioshow at Fritz: 23.3.2010 . Including a rough ride through everything that Mo enjoys.
From French Electro, Disco, Pop, to Experimental and Leftfield, CutnPaste, Jazz, DDR-Rock, Berlin Underground Rap, Trash and Klamauk.
Expect to hear the ones of Morgan Geist, Sibegg, Tom Tom Club, Jan Driver, Ark, SBB, King Kool Savas and a little bit of Siriusmo himself.

Siriusmo Radio-Mix by Exploited

1 discosau - siriusmo - grand petrol
2 morgan geist - lullaby - environ
3 sunset driver - michael jackson - 1978 demo volume2
4 cristalcity - fred falke- alan braxe - culture music
5 wolnosc z nami - sbb - amiga
6 kaiserschmarn - harry axt - grand petrol
7 waves - boysnoize erol alkan - gonzales pianoversion - bnr
8 jacques your body - les rythmes digitales - wall of sound
9 tellyfoam - jan driver - bnr
10 gax - boysnoize - bnr
11 bootyshake - ark - fresh press
12 nonstopcutpaste - sibegg - noodles
13 shugabite - siriusmo - grand petrol
14 rushupedge - the tuss - rephlex
15 do you know squarepusher - squarepusher - warp
16 A-MS 03_B - anstam - anstam
17 did they ever tell cousteau - e.s.t. r.i.p - superstudio gul
18 radio caca - jackson a. h. c-band - warp
19 hun - mr. oizo - ed banger
20 hightogether - siriusmo - monkeytown
22 allthegirls - siriusmo - exploited
23 geniusoflove - tomtomclub - island
24 wow - siriusmo -mdslktr edit - exploited
25 sexgold - tornow - antitone
26 warumrapstdu - kks - warum rappst du? - optik
27 too high - yesterdays new quintet - stones throw
28 sirqüs alfon - babham
29 afrikatape
30 oscar peterson
31 girlblue - stevie wonder - motown
33 deboutiner - modeselektor siriusmo - bpitch

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Redux 'Freaks Show e.p.' Expressillon FREE DJ MIX!‏

Artist: Redux
Title: Freaks Show e.p.
1: Bouncing Pigs (4/4 / House / Electro)
2: Cirkalia (Breaks)
3: Bassline Circus (Dubstep)
Label : Expressillon
Catalog n°: EXPR303
Format: 12’’ & Digital
Release Date Mid/ End March 2010

Even if it’s only in 2007 that Redux name makes it appearance on the electro scene , Nikko – the
man who hides behind this guise – has been a familiar name in the more up-tempo register with
not less than 20 releases along with Karbon 14 sound system in the mid 90’s.

Keeping his experimental approach of music, Redux, having achieved maturity, doesn’t need to
force the pace anymore to captivate and electrify the crowds and starts to flirt with a vibe more
close to electro-house and breakbeat.

Very fast he signs a first e.p. on American label Portamento but it’s in 2008 with the title
‘‘Diskobreaks’’ that he puts the basis of a more personal style which kicks straight in with its
pounding analogical bass lines and fractured sounds harmonized with rhythms and samples from
hip-hop, funk or disco.
First selected on Level 75’ “Spicy Cunts” compilation then released on Katorza - a nu label he
runs with Maelstrom – in 2009, this track has gained much respect and support from International
artists such as Popof, Crookers, Rico Tubbs, Aquasky, Malente, Cut la Roc or Lee Mortimer
to name a few.
Redux follows up this successful run with several critically acclaimed remixes on Katorza and not
less than seven original pieces signed on Miles Dyson’ label PlasmaDigital. Meanwhile he works
and composes the soundtrack for electro circus show ‘Sweatlodge’’ including “Cirkalia” and
“Bassline Circus” tracks released today on Expressillon aside dancefloor-lifting “Bouncing Pigs”.

To celebrate this release Redux are
sharing a new dj mix for your hearing pleasure.

