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From Angry Ape

German electronic duo Digitalism release their debut album Idealism on June 4th.

The LP features fifteen tracks, including the past singles Idealistic, Zdarlight, Jupiter Room and this week's Pogo.

Digitalism will also be hitting several festivals over the Summer months, with scheduled appearances at Wireless, Oxegen, T In The Park, Benicassim, Global Gathering and Get Loaded In The Park.

Idealism Track Listing:

01. Magnets
02. Zdarlight
03. I Want I Want
04. Idealistic
05. Digitalism In Cairo
06. Departure From Cairo
07. Pogo
08. Moonlight
09. Anything New
10. The Pulse
11. Home Zone
12. Apollo-gize Final Mix
13. Jupiter Approach
14. Jupiter Room
15. Echoes


Chemical Brothers - We Are the Night

from HMV

Following their fourth consecutive number 1 album, the double Grammy winning 'Push The Button', The Chemical Brothers return with their sixth long player. 'We Are The Night' is The Chemical Brothers finest record yet, twelve tracks of psychedelic warehouse party acid music, euphorically melodic and as uncompromising as their retina scorching live shows. The duo recently sneaked out an album preview (the anonymously released ultra limited 'Electronic Battle Weapon' 8 & 9). Much of the record has been tested out on dancefloors across the world during the past twelve months.
Recorded undercover of darkness in a bomb proof bunker in South London, 'We Are The Night' is a route map through modern psychedelia; a derailed rollercoaster that barrels the listener onto a journey that moves seamlessly from frenetic percussion workout that threatens to splash out of the speakers to metronomic pulses that sound like the kind of music that gets played out at some kind of future disco populated entirely by robots; from the wheezing groans of modular synthesizers that sound like they’ve been left out in the rain to die to hallucinogenic public service announcements about salt water fish. All the while, disembodied robo-voices boom out mind control commandments as guest vocals weave in and out of tracks like previously undiscovered instruments.
Effortlessly evoking the dancefloors of Manchester and Minneapolis in the early 80s and London of 2007, 'We Are The Night' is The Chemical Brothers at their very best. Infectious from the ominous opening through to the gorgeous dying embers, the record features some of their most mind-blowing music to date, a massive step up for the duo in terms of both production and sound. The album builds on the band's immense back catalogue and reaffirms them as true pioneers of electronic music, a band who are consistently hugely successful both critically and commercially.

1. No Path To Follow
2. We Are The Night
3. All Rights Reversed (featuring Klaxons)
4. Saturate
5. Do It Again (featuring Ali Love)
6. Das Spiegel
7. The Salmon Dance (featuring Fatlip)
8. Burst Generator
9. A Modern Midnight Conversation
10. Battle Scars (featuring Willy Mason)
11. Harpoons
12. The Pills Won't Help You Now (featuring Midlake)


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01 - Simian Mobile Disco - It`s the Beat (album version)
02 - Jacknife Lee - Making me Money (Switch mix)
03 - Phones - Worrin
04 - Uffie - Hot Chick (Detboi Hot Glitch edit)
05 - Vega 4 - Traffic Jam (Styrafoamkid mix)
06 - Adam Kesher - Modern Times (Passions mix)
07 - Simian Mobile Disco - Hot Dog
08 - Goodbooks - Leni (Kissy Sell Out mix)
09 - Aaren San - Osc Low Nyzz (Blende mix)
10 - Cut Copy - Going Nowhere (Whitey mix)
11 - Tom Vek - Nothing but Greenlights (Digitalism mix)
12 - Medicine 8 - Gimme What You ve Got
13 - Brice Lee - Spam (Yuksek mix)
14 - Klaxons - Atlantis to Interzone (Mr Miyagis bootleg mix)

TRT: 62:05 segs


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I Believe in You, Your Magic Is Real
[Marriage; 2007]
Rating: 6.8

It's hard to believe in this age of exhaustive and exhausting music coverage, but there are still times when albums that could someday be hugely important slip through the cracks and all too quickly out of people's minds. The most glaring example of this injustice I can think of is Max Tundra's 2002 record Mastered by Guy at the Exchange, an album me and a small pocket of the Pitchfork hivemind is viciously in support of, even half a decade later. An absurdly inventive and manic piece of computerized composition, MBGATE seemed to be fanfare for the future of pop music, or at least the indie-prefixed strain thereof, where modern technology met playfully skewed catchiness. Yet the sound of lap-pop veered instead towards recapitulating synth-pop tropes and rutting in melancholy, and nobody seemed to notice Max Tundra's valiant efforts.

