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Some tracks to help you ignore the spirit of christmas.. I personally hate deers, santa, socks full of shit and all that crap. ENJOY!!!

UK 12" (or 30cm maxi) singles began their meteoric rise in the heady disco boom of the 1970’s, although it was during the 1980’s that they really began to transform the singles chart. Usually playing at 45rpm the extra dimensions gave more scope to create longer versions of the standard 3-minute radio-friendly chart single, leading not just to an extended version, but often to fully-produced remixes. The format was a perfect marketing tool, enabling you to buy different versions of the same single, giving rise to a higher or longer chart presence for that record; during its 1980’s heyday it was not unusual for there to be two, three or even four different 12" releases of the same single, all with alternate mixes or exclusive content, and often a different picture sleeve. The UK led the world in this arena. Unlike today, singles used to be million-sellers and the 12" format was largely responsible for this. Remix culture is now firmly established and is a thriving industry in its own right. With some of the earliest 12" singles now approaching 30 years old, and mid-1980’s classics now in their 20s, their rarity is always increasing. These records are meant to be played and enjoyed, and nearly always offer something different to their regular 7" counterparts. Ever wondered why a 5" CD single may credit a 12" mix? Well, this is where it all began!

TASTE A TRACK - My Robot Friend - Rapture (Freelance Hellraiser mix)

Siriusmo, graffiti artist, musician, book illustrator from Berlin, introduces us to new German vocalist Dana on fantastic electrohouse track "Ick Hab Wat Bessret Vor". Driven by chunky beats and a dirty acidic bassline, and featuring Dana's cute Tuetonic spoken vocal giving it an 80s post-punk feel too, this is one killer cut. DJ supporters include 2 Many DJs, Munk, Martin Solveig, Michael Reinboth, Ian Pooley, Erol Alkan, Malente, Le Hammond Inferno, Jazzanova and more.

TASTE A TRACK - Dana and Siriusmo - Ick Hab Wat Bessret Vor (Original mix)

Released by Fancy Recordings straight from Germany this new vinyl from Funkwerkstatt may not be a floor killer or maybe its not so powerful like the rest of the tracks here but for example the John Dahlback mix is so nice, full of melancholy with some really interesting lines in the synths and a straight but quiet electro base. Amazing recrods to start or finish a good electro-house set.

TASTE A TRACK - Funkwerkstatt - Medizin Nach Noten (John Dahlback mix)

I personally never diged Greg Churchill style of productions but man, this one´s sick.
The Bassline (dah) is so dirty and its all over the track bringin it upfront. In the breakdown some very distortionated heavy guitars go along with the bassline again almost giving the track the feeling of being played live. Cheers Greg maybe u are stepping into the dark side.

- Greg churchill - I Need a Bassline (lemmy)

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domingo, 10 de diciembre de 2006

4 Random Clips

Hanayo - Joe le taxi

Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather for Ducks

Fields - Song For The Fields
best song from 2006...by far

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over and Over Again

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Taken from the new compilation from relish recordings. The one featured in the
web page is the older one.

YUKSEK from Relish Compilation


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Forward Russia! - Eighteen (Napoleon III mix)


A bag of records - Old and New

Now I fell like sharing a little of my own collection. Most of them are not the newest releases around But I keep playing them no matter the release date, or how many times I heard them . these are those kind of tracks that stick in my sets. I CANT GET RID OF THEM !! EVER!!!


Coldcut - Man in a Garage (Snap Ant Version)

80`s sounds, pounding bass, great keyboards and the Voclas just reminds me of Janes Addiction´s high notes. You ll get the picture soon. This is a must have&play thou the pace is not the quickest of all the track itself brings a lot of energy anywhere.

Soulwax - Krack

This is old. ok...so what? Soulwax played here in Argentina a few weeks ago and I must tell u the best moment in the whole year for me was hearing krack played live. The tempo is so ill and the changes and EVERYTHING makes me wanna punch and old fat guy in the jaw hahaha...

Bonde Do Role - Melo do Tabacco

Another big one straight from the brazilian band Bonde Do Role, Friends of CSS, They did a new mix shared here for the track Alala but thats a different topic.
Here great brazilian vocals With a sampled loop from Alice in Chains and some vocals from the original track make the chorus line. Great Great track. Been played here at the same festival where Soulwax played by 2 Many Dj´s

Jay-R - My Other Car is a Beatle

Rap, some Electro, some Classic House samples and... THE BEATLES!!!
Another strange track, with vocals from the Beatles in the Chorus from "Drive my Car", and Jay-R droping some lines . This one works everytime I play it.

Belle & Sebastian - Mr. Richard

Taken from the album "The Blues Are Still Blue" this amazing rock n roll track sounds Oldie but still make u wanna dance the old fashioned way. With some Latin licks all over vocals this one is 4 sure a winner. Anyways I would go for the full album since its great from the beginning to end.