Redux DJ Mix
Link :
Link to listen :
Track List
1- Redux - Cirkalia (Expressillon _ Expr303)
2- Will bailey – The duty claim
3- Roland-M – Disco Bus
4- Redux – Bouncing Pigs (Expressillon _ Expr303)
5- Hostage - Shake it
6- HeavyFeet – Sick like that
7- Redux – Bassline Circus (Expressillon _ Expr303)
8- Hostage – Sorry
9- A1 Bassline – 8oh8
10- Calvertron – Attack
11- Buraka som sistema – IC19 (A1 bassline remix)
12- Harvard Bass – Caked
13- The killergroove formula – Out of maney (Malente remix)
14- Harvard bass – Acid girl
15- Brodinsky – Eurostarr (Nic sarno remix)
16- Djedjotronic – Dirty and hard (Boysnoize remix)
17- Bombaman – Eye spy
18- Calvertron – Ohley (Kidblue remix)

Operator Please Logic - Like Woah! Mixes‏

"After a short hiatus in Paris working on our Ted & Francis album and singing about 'shooting stars', we have returned to our Australian Bang Gang family to work on some new Like Woah! material. The next Like Woah! single will be released through Bang Gang in late May. It is called "I'm Looking At You" and will feature mixes from our brothers Ted & Francis and Flight Facilities, plus some rather special (!!) names. Watch this space! We have big plans lined up for this year and this is just the start."

fresh goodies from I'm not a Band

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"SXDW Promo DJ Mix" // feat. Sleigh Bells, Theophilus London, Gorillaz, The Juan Maclean, The Gossip, Phoenix, Hot Chip & more‏



1. Sleigh Bells - Beach Girls
2. Theophilus London - Enjoy the Sun
3. Gorillaz - Stylo
4. The Hood Internet - Just-A-Friendomania
5. Little Boots - New In Town (Golden Filter Remix)
6. The Golden Filter - Hide Me
7. Hot Chip - One Life Stand
8. LCD Soundsystem - Too Much Love
9. The Gossip - Heavy Cross (Yuksek Remix)
10. La Roux - Quicksand (AutoKratz Drags to Riches Remix)
11. David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi - Memories (Armand Van Helden Remix)
12. The Juan Maclean - No Time (Shit Robot Remix)
13. Phoenix - 1901 (The Dirty Tees Remix)
14. Yeasayer - O.N.E. (XXXChange Remix)
15. Asher Roth - She Don't Wanna Man (Yes Giantess Remix)
16. Gorillaz - Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)





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Hot Paris band Fortune unveils “Gimme EP”

Cut from the forthcoming debut album Staring At The Ice Melt. Produced by Pierrick Devin (Adam Kesher, Alex Gopher, Cassius and Cut Copy) and mixed by Stéphane “Alf” Briat (Phoenix, Air and Sebastien Tellier)

Friends, we’ve got something really cool for you! It’s the “Gimme” EP from Thomas Mars (Phoenix) favorite new band, Fortune! To celebrate the release of this new EP and the forthcoming debut album Staring At The Ice Melt (both released March 23), Fortune is giving away all sorts of free goodies! See above for links to download remixes of Fortune tracks from Blackjoy and M83 and Fortune’s own Remix Collection CD including reworks of tracks from Phoenix, Pony Pony Run Run, My Tiger My Timing and more. Post it all and please help us spread the word about this exciting new band !

Fortune is comprised of members from various other music projects including Lionel Pierres (Abstrackt Keal Agram), Pierre Lucas (The Big Knife, DJ for Abstrackt Keal Agram, keyboards for Alain, Chamfort), Hervé Loos (Y front, Rodolphe Burger’s Meteor Band) and François de Miomandre (The Yolks). At the End of 2007, Fortune released their first EP, an intense delivery of four Synth Pop-Rock bangers brightly crafted to simultaneously create uproar in the crowd as well as stir emotions.

As for the influences, whereas most bands now labelled as ‘post-punk’ are clearly heir to one or more mythical acts (take your pick from Joy Division, Talking Heads, Gang of Four, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Human League, New Order etc), Fortune goes against the flow : if you can spot, here and there, a few familiar sounds from those artists in the band’s music, the references put forward by the front man range from 60s Pop Rock bands such as the Zombies, The Troggs or Love, to basic Disco for its rhythm, or even the “King of Pop” himself Michael Jackson. Grandaddy, Doppler Effekt, Lo-Fi-Fnk and Vampire Weekend are quoted amongst the more recent bands having come to light in the last decade.

The chemistry could not have stuck together had it not been for an overwhelming production effort. Pierrick Devin, also regarded as the band’s fifth member, was given this task, as he had been before by Adam Kesher, Alex Gopher, Cassius or even Cut Copy. The mixing, vital to find the adequate balance of elements described above, was put in the trusted hands of Stéphane “Alf” Briat, also producer and mixer for such artists as Phoenix (“United”), Air (“Premiers symptoms”, “Moon Safari”, “The Virgin Suicides”), Sebastien Tellier (“Sessions”) etc. Finally, three additional artists also contributed to “Staring At The Ice Melt’s” musical richness: Arnaud Roulin from Poni Hoax (bass guitar and clavinet), Jean Thévenin (percussions, who also played with Soko, Toyfight, Hopper, Tahiti Bob & The Palmtree Family) and Melody Prochet (aka My Bee’s Garden) adding vocal harmonies.

PRO7 Remixin Roots by Sepultura !

Not for the weak at heart, Pro7 delivers his latest mix and ... damn! its good. what could u call this mix ... Housecore? Technometal? i dont have that answer but i advice u grew a pair of balls to bang your head with this one . A! MUST. CHK

Relax with SirBilly latest mixes!

MSTRPLN en Studio Crobar con PONCHO & Más :: SAB 20 de MZO

MSTRPLN es el nuevo ciclo semanal dedicado al Indie, Electro & New Disco, con shows en vivo y la residencia del DJ Javier Zuker. Todos los SAB en Studio Crobar, Marcelino Freire y Paseo de la Infanta, Palermo, BUE.

:: SAB 20 de MZO . 24.00 hs.
MSTRPLN en Studio Crobar.
Line Up. Poncho (Live!), Rama & Beatdekids (Undertones).
Visuales. >.<>
Fotos. Sofía Ungar.
+ Main Room. Mathias Tanzmann (DE), D'Julz (FR) & Festa Bros.
+ Sector con Patio (!)
+ Ingreso para +18, con DNI o CI (!)
+ Cumpleaños, bienvenidos (!)
Marcelino Freire y Paseo de la Infanta, Palermo, BUE.
GRATIS! por Lista de MSTRPLN hasta las 02 confirmando como 'ASISTIRÉ' en este evento de FB o enviando Nombre/s + Apellido/s a (+ MSN).



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Kistune 9 arriving . . .

Remember some posts down where u could get ur eyes on the new kistune tracklist and art?
Our (your) friends from Kitsune threw an update for your hearing anxiety featuring a new exclusive minimix from jbag sampling the forthcoming Maison 9 comp :) yes they are super nice.

Grand Hotel with free track and party

GRAND HOTEL is a new London based label dedicated to electro, techno and breaks combined with a party series at both FABRIC and MATTER, acting as a platform for both emerging artists and established artists, such as PLUMP DJs.

The first release comes from a yet unknown electro act called DIRTY SUPER CAR, features a CHAKA KHAN sample and a slamming electro-house remix by Brisbane's THE LOOPS OF FURY! DJs should make sure to have this one in their repertoire, as this is a guaranteed (and thoroughly club-tested) winner on every floor!

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Undertones Newsss

SAB 13 de Marzo
Holy Ghost (US/DFA) y Tommy Disco
en MSTRPLN (Studio Crobar)

Luego del gran debut en Studio Crobar, MSTRPLN presenta este sábado 13 a los neoyorquinos Holy Ghost (Dj Set), dupla de niños mimados del sello DFA. Serán acompañados por TOOMY DISCO, el joven gran talento del nü disco local, el residente Dj Zuker y el dúo Kitten en las visuales.
Line up.
Holy Ghost (Dfa/US)
Toomy Disco (Undertones/So Sound recordings)
Visuales. Kiten.
+ Main Floor: Jesper Dahlback (Suecia), Franco Cinelli y Udolph.
24 hs
Studio Crobar, Marcelino Freire y Paseo de la Infanta.
(¡!) Entrada FREE x Lista UNDERTONES hasta las 2am
Luego Descuento $30
Pulsando asistiré en el evento de facebook. AQUI

BEAT DE KIDS - Enjoy this shit!
Mixtape #6

Agenda Undertones Gang

Miércoles 10 de Marzo
Cisco @ Delta Disco
Fetish, Nicaragua 5549.
Viernes 12 de Marzo
Cisco, Beat de Kids (dj set), Krmpck (dj set) y Vj Cope
Shamrock basement, Rodríguez Peña 1220.
Sábado 13 de Marzo
Holy Ghost (US/Dfa), Toomy disco y Zuker en MSTRPLN
Main Floor: Jesper Dahlback (Suecia) y Franco Cinelli
Studio Crobar, Marcelino Freire y Paseo de la Infanta.
Martes 23 de Marzo (Víspera de feriado)
Fiesta Undertones!
Le Microkosmos (live!), Krmpck (live), Toomy Disco, Cisco, Mixxx Massacre
Vj Cope y Vj Mr Egg. Visual art: Flor Naif.
Niceto Club, Niceto Vega 5510.
Viernes 26 de Marzo
Bugged Out (ar) opening party!
Surkin (Fr), Krmpck, Modex djs, Rama y Vj Cope.
Studio Samsung, Balcarce 433.
Venta de entradas


Tron : Legacy looks like it is going to be really really awesome: the reflector-panel rave outfits look rad and the orchestral Daft Punk track is totally intense and every character speaks like a villain which is half-scary and half-amusing. And - hang on a minute?! - is that chick in the white jumpsuit Jessica Stam...

My head just exploded a little.

GO FONT UR SELF* is a fantastic art exhibition featuring works by a blend of local and international artists, designers and typographers, and is a design nerd's wet dream and an amazing display of talent that anyone with a jones for contemporary art will love.

The ongoing exhibition, that kicked off in 2009, showcases artists that embrace letterforms as the inspiration behind their pieces and the first GO FONT UR SELF* show for 2010 is launching tonight at Brisbane's Nine Lives gallery, followed by one-night-only jaunts in Sydney and Melbourne.

This year's showcase brings you a collection of 14 artworks from some the world's most critically acclaimed typographers - including ABOVE (California, USA), YOK (Perth), TIMBA SMITS (Melbourne), and SUPER EXPRESSO (Barcelona, Spain).











Here are the details:

BRISBANE / Thursday 11th March / Nine Lives - 694 Anne Street, Fortitude Valley, 4000 QLD / RSVP
SYDNEY / Wednesday 17th March / Peer Gallery - 153 Bridge Road, Glebe, 2037 NSW / RSVP
MELBOURNE / Thursday 1st April / No Vacancy - 47 Jane Bell Lane Melbourne, 3000 VIC / RSVP

For more info head to

Billy Corgan is looking for musicians to fill the spot of current bassist Ginger Pooley (who has taken indefinite maternity leave) and also play keyboards in the band to ensure the Smashing Pumpkins sound is Rihanna-tight for their forthcoming gig at Splendour In The Grass, which we mentioned in our Splendour lineup leak. A lineup that so far is looking 100% accurate, and has been reaffirmed by reliable Australian music blog Polaroids Of Androids.

If you are a talented musician interested in touring the world with Smashing Pumpkins while happily sacrificing creative control and making epic art-rock music vids, the two available band spots will be filled via an open audition process.

Audition Info:
Bassists and keyboardists looking to play with The Pumpkins should send their background info, photos and performance web links via email only, either to or Note: only musicians with video clips can be considered. type posts are perfect - that's how Mike [current Pumpkins dummer] was found. Hurry: the final submission date is March 31st.

A word of warning:
Former Pumpkins' guitarist James Iha said that Billy Corgan is a band-monopolizing megalomaniac but, then again, how credible is James Iha when he currently plays in a band with that chick from Hanson?


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Bugged out!, una de las noches más aclamadas del mundo, con sede en ciudades como Londres, Manchester, Barcelona, Milán, Roma o Tokio, regresa a la Argentina con un ciclo mensual que traerá hasta Buenos Aires a algunos de los artistas más interesantes del momento.

Para su noche inaugural, Bugged Out! contará con la presencia del francés SURKIN - uno de los platos fuertes del sello Institubes - sumado a la presencia de los locales KRMPCK, MODEX DJS y RAMA . Las visuales estan a cargo de VJ COPE perteneciente al colectivo Undertones.

Con solo 24 años de edad, Surkin es uno de los artistas más buscados por hipsters, indie heads y remixers. Ha cerrado algunos de los festivales más importantes del mundo, desde Fuji Rock a Coachella, pasando por el prestigioso Primavera Sound de Barcelona.

Line up:




Tame Impala National Tour + Debut Album 'InnerSpeaker' Out May 21‏

Modular is proud to announce that West Coast sonic wanderers Tame Impala will unveil their debut album "InnerSpeaker" on May 21, and are taking to the road in May for a National Tour.

It will be the first time much of the record is played live to an unsuspecting public and will showcase the gloriously dazzling results of one of planet earth's most exciting bands absolutely going to town on their debut long player.

Following on from their debut, self-titled EP, "InnerSpeaker" is Tame Impala's chance to paint a far more extensive picture than before, and sure enough it redrafts the entire Tame Impala world as we knew it, into an explosive cosmic wonderland of ecstatic harmony and perfectly accessible journeys into inner space.

Recorded and produced by the band's own Kevin Parker with Death In Vegas's Tim Holmes on the engineer duties, in an enormous mansion with 180 degree views of the Indian Ocean in the middle of buttfuck nowhere a few hours south of Perth, "InnerSpeaker" is ensconced with a kind of inspired vastness not dislike the place it was made.

It was then mixed in a completely different kind of nowhere, a log cabin surrounded by snow and deer in upstate New York, by renowned sonic maverick Dave Fridmann (MGMT / Flaming Lips).