Jona Bechtolt, who records as all-caps YACHT when he's not half of the Blow, appears to have noticed, even if it took him until his third recording under the moniker to let it show. YACHT's first two albums, MEGA and Super Warren MMIV, were both middling endeavors of laptop navel-gazing, the kind of home-beat experimentation that has glutted the market for much of the mid-aughts. But on I Believe in You, Your Magic Is Real, Bechtolt appears to have remembered the MBGATE lesson that home computer music and poppy fun need not be mutually exclusive entities, freeing himself to produce an album that strives for, and fleetingly reaches, the unpredictable yet lovable heights of its ancestor.

Bechtolt isn't totally unfamiliar with the concept of injecting some computer embellishment into indie-ish songwriting, having performed similar duties as IT Guy for the Blow. But I Believe in You is another step beyond merely adding programming to Khaela Maricich's relatively straightforward tunes, occupying the same beat-prankster territory as Tundra while not drifting too far into the abrasiveness of breakcore. "We're Always Waiting" is a prime example, first toying with an 8-bit version of the "Time Is Tight" vamp, pausing mid-song for a tongue-in-cheek materialist cheerleader chant, and climaxing with a proggy astral synth being henpecked by ringtones and presets. "It's Coming to Get You" runs a similar path with a primal-punk drum foundation and cutesy woah-oh-oh backing vocals, while "See a Penny (Pick It Up)" puts Jamie Lidell-style falsetto faux-soul singing and a chugging guitar riff against a musical backdrop that changes every 30 seconds, finally exploding in a skittering-beat orgy.

All these experiments could easily sink under heavy pretensions (as one might argue the instrumental "If Music Could Cure All That Ails You" does), but Bechtolt lightens his ballast with a sense of humor throughout. It doesn't always work; introducing fellow laptoppers Eats Tapes for a "solo" halfway through "It's All the Same Price" is pretty funny, the chopped-and-screwed outro to "Drawing in the Dark" not so much. Occasionally Bechtolt's jokes don't just fizzle, they cross the line into outright annoyance, like the meta-aware "The Magic Beat" (basically Bechtolt singing about how awesome he is over a loop too busy to claim perfection) or the Kanye-esque shout-out speech of "Your Magic Is Real". But even the missteps are indicative of a playfulness lacking on previous YACHT efforts, a charismatic goofiness that pervades the music as well as the lyrics and interjections.

While I Believe in You, Your Magic Is Real doesn't approach the future-thrill that MBGATE gave a small portion of us five years back, it does at least thrive in its shadow, bursting with unique and catchy lap-pop with the best of intentions. Even its merely above-average success rate draws renewed attention to the promise of a true indie-pop/electronic hybrid, presenting both a rock-based sound with deemphasized guitar and fewer tired post-punk influences, and an electronic adventurism that doesn't come too unmoored from conventional song structure while retaining a playful unpredictability. YACHT may not be the innovative and distinctive force that Max Tundra proved himself to be, but as a willing disciple, he's wise enough to harvest in Tundra's fertile territory.

-Rob Mitchum, April 25, 2007 for http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/

Track List:

1. So Post All 'em 3:42
2. See A Penny (Pick It Up) 3:41
3. We're Always Waiting 3:02
4. Platinum (Feat. Bobby Birdman) 3:11
5. It's All The Same Price (Feat. Eats Tapes) 4:56
6. The Magic Beat 4:11
7. Drawing In The Dark 1:58
8. It's Coming To Get You 2:58
9. If Music Could Cure All That Ails You 4:26
10. I Believe In You 3:04
11. Your Magic Is Real 3:08
12. Women Of The World 2:42


CHK CHK CHK !!! Myth Takes


Myth Takes
Warp Records

!!! rides a dirt-disco punk desert fantasy of mescaline and granola bars from the northeast to the southwest, from electric skyscrapers to trust-fund shanty towns. If Burning Man sold out and Death Valley crawled with hipster youth till everybody was drinking absinthe out of Costco water bottles, it would sound like this.

Edgy, mysterious, cinematic, dance band !!! (sometimes pronounced chk chk chk) have recently released Myth Takes, and are set to ride the new dance punk/phunk wave into groove history. Fans of bands in the same area of music—for it can’t really be call a genre since dance music’s rival factions are so militant—will certainly know the Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, and perhaps Cut Copy, as groups who take partying-down with baselines and synthesizers into the 2010s.