Midnight Juggernauts - Devil Within (Presets mix)

Im pretty sure u guys have downloaded this one from any other blogs but if u havent u should go for it right now. Midnight Juggernauts are not my exact cup of tea but the vocals here again are so damn fast and sound so "british" heheeh that makes it a great uplifter for any moment in the set. Presets did a great work adding their electro sound all over it. Cons. the track is so fast that it will be a really hard time to mix, so u can just drop it straight and forget about techique for once ;)

GOOSE - British Mode

First it was Black Gloves, Which was a slap in the face directly . Now from the label Skint a new one arrives, British Mode with amazing Vocals which by this time u might notice is my main concern usually, And A bass line powerfull than ever. Its a Bomb. for rockers or electroheadz. I wouldnt skip this one for anything really. Goose rocks HARDDDDD

Kitty Daisy Lewis - Going up the country (bbc maida vale session)

Taken from the compilation album "Listen Again" from Chris Coco and Rob Da Bank for the Label "Ether" ,this country gem brings back the old fashion american music to this century. I dont dig country at all. except for some strange artists and this one is one of those examples. The energy in the guitar and the voice of kitty is a perfect reason to crack a set in two and stick this one inside.

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Detroit Grand Pubahs and Dave the Hustler - Go Ahead

First of all I ve never dig Detroit grand Pubahs. I mean..their sound is ok and their productions are always nice to hear but I could never find any room for any track of them in my sets. Now they bring up this new electroclash bomb and Im pretty sure I ll be playing this one as long as I can. I personally choose the Vitalic mix, a little bit louder than the A Side But both are ok. Both the original and the Vitalic mix are flooded with distortionate guitars and that over peek saturation all over it. Niceeee!

FroM Juno:Bomb Alert. Massive techno here. Big names on this red coloured 12" vinyl special edition with a killer track from Detroit Grand Pubahs and a massive Vitalic remix. Already strong support from Steve Bug, Dave Clarke, Sven Vath, Erol Alkan, Alan Braxe, Tiga and Laurent Garnier.

Title: Go Ahead
Label: Citizen France
Cat No: CTZ 015
Format: 12"
Released: 4 December, 2006
Price: £5.99
Genre: Electro house/Electroclash

Side 1
1."Go Ahead"
2."Go Ahead" (Nitemare interlude)
Side 2
1."Go Ahead" (Vitalic remix)



New Uffie Release! HOT CHICK !

UFFIE is back!! After spreading the word around the world, she managed to produce this huge record; an electro club banger with Uffie sounding like a modern day Roxanne Shante!! With this convulsive, squelching track penned by fellow Paris resident Mr Oizo (of "Flast Beat" fame), and a B-side from synth-hop pioneer DJ Feadz, she has a solid framework. On this follow-up to her salacious 'Ready to Uff' debut, her audaciously brattish, boastful lines make this exiled Floridian the flavour of the month!

Artist: UFFIE
Title: Hot Chick
Label: Ed Banger France
Cat No: ED 012
Format: 12"
Released: 4 December, 2006
Price: £6.50
Genre: Electro house/Electroclash

Side 1
1."Hot Chick"
2."Hot Chick" (bonus beat)
Side 2
1."In Charge"
2."In Charge" (instrumental)


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Simian Mobile Disco - Tits And Acid New Promo

Artist: Simian Mobile Disco
Title : tits and acid (smd003)
LABEL : White Label

Grunge, electro, electroclash, new rave...whatever. I simply love these guys since day 1 when they used to play guitars and drums and that was it. Now a new promo sees the lights with a two track vinyl with tits and acid and Animal House. Both rockin hard as usual.



Brazilian Girls new Vinyl !!! - LAST CALL

Brazilian Girls - Last Call
LABEL: Verve Forecast
PLAYTIME: 0h 22m total

Track List
1. Last Call 4:13
2. Last Call (Carl Craig Remix 3:43
3. Last Call (Carl Craig Remix) 9:30
4. Last Call (Carl Craig Remix 5:11

The members of Brazilian Girls met in 2003 while jamming together at Nublu, the famed downtown New York music lounge that served as their spawning ground. The environment influenced the sound of their sinewy, sexy 2005 self-titled debut. As the accolades accrued internationally for Brazilian Girls, those impromptu Sunday night sessions were replaced by extended tours, and the band found itself playing increasingly larger venues. “Playing so many shows in front of different audiences definitely influenced the new material,” admits singer Sabina Sciubba. “The music started to become more fierce…there was this unspoken feeling that we all wanted to push things further.” To put it more succinctly, “we wanted to rock the crowd,” says keyboard player Didi Gutman. Their new album, Talk To La Bomb does just that. The 12 tracks bristle with immediacy, packing a sonic wallop that contrasts vividly with their first record. A polyglot of rhythms, sounds and languages, their sophomore effort throbs with the energy of a teeming mob.

On this 12-inch, the unbeatable Detroit techno king Carl Craig gives “Last Call” his royal remix treatment. Originally produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars, “Last Call” is the Brazilian Girls’ exciting, dancable ode to late-night bar hopping. This club-friendly remix is a classic Carl Craig dance gem, with Brazilian Girls vocalist Sabina Sciubba singing on top of a funky, dubby bassline and deep, four-to-the-floor beats. Extending his\ banging mix to over nine minutes, Carl Craig reinvents while staying true to the original. Including the steaming hot remix, the remix instrumental, and the stand-out album version, this 12-inch is sure to keep the party going into the morning hours. Remix mastermind Carl Craig lends his midas touch to “Last Call,” one of the hottest tracks from the Brazilian Girls’ new album ‘Talk To La Bomb.’

Download U Leech