The resultant record will first be revealed with the single, "Solitude Is Bliss", a joyous summertime romp through fields of honeyed harmony and crispy good times and is just the very tip of the amorphous cosmos that is InnerSpeaker.

InnerSpeaker is available for pre-order now from the Modular Shop HERE:

Or as a special offer to live show fans, you will have an opportunity to pre-order the album with tickets purchased to the May National Tour. Be the first to hear InnerSpeaker live at the dates below….


Presented by Modular Touring, Triple J & Video Hits

** Tickets On Sale Thu Mar 18 **

May 13 – Surfers Beer Garden / GOLD COAST & 1300 438 849

May 14 – The Tivoli / BRISBANE &

May 15 – The Metro / SYDNEY & 02 9550 3666

May 20 – The Gov / ADELAIDE & 1300 438 849

May 21 – The Forum / MELBOURNE &

May 27 – The Metropolis Fremantle / FREMANTLE

* All shows with special guests The Silents


POSR "Cocaine Nose Job" with Larry Tee & Alexander Technique Remix‏

Tierra Studios and Uniform Recordings is proud to introduce POSR, the brain-child of house and techno mega-producer, Jake Childs. POSR's debut album Known Unknown is set for release this spring on limited 7" vinyl (singles and remixes) and digital retailers world-wide.

The 1st single "Cocaine Nose Job" will give you a taste of the electro-punk sound clash from the 4 piece band based in Austin, TX. "Cocaine Nose Job" features remixes from electro superstars Larry Tee & Alexander Technique. Put on your tight jeans and converse, or baggy raver pants and glowsticks. Just make sure you're ready to dance.

Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip return with "The Logic Of Chance" on Sunday Best Recordings‏

Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip to release

the beat heavy lit-pop tour de force

The Logic Of Chance on Sunday Best Recordings

New single “Get Better” out now featuring remixes from 2 Bears (featuring Joe Goddard), Jakwob, Errors and Villa;

and a video directed by Richard Heslop – who’s credits include videos for everyone from Happy Mondays and The Smiths, to Ace Of Base and the Shamen!

With the free-flowing rhyme’n’bass opener Sick Tonight, old school dancefloor hip-hop of The Beat and the euphoric Italo-disco of Get Better, le sac Vs Pip have delivered a second album of beat led polemics; instantly danceable, yet increasingly vital, The Logic Of Chance is a great leap forward for alternative conscious pop.

With a microscope on violent crime stats (Great Britain), a declaration on the individuals role in a Democracy (Stake A Claim) and the perils of late night rail travel (Last Train Home), there is little slight of hand or ironic shape pulling here; Scroobius Pip delivers direct and true on the state of the nation, while dan le sac delivers his most advanced and eclectic soundtrack yet.

Despite growing up in the same Essex village Stanford Le Hope, the pair’s paths had barely crossed before they shared a Christmas season working at the Lakeside branch of HMV. After a brief creative courtship – sharing Myspace links and remixes – their very first collaboration struck gold. Hot off the CDR burner, their first song Thou Shalt Always Kill was sent to XFM’s John Kennedy in demo form and within 24 hours Kennedy had played the track on his show. Pip swiftly set up a myspace page with their solitary track… “Suddenly it went crazy - everyone was emailing the track to other people, so the only thing to do was borrow £200 and make a video.” That video has now chalked up 2.5million views on youtube and the single’s hastily arranged release on Lex cracked the Top 40.

Shunning the inevitable major label overtures, Messrs le sac and Pip opted to sign to Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best label, ensuring that their critically acclaimed debut album became one of the leading independent releases of 2008. Released in May ’08, Angles arrived just 12 months after the first fruits of their partnership had hit the airwaves. The duo’s welcome but unexpected rise, saw them working on tracks for their debut in the back of Pip’s Toyota Space Wagon, in between the growing list of festival, TV and radio engagements. That this ad-hoc germination should produce such a cohesive and thought provoking work, is testament to dan le sac’s production work and the enduring appeal of Pip’s word play.

Angles entered the Top 30 and in the subsequent 18 months, the duo has toured Europe and the US to an expanding live following. Visually and musically dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip defy any prefab industry model, their towering structures of Casio enthused electro-hip-pop often cutting against the conventions of Radio programming. And yet they have become airwave and chart regulars, producing the salient singles Beat That My Heart Skipped, Look For The Woman and the Radiohead sampling A Letter From God To Man.


Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – “Get Better [Villa vocal remix]”

(just click)

Sunday Best

**Release Date: March 30, 2010**