How is this process of ‘grooving it up’ accomplished? In the case of most bands in the non-genre of dance punk, music in inspired by a not-very-deep reverence for early (70’s and 80’s) electronic music, especially German Krautrock. Anybody who has looked at the Wikipedia article for electronic music knows Kraftwerk as the founders of the man/machine aesthetic of electronica. What that band lacked, and what many dance bands in the 80s lacked was the rugged baselines and song-writing know-how to carry off critically acclaimed and nasty-long-lasting groves. In 2007, the infusion of fundamentalist punk rock musicianship, with dance instrumentation and structure, will uphold and further deconstruct the meaning of dance and rock.

!!! in particular have a sound that will be familiar to anybody who has enjoyed the “Alternative genre” in the past ten years. The new album, Myth Takes has a real grounding in diversely instrumented Western American rock bands. But importantly, !!! is faster, dirtier, and more fun than Cake or Beck. Myth Takes kicks with bass drums, pulses with guitars, and toots with the occasional brass.

The essential shape of a !!! album seems to have improved markedly from the last record, Louden Up Now. Dance groves are still critical, but beyond that !!! has delved deeper into the narratives of their Sacramento to Brooklyn night culture. The ‘myths’ they embody are coming true in the form of grungy dance parties and perpetual subcultural movements. Movies, heroes, and icons come up and stir the music into delicious neon evening theatre for the ears.

!!! are touring throughout the spring and Neumo's (in Seattle) will be hosting !!! May, 3 2007.

From http://www.thephiller.com/

Track Listing:

CD1 - The Myth

01 - Myth Takes 02:24
02 - All My Heroes Are Weirdos 03:04
03 - Must Be The Moon 05:56
04 - A New Name 04:55
05 - Heart Of Hearts 06:03
06 - Sweet Life 03:47
07 - Yadnus 05:13
08 - Bend Over, Beethoven 08:07
09 - Break In Case Of Anything 03:40
10 - Infinifold 05:12

Theres a bonus Cd edition featuring the following versions:
CD2 - Bonus CD

01 - Myth Takes (Acouth Take) 02:15
02 - Bend Over, Beethoven (Original Nashville Jam)04:03
03 - Heart Of Hearts (The Brothers Mix) 05:43


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DJS R PERSONS - Episode 9 - Guest DJ: Rama


When joining the band SK84Life in the mid 90s, Ramiro Gabelli realized the best place to channel his growing interest on cult hip hop and all kinds of downtempo styles was behind the decks.

After delivering scratches, loops and samples to short-success band Tumbas, he began playing different urban events, getting gradually involved in Buenos Aires’ bars and club scene.

Already known as Rama, he became part of Casa Comodor’s crew, a forward thinking space where art exhibitions, tastes and sounds converged. The emotional and eclectic character emerging from his wide musical background provided him a very personal style.

Towards the new millennium he joined fellows Zuker and Fabian Dellamonica in the dj booth and production team of Social parties, and since 2002 they pushed their musical affinities even further with Batonga!: a weekly night (now every Wednesday at Rumi) where they mix n’ fuse all sort of electronic styles with other genres ranging from rock to funk and electro.

Always present at the Creamfields Buenos Aires line up, Rama has also played world-fame Clubland nights at Pacha many times, and main events such as 1Live! and Southfest, where he’s shared stage with the likes of Ladytron, LCD Soundsystem, Medicine 8, Audio Bullys, Mylo, Ivan Smagghe and 2 Many djs.

All around Argentina, and eventually in South American cities, Rama spreads fun and diversity through his tunes selections, the same way he does it weekly at his Weekender* and Studio Mix* shows on Metrodance 95.1 FM.

Above all this hes a friend and part of the Resistance.

The tracks are the following:

OMD - Magenta (Luciano Remix)
Joakim - Lonely Hearts (Dub version)
Junior Boys - In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix)
Hot Chip - Sexual Healing
Husky Rescue - Diamonds In The Sky (Tunng Remix)
Maps - Sparks In The Snow
Au Revoir Simone - Fallen Snow (The Teenagers Remix)
Softlightites - GirlsKillBear (Lo Fi Fnk Remix)
Lo Fi Fnk - What's On Your Mind?
Architecture In Helsinki - It's 5! (Poutine Dream Mix By 33hz)
New Young Pony Club - The Bomb (The Teenagers Mix)
The Russian Futurist - A Telegram From The Future
Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
The Shortwave Set - Billy
DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Radar Remix)
Tomboy - Finale
Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas